Moon Report September 2017

I became obsessed with moon phases a few years ago when I saw my mood, life, and instances┬áto be timed with whatever phase the moon was in. I love researching things and came to learn that whatever phase and/or house the moon is in can be a reason that communication is off, you feel extra grounded, you feel frazzled or things around you just seem in sorts or out of sorts. While I don’t use the moon as an excuse, I sure do pay attention to the phases of the moon especially when I am working on certain projects or making big investments in my career.

As I started talking about it, I noticed more and more people texting me questions and reaching out to me so I decided to make it part of my podcast line up. Using the moon to set goals, make behavioral changes and time out certain aspirations is not a bad idea. You see, our ancestors used the moon phases for all sorts of things and I have seen amazing things happen when I flow with the phases as well.

If you are interested to learn more about the phases for this month of September, watch the video below. I go deep into what days to focus on certain aspects of your life and the best day to set your deep desirable goals.

Moon Schedule for September 2017:

Grab your free moon report by clicking the button below. You can use this worksheet to work through your month and set some goals that align with the cosmos.

Las Vegas Full Moon Event

Here is the Moon Report:

September Moon Report