Best Exercises for At Home Workouts

Best Exercises for At Home Workout

As much as I love the gym, I love to get my sweat on at home and being able to have the convenience of this makes my workouts actually happen. In the past, I have coached many clients out of going to the gym because at one point or another it becomes an excuse to not workout. Not having the time to drive to the gym and the hair dilemma, trust me I get it.

I love crafting workouts that you can do anywhere at anytime. It is so important to have a backup plan and for the next few weeks, I want to give it to you.

Best Exercises for At Home Workouts

These are the best exercises for at home workouts because they use compound movements. Each exercise uses more than one body part which is the best way to get in that workout when you don’t have a ton of time.

  • Side Plank to Push Up: An ab and chest combo that will also work on your balance. The key to this exercise is to make sure you keep your hands underneath your shoulders the entire time and do your best with the push ups portion. If doing 20 reps is a bit much, try doing half of the reps as push ups and half as knee push ups!
  • Plank Shoulder Tap: Staying in plank position going straight into shoulder taps is a lot more difficult than one would think. Before you go into this exercise readjust your arms and tap away.
  • Crab Toe Taps: Flip around and place your hands underneath your shoulders again. Keep those hips down and give your leg a nice stretch as you tap your hand to foot. This is one of my favorite exercises because you get arm strength and a great ab workout.
  • The Frog: This is one of my favorite inner thigh and lower abdominal exercises. Lye down on the floor, lift your head neck and shoulders upwards and place your legs at an angle. As you bring your legs in towards you resist using your thighs.
  • Side Plank Drop: You can do this exercise either as a complete side plank or with one foot in front as shown in the video. This is amazing for working those side obliques and slimming down your waist line.

These exercises can be used as a workout or added in throughout your workouts.

So I wanna know…

  • Do you workout at home or in the gym?
  • Do you prefer equipment filled workouts or ones without?

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  • I love all your workout tips and videos! You are such a fantastic motivator! Keep it up! xo Jana |

    • I am so happy to hear that Jana <3 thank you for stopping by and let me know how you like these workouts!

  • So glad you posted this bc it’s really challenging to get to a class, so at least I can do something at home to stay fit. xx

    • YES You can! Honestly I workout at the gym and at home for two reasons, one it saves me TIME and two because sometimes I like to switch up my environment

  • This is SO helpful, Thankyou! I can’t wait to try it out 🙂 At home workouts are my fave!!
    Chanté xo |

    • Chanté! I am so happy you found my workouts helpful <3 Let me know how you like those side planks 🙂

  • I haven’t been working out as much but do use the gym and sometimes workout from home! I love these positions and will definitely try them out

    • Please do! I know you will love them because they are SO effective for targeting all those areas!

  • Emily Soto

    This is great! I’m always looking for workouts to do at home when I can’t make it to the gym.


    • PERFECT so happy you came onto my blog Emily! I actually have an app called The Fit and Fabulous Club where I send all of these workouts to my girls all over the world!

  • tour in style by rizelle

    Thanks so much for sharing this i am so slacking lately! I prefere home work out since i am so busy and haven o time to go to the gym.

    • I am SO happy you found some inspiration here <3 Let me know how you like these workouts!

  • Amanda Maxwell

    You always have the best workouts that seem so manageable – keep the coming!

  • Jen Pilchak

    I have a home gym in my basement and I love to incorporate both equipment and equipment-free workouts. I have to mix it up or I get bored! Side plank drops and side plank to push up are two great exercises!
    xo Jen

    • YAY! I love that Jen! I find it so much easier when you have a gym ready for you to use and it makes it so you actually SHOW up and use it! Thank you so much for the love <3

  • shannon shipman

    i love doing stuff like this b/c its so effective and youre right it doesn’t take long…

    • Exactly Shannon! I am SO big on making workouts QUICK and effective! time is SO precious!

  • I think I prefer to workout from home because of the convenience, but the gym has fun classes so I’m 50/50.