Reasons Your Weight Loss Program Isn't Working

I have come a long way from my self hate attitude, it is a lot of work and work that can feel awkward sometimes. I often ask myself if I am blowing up my ego or if I am really doing the work I need to do in order to share my message to the 91% of the women in the world who have body image disorder issues. Yes, you read that right 91% of women have skewed sense of how they appear in the mirror and in life. This lack of self-confidence reflects on everything that you do, from speaking up in the office to how much fun you have when out with friends. Gaining self-confidence can completely change your life and as I step into owning who I am day by day, I see a complete shift in my life and the happiness I experience day by day.

So what does this have to do with the weight loss program title? Well, if you have been someone who has tried every diet known to man, every new workout program that worked well for your friend and you still lack results, that can have an affect on your self-confidence. I know how important working hard is at the gym, I myself stopped seeing results when I had been seeing them for a year and felt lost. I was wondering why my body wasn’t changing and why the diet and hard work wasn’t working any longer. It wasn’t until I did some research I realized a few things, and these five things I am sharing with you below to encourage you to try again. Take these tips into consideration, think of your past patterns and behavior and learn from them.

5 Reasons Your Weight Loss Program Isn't Working

5 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Program Isn’t Working

  • Make the Decision: First, you have to decide. The number reason most people fail, even if they have the best intentions, even if they do the first week and then the second week gets harder and the third week gets harder, it’s because they have not set their mind up. Yes! If you don’t set your mind up for success, you will fail; it is guaranteed. If you do not set the intention to succeed you will fail. Kind of falling into something never works especially when it comes to your health. You need to make that CHOICE to focus on your fitness and commit to it. 
    • These are non-negotiables, if you decide that you are working out from 8AM-9AM every single day, you shouldn’t care what happens, if you aren’t feeling well, too bad, you still show up. You have to put it all in your mind so you always show up and succeed.

Too many of us put the “I’m going to lose five pounds in five days goal” only to fail because you kind of dabbled into a program or touched upon a meal plan. It doesn’t work that way and what ends up happening is the half effort doesn’t do much and then you just end up throwing in the towel. 

I love seeing my girls before and afters, I love all of the encouragement, and all the stuff I see on Instagram is so inspiring and motivating. That is all great and might spark something inside of you, but the most important thing that you want to focus on, that is going to keep you motivated, is deciding you want to feel differently. Remember the first reason why you fail is because there is a lack of motivation, you must make the choice that you want to make a chance and decide all together you want to feel differently.This is taken from Tony Robbins by the way. This is not a Courtney Bentley “I-came-up-with-this-line-during-meditation-situation,” this is something that I learned from the master. We can all agree he’s like the master, right?

  • Connecting an Emotion to Your Goal: Connecting an emotion, how you want to feel when you reach your goal is how you will see that indefinite change. Take a moment and close your eyes. Remember how you felt after your last workout, connect with that emotion. It felt amazing right? You deserve to feel like this everyday and you totally can. Instead of saying “I’m going lose 5 lbs, and I will avoid carbs like the plague for a week and do a special detox plan I just bought,” and failing 3 days later, say to yourself:
    • I’m committing to this program.
    • I want to feel lighter; I want to feel healthier;
    • I want to feel like I have more energy.

How did that feel? You see, when you connect that emotion with your goal it becomes 100 times easier to make that goal a reality.

5 Reasons Your Weight Loss Program Isn't Working

  • No Structure:  When you don’t have structure you are literally walking from Los Angeles to New York blind. Yes I know there are free programs all across the internet and with a quick google search you can have anything at your finger tips but what is information without a strong and solid road map that actually helps you to reach your goals?  When you have structure in a program and a feeling that you wanted to commit to, you go from walking blind to being on first class sipping champagne. You will succeed when you have a structure program that’s catered to you, it is life changing, and it is mind blowing. You have to fall back and trust the process, you have someone to ask questions to and having that bikini body has a road map to follow. I’m seeing girls do someone else’s workout and then they are over here doing this person’s meal plan. Most professionals create programs with a meal plan so that it is all structured together and with nutrients planned around certain times to make the most of your bodies digestive abilities. If you are only doing pieces and parts of  programs, you may not get the results you really want. Pick a program, stick to it and use that structure to measure your results. Use that structure and analyze what is not working and what is working.
  • No Commitment or Why: There is a book, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, which is about starting with a reason why and then connecting that why to your goal. Once you have a simple reason as to why you are doing that workout program, why you are eating more protein and why you are waking up at 6 AM to workout, you become unstoppable and excuses get thrown out the window. I personally always commit a why to whatever my goal is. It comes down to a simple question to ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” It can be selfish, it doesn’t matter you are doing whatever it is for the goodness of yourself and that is what matters at the end of the day.  It just has to relate to you and what you want most out of life. Feel free to take a moment to comment below and share your WHY with me, I would love for you to state it loud and clear!

Reasons Your Weight Loss Program Isn't Working

  • Have a Coach: The most beneficial thing if you are someone that continuously and constantly falls off the band-wagon is having a support system. Coaching is my personal passion, it is my joy, it is everything that I love to do. I have had coaches previous and having that support system is what has made me walk on a stage, having the confidence to speak in front of 300 people and help me reach my potential in life. Those days where you are just like falling off of the band wagon, those days where you just feel like giving up like I said maybe the scale’s not budging that day,  your bloated because you’re on your period and you just fell like crap when you have someone that’s holding you accountable to chime in when you need it most! A coach will pep talk you, hold you accountable and give you the tools you need to fly first class to your destination! If you want to learn more about my coaching, please fill out this form to get a free consultation.

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