This past weekend I stayed at lifestyle apartment complex, Elysian West in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am a huge advocate for improving your surroundings, enhancing your lifestyle and bringing in the social support you need to make the lifestyle changes you really need to make to live a healthy lifestyle.

Social support is key for success. I most recently became a certified behavioral coach and read studies that stated that no matter what having a tribe or surroundings of influence and support can increase your healthy habits ten fold. It can be difficult to stay on track if you are surrounded by junk food, lack of movement and deal with the daily stresses of life. Where you lay your head can have a huge impact on your overall health.

Courtney Bentley Fitness at Elysian

At Elysian, it becomes easy to live the complex is built around creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle at home and in your community. With yoga classes, boot camps, a gym, a dog park, and amenities that surround the complex to make you walk around a bit more all included there is no excuse not to be influenced by your surroundings.

How to Upgrade Your Surroundings to Live Your Best Life:

  • Get Inspired: Do you feel inspired to be your best? Do you wake up in the morning ready to workout and cook up a healthy breakfast? What about meditation and journaling to channel your inner wisdom and start the day? When you are surrounded by a routine and influences to live a healthy lifestyle you almost feel guilty or out of sync when you are not committed to this type of routine. When you walk outside the door and see gym equipment, a lady walking her dog and a man doing yoga poses while the sun rises it makes you think about the choices you make for yourself to kick start your day. While it is easy to fall into the grind, it is important to make flow apart of your daily routine. We all need a little inspiration sometimes and just seeing these things daily will certainly inspire you to fall into new habits.

Courtney Bentley at Elysian West

  • Make a Point to Learn: Striving to learn and grow are the keys to happiness. As a student of life, I am constantly reading, asking questions and listening to people’s stories to learn about life experiences. We all have a story, a career, a lesson, successes, and failures. When you surround yourself with people in real life you can have those conversations, you can experience those human connections and really learn and grow each and every day. One thing I loved about staying in the community for a few days was talking to the people who live in this community. Human connection is one major thing that lacks in this day in age, and surrounding yourself with these types of interactions is key to growth. You are a combination of those you surround yourself with.

  • A Community is Everything: Connecting with like-minded people is essential for continuing on with your new habits. Did you know that many people have the intention to make healthy choices throughout the day but with a constant lunch break at a fast food joint those intentions can soon be lost! Coming home to a community of people who join in for yoga classes, kickboxing and boot camps make it easy to commit to your health without even trying. While at Elysian I took a Saturday morning Yoga class with the community and learned that many people in the community commit to the classes and show up every week. If you have a hard time finding like-minded people, look for communities that support the type of lifestyle you desire.
  • Upgrade Your Decor: Exploring Elysian I got so inspired by all the gorgeous artwork and interior design. Each room in the community areas is artistically done and unique. While I write this I have a spark of creative energy from all the color and decor that surrounds me. It makes me think about my home office and how I can enhance my experience walking into my “work.” The decor sets the tone and the mood so making sure to set that to how you want to feel when you walk into a room is key. As you see from the photos Elysian does it well and knows how to tie together a healthy lifestyle with an artistic vibe.

  • Constant Reminders: Having little reminders surrounding you like a water fountain that fills water bottles (did you guys see my insta-story) and a state of the art gym will enhance your lifestyle. When water and a gym are easily accessed it can be difficult to make excuses to not show up for yourself. When you walk by a water fountain to buy a soda, it can be a reminder to stop and ask yourself if that soda is really what you want. I find that keeping a kettlebell in my office and a huge water bottle by my desk keep me on track and remind me of my goals when I am focused on something else. Take a moment and ask yourself if you are being reminded of what really matters and in the next day make a change!

If you live in Las Vegas or plan on moving out here, check out Elysian properties which are located all throughout Nevada and expanding. You can view the Elysian Lifestyle Website here.

Thank you to Elysian West for having me explore what it’s like to live a lifestyle of health and wellness in balance and allowing me to experience the Elysian lifestyle.

Photos by: Leon Cruz and Will Camtay