EFT Tapping for Food Cravings

Imagine tapping away any change you wish to see in your life. Whether that be with a sugar craving, a past relationship or even a negative mindset you wish to change.

Through my years in the health and wellness industry, I have come to research many techniques. Most of the time a client comes to me, not because they have no idea on how to eat healthily or work out, it’s usually a mindset adjustment we work on together. For some clients its taking them into the gym and showing them how awesome their body is, for others, it’s teaching them skills like imagery and tapping to help them get over the limiting beliefs they have crafted in their minds.

For myself, tapping came in handy during my bulimia recovery as well as my journey to living a more balanced lifestyle versus one that wore me to the hospital and literally out of any control as a workaholic. Tapping continues to shift these behaviors for me and is a tool I rely on for my clients as well as myself.

Since receiving my behavioral change certification, I decided to open up my toolbox and teach these skills to create new habits for women who need a mindset shift.

What is EFT?

EFT is emotional freedom technique and was developed by Gary Craig. EFT is a system of tapping your fingers on acupressure points on the human body. Emotions change and blocks you have will disappear by using emotional freedom technique on a regular basis. 

How can I use EFT?

The beauty of EFT is you can use it for most anything from switching your thoughts around money to changing your taste buds around cravings. I personally have used it during my recovery from bulimia to get me over inhaling five cups of coffee.

How to Do EFT?

First, you start with identifying the issue you would like to work on and give it a name.

Then you set up your EFT sequence by stating something like: Even though I have “this issue” I completely love and accept myself.” and repeat at least three times.

Go through the hand motions as shown in the video below stating the positive statement.

After going through this recognize if you are still feeling those same emotions surrounding your issue, rate this 1-10. Keep going until you positively feel that the emotions surrounding the issue are a 10 meaning you have no negative feelings around the issue.

Below is a quick sequence using EFT:

EFT Tapping from Courtney Violet Bentley on Vimeo.

There are many different sequences as you get more advanced but I keep it basic for demonstration purposes.

Why EFT?

I believe that every technique has its own meaning to each individual. For instance, yoga might be time for a deep stretch for one individual and for someone else it might be to get away from the chaos of life and have some peace away from a stressful job. EFT has its very own unique meaning to each individual and may not work for everyone.

I most recently did a workshop in my private Facebook group sharing this technique around sugar cravings. If you are interested those videos are still available! You can check that out by joining the group here.

So I want to know…

  • Have you heard of EFT before?
  • Want to learn more on how you can use this technique?

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