How to Create an Extraordinary Life

Welcome to Episode 014 of the Fit, Fierce and Fabulous Podcast where self-professed ‘spiritual junkie’, certified fitness trainer and #FFF Founder Courtney Bentley shares three simple shifts that had a profound effect on her happiness. Are you feeling stuck? Like life is passing you by and that something is missing?  This episode is exactly for you! Be sure to download the corresponding workbook below as it will help you connect to your extraordinary life!

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Learn how extraordinary opportunities and the life you want are closer than EVER
  • Change your mindset with a daily dose of GRATITUDE
  • How to OPEN yourself to life and possibilities by stepping out of your comfort zone
  • My first-hand experience with the boomerang effect of being OF service
  • How to get your creative juices FLOWING and create an EXTRAORDINARY life

How to Create An Extraordinary Life

Listen to the Episode:

Key Points:

  • I have manifested and shifted some things in my life and created some extraordinary opportunities for myself. I didn’t do anything special I didn’t go get a new degree, although I am working on a new certification, to improve my coaching skills I didn’t do anything that’s special except these three things which I discuss in the episode.
  • When you meet someone, and you know you can help them, help them. Give, give give. When you can give, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.
  • I will never forget, I got off the BTS, I said to myself, “I will get started working on my intention, my exercises, my affirmations, everything’s going to be okay, be open, explore, this is an awesome opportunity to get to live in this country.”
  • We live like Kings and Queens compared to most people in the world. So just being grateful for that and just looking around and just being so grateful that you have running clean water, that you have a beautiful bathroom to get ready in, that your have gorgeous makeup that you can go purchase at any store, that your have food that you can just go to the grocery store and buy anytime your want. These types of things are a great start to when you start looking at your life and thinking about what you’re grateful for.
  • When you give, magic happens and it feels so good to give. When’s the last time you gave? Whether it was your time, doesn’t have to be money. Time, advice, maybe you’re a really great artist, and your friend just had someone passed away and you make them a beautiful art piece, to remember that person, I mean there’s so many ways to give that don’t have to be to a charity, I mean that’s great too there’s nothing wrong with that trust me but your know look around, and see who you can help and spending an hour to help someone and just changed their thoughts is such a great feeling.

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