Healthy in Cabo San Lucas

Not sure if you knew this but, I used to live in Cabo San Lucas five years ago.

After a crazy year, Mr B and I just said f it, let’s go explore the world and see where it takes us. We picked Cabo because he had been there once before, we spoke a little Spanish and it was still close enough for friends and family to come visit. We were going to jet off to Brazil but decided to start in Cabo and see where we wound up later on during the year. We were only going to stay three months but after that mark hit we decided to stay and lived out another 9 months getting married on the sandy beaches and having some of our best parties to this date in our beach house.

Cabo opened a whole new can of worms for me in so many ways. I started my Youtube channel, dove in deep into the blogging journey, and knew in my heart I would be more then just someone who would give out workout programs but knew I would become more of a coach. At the time I had no idea what that looked like but looking back on my old videos I see that spark in my eye and the messages I had in those videos are still true and dear to my heart. I still cannot believe that was five years ago!

Mr B and I decided that since we were back in Las Vegas going to Cabo for our five year anniversary would be a breeze of a flight and a great vacation for us to take. Since launching the podcast, working on The Fit and Fabulous Club and coaching full time I have been working 10-12 hour days leaving little time for rest and relaxation. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for the world but I have to say getting out of my office and putting my toes in the sand was the perfect way to celebrate the last five years.

Have you ever reflected back on your five year goals to see what changes you made or if you actually accomplished those goals? I never had until this trip and I am so happy I unexpectedly did so.

It can be one of those moments you reflect and see the changes/leaps you have made, but actually seeing those changes, feeling those changes and watching those changes is when the magic happens.

I just got back from Cabo San Lucas to celebrate my five year anniversary with my husband and went back to a time where I was lost and confused at 22, I still snuck the diet pills, drank energy drinks to fiend off eating and over worked my body with two a day workouts. I was obsessed with dropping weight and even though my eating disorder changed from bulimia to anorexia, I was still in a phase of an eating disorder.

Towards the end of my year living in Cabo, I made a choice to heal myself. I wanted to take my health back and discovered acupuncture, Chinese medicine and herbs. I started a poorly produced Youtube Channel to hold me accountable to preaching the message that was deep down inside of me. I always had a passion to inspire women to love who they were and even through I was in denial with my own self love, I still wanted other women around me to feel that spark to make one more good choice for their health and body.

Instead of continuing with youtube I decided to co-create this experience and message with other guests. With my podcast, Fit, Fierce and Fabulous, I want to inspire women to take initiative and make choices for themselves to be more, do more and feel more. This trip showed me that going for it and refining and defining my message and what I am on this planet to do made for a trip that showed me that journey loud and clear.

Cabo San Lucas

In light of this post, I wanted to share some top things to do in Cabo since I really took a moment well four days to completely unwind, love on Mr B, sip margaritas, explore art and visit some old friends.

As someone who lived in Cabo for a year, I know a thing or two about what to do so I thought I would share that with you. You can either do all the tourist things, hang with the locals, spend all your time at the resort or a little bit of everything which is what I always like to do.

Here are my top 5 favorite things to do in Los Cabos:

  • Visit Pepita’s Magic of the Moon: I love unique clothing. I know I don’t talk a lot about clothes here on the blog but if you follow me on snapchat you know I have a desire for vintage designer clothing and unique handmade pieces. My dear friend Pepita has just that at her store and makes all the clothes in her factory in Los Cabos. The best part is she even tailors things for you and knows how to dress you for your body type. I love going into her store because she picks out things for me I wouldn’t typically pick out and the pieces become timeless in my closet. The periwinkle dress I am wearing below reminded me a little bit of Brittney Spears circa 2005 and it fit me just right, I had to have it! She took it in a bit for me on the sides and I had to wear it the next day. I love this piece and picked up a gorgeous handmade tie die skirt, which you will see me in future, posts! I paired this dress with a vintage hat from the 60’s and my Christian Loubiton wedges from Singapore! You can shop Pepita here.

Things to do in los cabo

  • Swim in the Ocean: Growing up in Southern California I spent most of my summers on the beach but being spoiled in Cabo I now crave the ocean year round. The water here is warm and refreshing, water you just want to dive in and swim in! I love connecting with nature in this way. Honestly, there is nothing like Cabo beaches and in all the travels I have done I can say this to be true. The waves at one time broke my nose while I was surfing but I survived so me and the ocean are a-ok. My adorable bikini bottoms from Tobi, you can grab the With You Bikini Bottom here and the Miracle Bikini Bottom here.

Things to do in Los Cabos

THings to do in Cabo

  • Visit Acre Baja and Eat Farm to Table Style: Off the beaten path are unique concepts like Flora Farms and Acre Baja as well as a few others I have yet to visit. Eating food that is grown locally is such a treat, the fishes in Cabo are glowingly fresh, the herbs are unique to the culture and cuisine and I just love eating foods that I can see as I walk into a restaurant. Something about seeing the herbs be picked off a plant and thrown into a dish is just so special! I love being outdoors, seeing the natural organic herbs growing as you walk into a restaurant and the beauty that is Los Cabos.

Acre Cabo San Lucas

  • Meditate on the Beaches every morning: Being near the ocean just makes me feel so at peace. One thing you will notice is that the local people are very calm and loving. I believe this is due to the constant awareness of Mother Nature and all her beauty, the slow pace of life and the ocean breeze that takes over and blows. As much as eating healthy on a trip can be beneficial, I always find connecting with nature to be the best part. Digging your toes into the sand, walking along the water and inhaling fresh ocean air should be done often! I loved hearing the waves crash while meditating, it really put me in a trance and I was able to come back to Las Vegas refreshed and full of new ideas! This dress is Gypsy Junkies.

Things to Do in Los Cabos

  • Do the Art Walk of San Jose Del Cabo: With two sides of Los Cabos, one being San Jose Del Cabo the other being Cabo San Lucas, you can get caught up on either side and have a great time. Personally, I feel like Cabo is more for shopping, partying and site seeing whereas San Jose Del Cabo has Flora Farms, Art Walks and more waves to surf. If you spend a few days in Cabo, go to both sides so you can experience all that Cabos has to offer. The art walk is one of my favorite things to do and Mr B and I have purchased several pieces, which are usually in my workout videos. The moon that is in the background is from our days living in Cabo and is a local artist to the area. We usually go home with a few pieces but this trip we just looked around. There are so many cute art boutiques with unique pieces that are fun and show the culture and history of Cabo. If you do this be sure to wear either a strong wedge or flats as the roads are a little rocky. I loved this lace bra-lette I have on with this dress. I felt like a goddess in my Gypsy dress and Tobi bra-lette. For a sexy boho vibe grab the DeeDee Lace Bralette from Tobi, you will not be disappointed and I have found some fun ways to wear it like above! You can grab it here.

Cabo San Lucas

This was one of my favorite flowy light outfits I wore while shopping. The romper is Fiona’s Flowy Romper by Tobi.

If any of you out there feel stuck, trust me when I say take a trip outside of your surroundings, take a moment to reflect on the last five years and take a moment to connect back to you and your message. I write this post to share not only the beauty of Los Cabos but to share a message with you, play, explore and live your life. I feel like we get so sucked in on getting that next Instagram follower, that next client, creating that perfectly crafted blog post that we forget about what life is really about.


So I wanna know…

Do you have any travel plans for the summer?

Have you been to Cabo, which side did you stay on?