Manifesting Miracles with Ro Ferrelli

Let’s chat about manifesting. Do you believe in manifesting your dream life? Do you believe in this technique or have you heard about it? Manifesting is a tool you can use to shift things in your life, whether that be visualizing your dream body, imagining you speaking on stage to share your story or any of the above. I love chatting about this as I have been interviewing experts and one practice they all mention using is manifesting. When I was curating my list of interviews, I immediately thought to bring on pro manifestor and expert teacher of meditation Ro Ferrelli.

Manifesting Miracles

If you feel stuck, in a job that’s blah. A relationship that’s meh. In a life that just isn’t what you know it could be… this episode is soooo for you. Did you know you’re manifesting… like, right now? It’s true! So why not manifest a beautiful, fit fierce fabulous life?  Ro shares with us how to start… with meditation (yes, you can start in your car, she did!) and intent. Learn how to play with these practices and create space in your mind and in your life, to live to your full potential. Excited and freaking out yet at how cool this is going to be? 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The best way to meditate and how you can start RIGHT now
  • How to trust your path and intuition
  • How to manifest like a pro and start making shifts you really want happen
  • Manifesting dos and don’ts

Some Questions I Ask:

[07:40] – I would love for you to share your story of when you became spiritually awakened

[18:44] – What did you do to alleviate feeling stuck…

[21:36] – You talked about Life Purpose..could you manifest finding your life purpose?

[24:09] – What is manifesting exactly…

[29:28] – I know you do kundalini yoga can you explain what that is and how it has changed you?

[32:43] – Deep breathing/meditation for just 5 minutes

[34:48] – What are some choices that you’ve made that have made you who you are?

[38:14] – Morning rituals?

[40:03] – What does Fit, Fierce and Fabulous mean to you..

[40:47] – How can we get in contact with you..

Listen to the Episode:

Manifesting Miracles with Ro

Resources We Talk About:

Learn More About Ro:

Ro is an Intuitive Life Coach, motivational speaker, and writer. Her favorite thing in the world is working 1:1 with women, intuitively guiding them on their spiritual and personal development journey for the ultimate transformation. This is her passion!

She can help you get the answers you are deeply searching for, recognize your value and self worth, create healthy boundaries, embody lifelong self-care practices, connect with your Higher Self, attract abundance in all areas of your life, master the best and easiest methods of prayer and meditation, and bust through limiting beliefs and habits of self-sabotage. In other words, Ro will help you step into your authentic truth and become even more amazing than you already are!

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