Wellness Wednesday

I have been in podcaster’s paradise as of late and I apologize for not keeping up on the blog along the lines of content beyond the podcast. These past few months I have focused on three main components, one being The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast, the other rebuilding The Fit and Fabulous Club and the last my new coaching certification. I have learned through experience that juggling twenty things seem like a good idea at the time but always leads to burning out, things not getting done and resistance on my end. This year I made a promise to myself to focus on just three things at a time and get them done before starting new projects. As you all know I love working on a new project as I am a total crazy creative whose mind is always full of ideas.

Now that The Fit and Fabulous Club website is rebuilt and fabulous, I take my Behavioral Coaching Certification test this week and I feel like I have the podcast on a system I can bring back on some new projects which I am so excited to unveil very soon! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter list to find out the details before anyone else!

Last week I went and hosted Wellness Wednesday at The Fashion Show location of Alex and Ani. Alex and Ani has been one of my favorite brands for a variety of reasons beyond the adorable charms and simplicity of the jewelry. I am a fan because of the story behind each charm, the eco-consciousness of the brand and just my love for symbolism which is built into each and every charm. I love seeing people wearing the bracelets and finding someone that has the same one because again, each charm tells a different story for each and every person that wears it. I also love that the brand stands for positive energy, manufacturing in America and supporting charities nationwide. As a more conscious consumer, I strive to purchase from brands that hold these standards.

Wellness Wednesday Alex and Ani

The event I hosted was to share nutrition advice and spread a wellness vibe throughout the store. I answered some questions and thought I would share those questions with you. I personally love sharing my knowledge and as a certified nutrition expert through Precision Nutrition and a continuous researcher I take pride in my studies and hope to make an impact on people through health and wellness.

I was asked…

    • How do you gain healthy weight?
      • Gaining weight is just as much a dedication to changing your lifestyle habits as losing weight. Before you eat a pack of Oreo’s every day, let’s consider a few things. One gram of fat is equivalent to 9 calories while carbohydrates and proteins are 4 calories per gram. Healthy fats are easy to consume because you can add a touch more coconut oil to your vegetables, eat a few extra handfuls of nuts, and take another spoonful of nut butter a lot easier than eating another slab of meat and another cup of rice. When you are trying to gain weight think of where you can add more healthy fats to your food. It can be as simple as adding another tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil to your salad, taking a few more handfuls of raw nuts, or by simply adding 2 tbsp of nut butter to your smoothies. With 9 calories per gram, you see how easy it can be to add a few 100 calories to your day without trying too hard or stuffing yourself full all day. You will want to slowly implement this change and start by adding a bit more to each meal you have and as you gain weight work your way to just a bit more.
    • Where do I start?
      • Start with deciding. When someone asks me where to start and rambles on 100 questions about diets and exercise, I always ask them are you ready to make a change? I ask this because it is so easy to read a book, hop on the bandwagon and fall right back off without any results or feeling like a failure. The most important thing you can do is decide and start by taking one step in the right direction. For instance, if you still drink a soda at every meal, change out one soda a day for water. If you tend to hop on the latest workout trend, class hop, and gym hop until you find a gym/workout you fall in love with and works within your schedule and location. If you have a hard time because you travel often for work find a solution likeThe Fit and Fabulous Club which allows you to workout with limited equipment, time and space anywhere at anytime. Once you get one step nailed, go onto the next step. Stop sprinting up the staircase, focus on one step at a time.
    • How do I stay motivated?
      • My motivation comes from goal setting. I am constantly setting performance goals for myself to keep myself motivated to show up. As much as I love seeing my client’s fit into a smaller size and feel more confident, I get way more satisfaction from seeing them do 10 push ups when they couldn’t do 1 when we started. Make it a game and set goals like being able to do pull-ups or lift a certain weight. These performance goals keep you showing up every day and make it a lot more fun!


  • Is a routine necessary or can I just do my own thing?
    • Having a routine and a program to follow is key to staying disciplined and reaching your goals. It is not necessary if you are in the position of going to the gym and that is a habit for you and you enjoy trying new things but if you are someone who easily loses focus and motivation you need a solid program to follow. I find that having a workout program helps my clients see their progress and show up even when they don’t want to.
  • What are some easy meals that I can make without a lot of time?
    • Time seems to be the one thing we all struggle with. The first thing someone needs to do is look at their schedule and carve out two times a week that they will dedicate to meal prep. One to two hours of meal prepping and grocery shopping a week is a lifetime of health and wellness. Some quick and easy meals I love are turkey burgers with green beans which I buy frozen and just steam up in five minutes, tuna fiesta and hard boiled eggs. These are all easy and quick to make! To watch me make these simple recipes, check out my meal prep course by joining The Fit and Fabulous Club!

Wellness Wednesday Alex and Ani

Thank you Alex and Ani Fashion Show and One7PR for inviting me to host Wellness Wednesday! If you are looking for a gift for a friend or yourself grab an Alex and Ani bracelet!

So I wanna know…

  • Are you an Alex and Ani fan? Have any bracelet stories?
  • Did you enjoy learning some nutrition information?