The Best Exercises to Build a Booty

My booty might not be as big as some fitness IGers but it has grown if I do say so myself. As a naturally petite Irish girl, I was built to be pretty pancake-y if you know what I mean. There are a few questions I get asked often when it comes to exercises and as of late it always revolves around the booty. I love working on my legs because that was an area for me that was not easy to build. Everyone is different in terms of build, some ladies can put on muscle easily, some have to work a bit harder and me, well I have to work pretty hard at it.

The Best Exercises to Lift Your Booty

+Glute Bridges: The most important thing you can do for this exercise is to spread your legs out far and wide, make sure your knees point outwards and really focus on the squeeze at the top. If you notice my feet, I keep my toes a bit turned out just because I have bad knees. If you have bad knees turn your toes out just a tad to take the pressure off. Also, if you feel this exercise in your quads, you need to step out a bit further to keep it in the tush!

+Curtsey Lunges with Squat: This is one of my favorite combos as well as many of my clients! I love to stay LOW on this one and really hold the tension in my glutes throughout my rep range. When you do that you are forcing those fast twitch muscles to come in and exhaust out quickly which means a built booty that is built to last! While doing this exercise, keep your abs tight and head upright to keep everything in proper form throughout.

+Kettlebell Side Walk with Side Leg Lift: The side leg lift is where you will get that rounded shape so be sure to lift your leg  as high as you can and emphasize that squeeze at the top. When you work your body in different planes of motion you work the muscle in different ways which is better for our bodies and mind. We are meant to move in all four planes of motion so be sure to add some side lunges and walks to get your side plane down!

Whether you have curves or not, these exercises can be implemented into your routine to help shape backside and make it firm.

Before you try these exercises out, make sure to read these tips. These tips have been the biggest game changers for me in terms of making these exercises more effective.

The Best Exercises to Lift Your Booty

Tips for Lifting the Booty:

  • Squeeze: Squeeze your glutes at the top of every exercise. For example when you come up from a squat squeeze your booty! This will activate all of the glute muscles and keep them working extra hard. 
  • Watch Your Knees: Don’t let your knees go inwards, make sure they go out.
    • If you have bad knees be sure to turn your toes out slightly during squats and squat variations
  • Stretch Your Hip Flexors: If you tend to sit a lot your hip flexors will be really right which will not help your booty grow at all. Always do the beginning exercises on leg day to open up those hip flexors to get the most out of your workouts!

Best Exercises for Booty

  • Use Your Glutes All the Time: Yes you can squeeze your glutes all day every day. My booty might not be large but the growth that has been made was because I activated them daily. 
  • Train Legs 2-3x a week: As women, our muscles recover much faster so we can usually work our major muscles more without damage. I prefer to work my legs two times during maintenance phases and three when I am looking to build. 
  • Train using Different Variations: You have two main muscles that shape your booty, the gluteus maximus, and the gluteus medius. The Maximus is that makes your booty perky and the medium is what makes it round. If you don’t work both of these areas you will only experience one of the benefits, make sure to do side leg exercises like curtsey lunges, abduction movements and side kicks and squats, lunges and these types of exercises for the maximum growth!

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