How to manifest your dream life

Welcome to Episode 016 of the Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Podcast where self-professed ‘spiritual junkie’, certified fitness trainer and #FFF Founder Courtney Bentley interviews conscious creative Kelly Bennett on what it truly means to manifest your dream life! Kelly is passionate about co-creating a conscious economy in the world – and as a creative entrepreneur, product designer, and storyteller, she takes inspired action to be part of the conscious change – both as a consumer and as an entrepreneur –  every (damn ←- if you can say that, Kelly uses damn a lot in her brand, I haven’t heard you use it) day.  

If learning how to use manifestation, meditation, and intuition to connect the dots in your own life in a cool, quirky way sounds like your jam, this may be your favorite episode yet. Grab your girls and find out how manifestation has played a huge part in Kelly’s life as she shares examples that will blow your collective minds in a totally non-creepy way and learn how dyslexia and an undiagnosed learning disorder ultimately proved how capable she truly is. This episode is filled with groovy gems like manifest journaling and moon cycles and morning rituals. Seriously. 68 seconds and talking to strangers will change your life and yes! The Universe loooooves Thank You notes!  Listen to yourself, listen to this episode, and become a part of the conscious change. One plastic straw at a time.  

Kelly Bennett

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to MANIFEST exactly what you want in life and the steps to take to make it happen
  • How a Chinese Roommate, A garden and a $550.00 rent came to be in that exact detail
  • How to know what you really want to manifest…
  • How to manifest your dream life…
  • Why getting SUPER clear is SO important and how to do it

Some Questions I Ask:

[12:33] – How do your stay grounded doing all of that?

[13:47] – Let’s talk about Manifest Journaling. What is that? What does that even mean?

[15:02] –  how did you know that, that was your big vision and not just something your thought you wanted to do? How did you decide that, that was going to be you big vision?

[16:41] – When did you discover manifesting and visualization, tell us a story of when manifesting worked for your…

[20:07] – a lot of people ask me “How do I know what I want to manifest?” can your give some advice on that?

[23:32] – Let’s talk about manifesting, what is it…how do you teach it

[28:47] – How can we practice vision boarding, what are the steps

[33:21] – What are some choices that you’ve made that have made you who you are?

[33:47] – Morning rituals?

[35:08] – What does Fit, Fierce and Fabulous mean to you..

[35:39] – How can we get in contact with you..

Listen to the Episode:

Kelly Bennett

Learn More About Kelly Bennett:

Kelly Bennett is a Downtown Las Vegas-based, Creative Director. She creates brands that gives a damn (and talks about it). Kelly is the Creative Director of the award-winning vegan restaurant VegeNation where she is responsible for creating the brand, marketing, PR, social media, community partnerships, collabs, popup events, and culture crafting. She works with people creating socially-conscious brands all around the world and has been written up in The Huffington Post for her unique work and lifestyle. Kelly created an award-winning conscious lifestyle blog and now blogs about how to create damn good ideas. She also leads an awesome online community where people create together called The Creative Collab, speaks at sold out events, and teaches creative workshops.

So I wanna know…

  • Have you ever manifested something you truly wanted?
  • What is your experience with manifesting?

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