Reprogram Your Confidence with Affirmations

Reprogram Your Confidence with Affirmations Fit Fierce Fabulous Podcast

This episode was a solo episode and one I did because of the response I received from episode 001. My journey to self-love wasn’t easy, it was actually so difficult and mentally took me from 12-23 to kind of sort of figure out. I speak on this topic with confidence because I feel it is a topic that isn’t spoken about enough. We are believed to think that we are not good enough and I decided that with my life I want to change that talk we have with ourselves. That negative voice inside your head that tells you that you aren’t good enough needs to hush! In order for it to do so, you need a system and a method that works. I talk a lot about that in this episode and want to invite you to download my affirmation workbook below, it gives you affirmations to use, a journal to work through what negative talk you are using and a method in which to switch that to a more positive conversation. Have a listen to the episode then download the guide book.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What Affirmations Are
  • How to Use Self Affirming Statements to Get what YOU WANT
  • The Love Mirror and Why you need to do this EXERCISE right now
  • How to Make It True and COME true
  • How to Truly LOVE Yourself

Reprogram Your Confidence with Affirmations

Listen to the Episode:

Some Questions I Ask:

[02:12] – What evolution looks like as we evolve and how you can use it…

[02:42] – What confidence issues look like and how to go about defeating them…

[04:58] – The countdown method I use when I want to do something that scares me

[05:50] –  How to rewind and look back

[07:16] – The I Love You Method

[09:57] – Affirmations I Use

[12:28] – What an Affirmation Is and HOW you can use them

[13:42] – Why you need to connect feeling and emotion to those affirmations and HOW to do it

008 Reprogramming Your Confidence with Affirmations

I wanna know…

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