Episode 006: Creating Balance through Synchronicity, Trusting Your Gut, and Connecting with Your Authentic Self with Olivia McAllister

Creating balance through Synchronicity, Trusting Your Gut, and Connecting with Your Authentic Self with Olivia McAllister

In This Episode You Will Learn:

+How and why you need to talk to your body

+1000 breathes for a 1000 days to avoid stress

+Foods for Anxiety

+How to Connect with Your Authentic Self

+Why diet is everything and why your body is holding tears and crying on the inside

+How dates and tea can help you get rid of anxiety

+How your hand and pushing under your chin during hectic times can calm you down instantly

+Why starting with your gut is the first place to go when trying to treat sickness and anxiety

Listen to the Episode:

Some Questions I Ask:

  • [05:31] – I would love for you to share your story of breast and lung cancer and how you were able to overcome that using holistic methods..
  • [07:33] – How did you find this Chinese Doctor in the first place?
  • [10:41] – How did he get you into that meditative state?
  • [12:49] – What are common lies, myths and misconceptions about your industry
  • [14:23] –  Say, you were always sick. What would you start with?
  • [15:13] – How does tapping help us deal with anxiety and emotional stress..
  • [16:30] – what foods would you recommend for anxiety?
  • [19:20] – How can we practice some chakra healing and balancing at home..
  • [21:41] – Let’s talk about fermentation and gut health.
  • [26:53] – What are some choices that you’ve made that have made you who you are?
  • [28:22] – Morning rituals?
  • [30:49] – What does Fit, Fierce and Fabulous mean to you..
  • [31:45] – What is one thing you can tell my readers/listeners to do to help them succeed..
  • [32:16] – How can we get in contact with you..

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Fit Fierce Fabulous Podcast Olivia McAllister


In 1983, at age twenty-nine, Olivia was diagnosed with terminal breast, lung, and lymphatic cancer. She was given less then one year to live, even with the best that modern medicine had to offer.  Being a mother of two beautiful young children, and full of life herself she found this simply unacceptable. She then turned to natural medicine, in addition to allopathic medicine.  It was a journey that she says saved her life. She discovered acupuncture, meditation, guided imagery, and most importantly diet.  As a result Olivia astonished doctors, friends, and family, and went into remission.  Thirty-One years later and still cancer free, Olivia has become a student of natural medicine. Earning degrees in fields such as Master Herbalist MH, Naturopathic doctor ND, Certified Nutritional Counselor CNC, and an NLP Practitioner, and Massage Therapist. She has studied with Chinese, Tibetan, and Native American Healers.

Her services include counseling and dietary needs, such as diet programs, diet strategies, meal planning, and grocery shopping, for diabetics, obesity, or weight loss, as well as cardiac needs, and all around well being. She also address emotional support in each of these areas through meridian tapping.

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Center for Health & Wellness: http://www.chwnv.com/

Address: 2110 E Flamingo Rd, Suite 104 – Las Vegas, NV  89119-0834

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