Let’s be honest here, you aren’t going to get flat abs just by doing crunches all day.

I am not a fan of doing abs, another truth but at the end of the day having a strong core protects my spine, allows me to stand taller and is the core of each exercise I do so I do them. Now showing off and getting them defined is a whole other level. You have to actually do ab exercises properly to get the muscle wall to get thick enough to get defined. Abs are like every other muscle and need some loving too!

Ab Workout for a Flat Stomach

The abdominal wall is considered a postural muscle used to keep you standing upright so they recover much quicker. You can overload your abs using weights and reps but be sure to squeeze and breathe throughout. Building your abs comes down to using proper technique and working them 2-3 times a week! Your abs only need about 48 hours of rest periods to recover unlike other muscles in your body.

Ab Workout for a Flat Stomach

Ab Workout Video

Ab Workout for a Flat Stomach

  • Half Ab Crunch on Ball: I love squeezing my abs and really connecting with them before I get into a full movement. Using a ball allows you to get deep into the core and create tension on the abs. The most important thing you can do is at the top of every movement squeeze your abs and exhale.
  • Advanced Scissors: Holding the ball at the top looks a lot easier then it is! Forcing your head neck and shoulders off of the ground while practicing scissors and keeping a ball steady really works and engages those abs. Lightly tap your foot to the ball and keep a steady motion!
  • Ball Roll Out: For this exercise, make sure you have a mirror nearby so you can watch your form. People often complain of lower back pain when doing this and if this happens to you make sure you keep hold of your core and don’t push the ball out to far.

Ab Workout for a Flat Stomach

  • Stir the Pot: This exercise is one of my favorite and is so fun to do. If you watch the video you see me do two variations. One is for beginners and I am on my knees using just my obliques to stir the pot. The other is more advanced and I am in a plank position using my entire abdominal wall to keep me balanced and allow me to stir that pot! Make sure to do the same amount of reps on each side.
  • One Arm One Leg Balance: As boring and as easy as this one looks, this one is key for getting a smaller waistline. Using your obliques to hold your body stable and not fall over forces tension on the sides of your waist. Keep your body as flat as a table and engage your core muscles throughout.
  • Ball V-Up: Putting your legs out and squeezing a ball between your thighs actively engages your core. I love doing this exercise at the end to feel the burn!

The best way to complete this workout is by doing each movement in a circuit round for 30 seconds each and resting 1 minute at the end of the 6 exercises. For beginners do two rounds and advance to more rounds as you get comfortable with the exercises. I love doing long circuits with abs because you can get your heart rate up a little bit, feel the burn and really tone up the stomach area.

SO I wanna know…

  • Do you love working out your abs?
  • Are you into working out at home or at the gym?

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