Avoiding Stress Over the Holidays

Now that the holidays have arrived, events are in full force. I love a fun event where experts share tips, tricks, and advice. The Secret’s of Shopping Event at Saks Fifth Avenue at Fashion Show Mall here in Las Vegas gave me all three on how to make the most out of Fashion Show Mall and avoid the stress of the holiday season.

As an empath, I easily get overwhelmed by large crowds and can immediately feel the stress and overwhelm of those around me so I tend to avoid the mall and shop online. The only thing with shopping online is that most of the time I am at the post office shipping things back so I end up losing lots of time standing in those lines and often feel frustrated! I bet you feel the same. After learning insider secrets on how to shop Fashion Show Mall with ease, I know I will be picking a day, making my list and planning for a full day filled with shopping for the perfect presents.

Avoiding Stress Over the Holidays

Here are some tips you can use to calm overwhelm during holiday shopping season at Fashion Show Mall.

Tips for Avoiding Stress Over the Holidays:

  • Use Valet on Demand: As someone who constantly gets lost in the mall parking lot using Valet not only saves me the headache of trying to find a spot but also the stress of trying to carry all of my bags after a day of shopping. Valet on Demand is unique to Fashion Show Mall, it is a service that will drop off your car at a different location then you valeted at originally. Spots you can drop your car off at are Saks, Macy’s, Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus and the valet circle adjacent to Forever 21. This is SO useful especially as we approach the final weeks before Christmas!
  • Use a Personal Shopper: I have the most difficult time picking gifts for friends and family, I truly try and do the research but when I learned that certain stores have personal shoppers, I was like sign me up! Imagine having someone at Saks, Coach, Neiman Marcus, Topshop, Nordstrom (just to name a few) to help you pick out the perfect gift! Imagine the relief of having an amazing gift for your friend or family member without doing all the guesswork. That sounds like a weight off my shoulders and one that I will be partaking in!

Stress During the Holidays

  • Have a List of Everyone You Need Presents For: The biggest shift I made in my life was making lists and spending time curating the list. I write these out now versus relying on my phone notes and that has been the biggest help as there is an unexplainable magic when you hit a pen to paper. I will sit and think of each and every person I need to buy a gift for, I use facebook to sort through and check that list three times. I also set myself an ideas list for each person on the list so I am not totally lost when out shopping. I also pick up three extra gifts like candles or something versatile for the “just in case” gift so I am not bothered the day before an unexpected event. I really loved the Jo Malone line as every scent is unisex, I plan to pick up a few of these as extra luxurious gifts.

Stress Free Holidays

  • Shop on a Wednesday: We were graced with the insider’s tips during the event and learned that on Wednesday’s you can have five presents wrapped at guest services at Fashion Show Mall. That not only saves you time, but will save you from having to figure out how to wrap uniquely shaped items. Wrapping presents is not my thing so I will definitely be using this service to make sure my presents are Instagram perfect and avoiding any stress or hassle.

Stress Free Holidays

  • Eat a Meal Before: As much fun as the food court can be, imagine taking time out of your flow to stop and eat. I always have a nice big lunch with some protein, fats and a few complex carbs to give me the boost I need to stay on task and focused. Having the hunger crash half way is not fun! Prepare and bring some healthy snacks like tangerine oranges or raw nuts to keep you going as well.

Now that you know all of the insider secrets, I hope you take some time to head on over to Fashion Show Mall! I will be there armed full of bags and be sipping on a cocktail while waiting for my gifts to be wrapped!

Stress Free Holidays

Fashion Show Mall

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So I wanna know…

  • What are some of the ways you shop for gifts?
  • What are you looking forward to this upcoming season?