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If you feel like you have yet to fully claim the title of entrepreneur, or that your life is on a treadmill, running your ass off without gaining ground… this episode will speak to you. And if you feel like you don’t have all the answers… exhale! Sunny explains how one question from a mentor planted a seed that sprouted when the time was right and forever altered the path of her business and her perception of what it meant to leave a legacy.  And in a “crush it” culture, discover how adjusting your lifestyle while finding the formula for your own success means giving yourself the space, the freedom and the time to actually pause…dial in… and truly connect with what you want to create moving forward.

If you’re an entrepreneur who knows when there’s a will there’s a way… and you’d shine brightest doing it your way… welcome to your tribe, loves, Sunny Lenarduzzi is the bff you just haven’t met yet.

Introducing BYOB Creator Sunny Lenarduzzi:

Sunny Lennarduzzi


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How one question you can ask yourself RIGHT now will impact the way you live and lead your life and business
  • How to use video marketing as a TOOL to connect with your tribe
  • Why having your OWN formula for success is KEY
  • How to give yourself space so you can RUN your business and not let it RUN you

Some Questions I Ask:

[05:28] – Sunny, How do you introduce yourself to the world?

[06:26] – Let’s talk about your background, when did you see yourself running this whole BYOB movement and where did it come from..

[14:33] – There was this time you took a break. What was that like? Why did you take the break? And how do you think that helped you to succeed where you are now?

[16:19] –  How do you find your flow? It sounds like you have a group of people who really support you, do you feel that, that’s something that helps with your success overall?

[17:40] – How did you find that interesting balance within yourself?

[19:56] – How do you stay so grounded?

[21:34] – What is your workout?

[22:33] – Manifesting, Vision boarding, do you this every year? Every 6 months?

[26:24] – What are some choices that you’ve made that have made you who you are?

[28:42] – What does Fit, Fierce and Fabulous mean to you..

[28:58] – Quick question: What are some things you can tell my readers to do to help them find out more about themselves?

[30:29] – How can we get in contact with you..

Resources We Talk About:

Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Listen to the Episode:

Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing Expert

Learn More About Sunny Lennarduzzi:

Sunny has almost a decade of experience as an award-winning video, social media and online business strategist. From tech start up’s to authors, Sunny has worked with clients across industries – helping Hootsuite develop a YouTube series that increased subscriptions by 75% and Applebee’s hit 1 billion impressions in 1 day. Sunny is also the creator of Boss Video Branding, a digital course on how to leverage social video from Snapchat to YouTube, for your brand or business. Speaking internationally, from NATO’s Headquarters in Brussels to Creative Live in San Francisco, Sunny is passionate about helping brands and businesses leverage social video for increased leads and awareness. Sunny has been featured on national and international radio, television and online publications like , Forbes, and The Huffington Post. You can also catch her weekly YouTube show talking about social media trends and the latest digital news.

Sunny took home the award for ‘Best in Social Media’ for Western Canada in 2014, given to her by Notable, an organization that recognizes young professionals across Canada.

You can learn more about Sunny on her website.

Grab her free Youtube Checklist here.

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