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Relationships are a major part of our lives. The relationships we have with ourselves, with co-workers, our family, each one is unique and important but what if all the relationships around you feel blah…this episode is FOR YOU! Having healthy ones is key.

I remember when I turned 21 I had just finished a long-term relationship and felt like I needed my ME time. That twist of fate actually was the best thing that happened to me as I went down a dark tunnel and somehow landed on my feet. How might you ask? Well, I started exploring me. I discovered my love for crystals, stargazing and at the time music. I was actually in transition to learn music production in college but that all turned around when I met Mr. B just a month or so into this journey to love me more.

I know so many of you are single and looking to mingle trust me we have all been there but before you go out to a local bar or log in to a dating app, give this episode a listen. I promise you will NOT be disappointed and the insight Haleh will give you will totally change your outlook on life. During the interview, I took a minute and took so many notes for my own self! Also, at the end of the podcast and located at the bottom of this post is information on how you can take a free personality test and grab a consultation with Haleh! She is a true gem and I know you will love her!

Relationship Coaching

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Are you craving something in your life? You don’t quite know what it is… yet you know you’re not satisfied?
  • Learn how to become naturally more ATTRACTIVE
  • Why you need to UNSUBSCRIBE from what and who you think you should be
  • The best book list I have heard yet
  • How to find your self-love and WHY you need to do it before working on another relationship with someone else

Some Questions I Ask:

[08:26] – I would love for you to share your story of when you went from corporate to doing what you do now…

[14:42] – Let’s talk about relationships…

[17:53] – I saw on your website you have a test you can take, what is this exactly, should everyone take it…(ULT Test)

[23:20] – How can someone start a new relationship after coming out of a bad one?

[29:19] – Any books you can recommend? Tips/Exercises?

[32:23] – How has your worked changed you?

[39:07] – What are some choices that you’ve made that have made you who you are?

[44:27] – Morning rituals?

[46:22] – What does a cold shower do for you?

[48:48] – What does Fit, Fierce and Fabulous mean to you..

[50:18] – How can we get in contact with you..

[50:42] – What does 505 stand for?

Listen to The Episode:

Healthy Relationships with Love Coach Haleh Gianni

Resources We Talk About:

Learn More About Haleh Gianni and 505 Living:

Haleh Gianni, a certified behavior analyst, and relationship coach believes that when it comes to our relationships and life-enhancing strategies, we all have unique needs and they matter a lot. She says, “we live in a time of information overload, and it is imperative to recognize what works best for our nature. True transformation begins when you know your distinct personality traits and understand their significance.”
Whether you are single, dating or in a committed relationship; whether you are an entrepreneur or working in a team environment, the health of your relationship with yourself and others has a direct impact on your success and happiness in life. She has combined her diverse background and experience with a behavior assessment tool that provides her clients a blueprint for tapping into their potential in all aspects of life.
She has undergone several relocations and job changes. Motherhood, divorce, co-parenting, dating, and building her own business all contribute to her relatability factor while she captures the essence of how we all respond to our life changes slightly differently.

Connect with Haleh and a Gift:

She has a gift for the Fit, Fierce, Fabulous listeners. Check out You will see the link to take The ULT Assessment. Take the test, and you will receive a complimentary call with Haleh as well as your 7-9 page report. The assessment is a $99 value at no cost to the listeners. The offer ends on Oct. 15th, 2017. Please make sure you include a valid email address and phone number when you fill out the Questionnaire.

So I wanna know…

  • What does your relationship with yourself look like?
  • What did you think of the advice Haleh gave?

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