October Moon Report

The full moon is in full scope this month. October 5th we are in an Aries Full moon. That means that you need to focus on life not being a competition. What are you racing for? Who are you racing against? Who are you trampling over to make sure that what you want to happen, happens? Maybe you need to take a step back, and realize that life is not a game of competition that you can just relax and trust that things are going to fall into place the way they are supposed to. As this Full moon comes in, I want you to release what is holding you back. And release what you are competing against. Release it. Let it go. trust that it’s going to happen if it’s meant to happen. You and I both know that if things are meant to happen, they flow pretty easily.

Sometimes we go into a hill or something that gets in the way, we have to challenge our brain, we sometimes challenge our thoughts, and our emotions. But most of the time things just kind of flow. It just kind of happens.

I’m sure you are going to think in a moment in time where something just happens, and you really want that to happen, you knew that it was going to happen, and it just did. You don’t have to hurt anyone, or harm anyone, and the thing just fell into place. So during this full moon, I want you to release and let go of competing. Stop. just release, relax and receive. Be open to receiving. Maybe you’re going to receive what you want, in the way that you want. For instance, maybe you want a check four thousand dollars but you end up getting a check for nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars. Cool. great. Awesome. Or maybe you really want to lose ten pounds and you are competing against your negative thoughts, negative behaviors, your associations of diet foods, your association with working out you think it’s terrible, let it go.

Stop competing with yourself and just say you know what I choose to be healthy, I choose to make good choices and I choose to work out, and I release all these negative thoughts that I have surrounding ‘LOSING WEIGHT” and just watch yourself fall off. Watch yourself get healthy, without trying. Switch your mindset.

Welcome that in the full moon, get rid of all that stuff, do the release ritual, write all that stuff down, rip it up, burn it up, get rid of it. After you do that you have to make sure that you welcome in new things. In this month, on October 5th, and our full moon, we need to release all of that: COMPETITION and make room for COLLABORATION.

How do you work well with others? Maybe you can collaborate with a friend who is also trying to lose weight and you can do it together, encourage one another to show up for your workouts, meal prep, show up to the grocery store. Or swap in information that you find. Maybe you need to collaborate at work, so you have more time to do all the things that you really want to do. So finding a way to collaborate with people you work with so that you’re not spending all night and day working on one thing when you can just ask someone they can probably help you. So focus on that during this full moon, focus on getting rid of the competition mindset and focus on collaboration and be grateful for collaborations, because remember when you release something you have to be grateful for something. Be grateful for new collaborations, new ways to merge with people, and have people help you. So bring and welcome that in. think of people who have done that in the past month for you and be grateful for them so that you bring in more of that kind of flow in your life.

October New Moon:

The new moon is on October 19 and it is in Libra. So during the new moon, this is another relationship month. You want to look at your relationships give them a really good look. Are they helping you, are they harming you, are they bringing you up, are they making you that thoughts about yourself, are they making you feel like you’re not good enough, are they making you feel sad, tired, energetically drained when you get home after you hang out with these group of friends, not like happy drained or ugh I just feel so tired. Think about that. Think about the energy around you, the people around you, the relationships around you, is it a give and take, are you receiving as much as you’re giving, think about that, and see maybe where you need to let go some of those collaborations, or things that you’ve been working one, and put more seeds and give more to the people who are actually bringing you up and making you feel high vibe, making you feel really great about who you are, and what you’re about.

You also want to make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who are also making the healthy choice. I find with a lot of my clients they have family members and friends who give them that peer pressure. “I;m eating a piece of cake, why aren’t you?”, “I’m drinking 5 glasses of wine why aren’t you?” that type of peer pressure, are something you don’t need. Especially if you’re trying to live a healthier, happier, more vibrant, fit, fierce lifestyle, you want to make sure that you commit to surrounding yourself with people that also are like you and are committed to oh let’s just have a glass of wine or instead of going for happy hour why not go for a hike or try that new yoga studio at the corner that just opened up. Things like that.

How do you that? Start looking at relationships, look around you, you can’t change your family, but you can change who you’re spending outside with. Funny thing is I’ve noticed with a lot of my clients if they start making a healthy choice, and all of a sudden their family members see how great they look, see them glow, see them happy and confident, and they’re like, who doesn’t want that? You look at someone that is super healthy, confident and vibrant, and they’re like wow I want to feel that way, what is that person doing?

This is the time during the new moon to focus on what types of relationships and people you’re surrounding yourself. So take a moment, journal that out, make that happen, and figure it out. Spend some time with yourself. A lot of times we focus on everything at once. That’s why I’m such a big believer in the moon because I can use the moon to focus on one thing. And when you can focus on one thing, and you can master that one thing, and then you can move on to something else. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m the master of this and the master of that. But I have taken the time to focus on one aspect of my life, last year it was my finances, learning how to understand where to invest money, what all of that meant, that’s so out of my scope. I would never teach someone else about that because I’m a master of that, but I am educated enough because I’ve spent time on it. Something I didn’t really understand. It could be maybe you’re so new to exercising and you don’t know anything. You walk into a gym and you’re so clueless, maybe you need to build a relationship with a friend who goes to the gym all the time. And take you to the gym and show you how to use an equipment and get you more confidence and feeling good. Think about stuff like that.

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October Moon Report

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