Gut Health, Adrenal Fatigue and Hormonal Balancing with Naturopath Sandi Ross

I met my naturopath Sandi Louise Ross in Thailand down Soi 23 when I lived on Sukhumvit side. I was desperate for some answers as to why I was having so many fertility problems and why I didn’t have a period for five years, yes five entire years without a period. I learned that my root cause was not eating enough of the right foods, healing my gut and doing more breathe work on top of some herbs, acupuncture, and minerals to get kick started in the right direction. If you want to learn more about that journey feel free to read My Crazy Hormone Story and Why I Eat Carbs and an interview I did with Sandi many moons ago. 

Gut Health, Adrenal Fatigue and Hormonal Balancing with Naturopath Sandi Ross

If you’re doing all the “right” things but still feel exhausted, or losing weight but unable to achieve that flat tummy, or questioning your health and are looking for deeper answers… this episode is for you. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why what you think might be the “right” things might be doing you more harm than good
  • What you should have before that cup of coffee every day
  • Why having a green smoothie needs to have some herbs in it and might be the wrong start to your day
  • How your gut health is everything and if it is suffering could be the main reason you feel tired all the time
  • Learn how your gut is the gateway to better health, how awareness of breath affects nutrition, and how there’s more to health than working out and eating right.

Some Questions I Ask:

[14:08] – Can gut health relate to weight loss?

[17:38] – How many people would you say have leaky gut?

[18:34] – What got you into learning more about this?

[20:13] – What is Naturopathy?. . .What got you into acupuncture and what was that process like? Naturopath? Tell your story.

[21:40] – What are some foods we can eat to improve our wellbeing, foods that people don’t normally think of?

[26:58] – Smoothies and juices; you mentioned smoothies can be a little too cold, is there a good time to have smoothies?

[29:05] – How do you implement your practice into balancing your life? And do you think that’s what keeps you steady?

[33:52] – What are some choices that you’ve made that have made you who you are today?

[34:38] – Morning rituals?

[36:50] – What does Fit, Fierce and Fabulous mean to you..

[37:22] – How can we get in contact with you…

[38:42] – Importance of what we’re born with…

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Episode 018: Gut Health, Adrenal Fatigue and Hormonal Balancing with Naturopath Sandi Ross

Sandi Louise Ross is an international naturopath, nutritionist, and acupuncturist. Her clinical expertise covers female reproductive disorders and mental health. Sandi is a lecturer at Australia’s leading natural medicine college, Endeavour College, is a writer and contributor for many publications such as Food Matters, and she is also a loving mum. Sandi integrates Western science with Eastern medicine to bring a mindful approach to health and wellness.

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