4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Body Image

A lot of us have skewed views of what we actually look like.

The thing with women, is that we have a lot of pressure between makeup, being perfect, looking good, being successful; I mean there just so much pressure being put on us and you guys know that it is a mega problem!

I coach women all over the world and constantly hear the same things.

“My legs are too big! My arms are fat! My stomach! This and that I can’t wear that, I can’t wear shorts!”

We have a skewed reality of what we actually look like. I have had women say to me they wish they had a flatter stomach while pinching skin, grabbing onto an arm I wish I had and just overall being so unhappy with the way they look.

I want to talk to you about four ways that I have personally improved my body image and ways that you can improve your body image as well. It all starts in your head. Living a healthy lifestyle, working out, putting intensity into workouts; it all starts here in your head. Many people think that it starts with a workout class or starting to eat salads more, although that is helpful it really starts in your head to make a decision. Subconsciously, you may be self-sabotaging your results, you may be taking five steps back instead of five steps forward even if you are doing everything right. I have personally seen this over the last ten years of being in this industry.

The minute you start working out you look in the mirror and after a week you don’t feel that great, your body has not magically changed and you are wondering if it really is worth it. You have to take a step back from what you are currently doing and decide you want to change your subconscious mind.

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Body Image

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Body Image

  • Put Sticky Notes With Messages Everywhere: Once you decide to change your subconscious mind you need to use a technique called affirmations. Affirmations are mind blowingly life changing, they are self-affirming messages, little statements that you say to yourself throughout the day It is kind of like faking it till you make it. For instance, I like to have sticky notes in my wallet, if I am going through a rough period in my life and I am starting to feel really down on myself I put them on my screensaver. I also  have this little trick that has helped me with some mindset issues; I use the reminder app on my iphone to pop up a reminder to say my affirmation with my affirmation on it.  You can have this set at the middle of the day and have a little reminder that pops up and says “You are healthy” when normally you’d give up and reach for a candy bar. You can have it be any phrase that makes you feel good inside.This tip will blow your mind because it really works. It is going to change the way you feel in the world, and it will help you feel and be more confident overall.  All  of these types of practices are going to change your life  and they are going to help you make better decisions. If you feel successful and believe that you are successful with your goals and affirmed it throughout the day you are going to change your subconscious pattern. Tip: Hide sticky notes throughout your house, throughout your wallet, in your purse, hidden on random days in your passion planner, on your yoga mat, literally anywhere you visit often throughout the day.


  • Catch Yourself in Action: I want you to catch yourself when you are saying negative things about yourself. You know those moments when you are thinking to yourself and you say something like “I just feel so gross and I’m so fat.” Maybe you are looking in the mirror before you go to work and everyday you say to yourself “I feel so fat” You are literally putting that and programming that into your mind.
    You can fix that by, switching that thought the minute you recognize you are saying negative things, switch it. Instead of saying “I look fat.” say something like “I look refreshed, energized and healthy.”  When you do that you are crowding out the negative thought and replacing it with a positive one that switches on the confidence vibes. As you repeat this everyday, it gets easier and easier and before you know it your body will morph into what you really want. Cancel out those negative thoughts that you have those things that you say to yourself in your head and remove them and put some self-affirming love into your life.

  • Say I Love You: This is an exercise that I teach my clients and personally used myself to overcome my self confidence issues in the past. I give carefully crafted meal plans and workout plans to women all over the world, but that doesn’t mean they will work. Why you may ask, well usually it comes down to a limiting belief that what they really want is not possible. When you believe, you receive and you get what you really want out of whatever the plan is or whatever your goal is. You literally have to put your mindset to it you have to subconsciously and consciously realize that it can happen.In the exercise, I have my client stand butt naked in front of a mirror, yes full on nakey. This can be before you jump in the shower or after, look yourself dead in the mirror and say I love you. Try it today, seriously I can not tell you how many times I did this for myself when I was recovering from my bulimia and it changed my life. I looked at myself and I said I love you and literally the first time I did this I was crying, I was on the floor and sobbing because I was so emotional. At the time, I really didn’t love myself, so I felt like I was lying to myself and that was very painful and hurtful for me at the time.  If you can do this and you actually start believing it, your confidence is going to soar and lets just face it, you really should love who you are. You are an incredible remarkable human being, so if you can look at yourself in the mirror and say that to yourself , actually mean it and really feel it through your body, it really be the biggest confidence booster.

Tip: Do this before and after every shower and note how you feel in your journal.

  • Remove Yourself From Negative Vibes: If you have a bunch of friends who are constantly comparing themselves to Instagram models or they are constantly comparing themselves to celebrities or they are constantly putting themselves down calling themselves negative names you need to remove yourself from them for a little while. If you are having confidence issues of your own, the worst thing you can around is other people who have confidence issues. Stop looking at blogs, instagramers, snappers, youtubers, anyone that makes you feel like you are not enough. You have to draw the line between inspiration and feeling down on yourself.If that moment of self-doubt creeps up every single time you look at your news feed, you need to find some time and remove those people from your feed and find other people who inspire you, funny meme’s and inspirational passages that make you feel ignited to live your best life. If you stop reading that person’s blog and following them is your life really going to change? Get rid of it!Remove yourself from those types of situation and just let it go because you need to work on building yourself confidence not by body shaming yourself or putting yourself down because you will never be that person anyways. This does not have to be forever, just until you can look at yourself dead in the mirror and say I love you and mean it. Once you are able to do that, slowly reintroduce your social feeds and media. I can bet your outlook on the comparison traps and shiny object syndrome will vastly change. If it makes your life better when you see a hot model working out and it makes you get up in the morning and go work out and doesn’t make you think anything bad about yourself then awesome, keep that hot body on your feed. Focus on following people who inspire you, encourage you to think, boost your self confidence, make you laugh or teach you something new.  

    Tip: Open Instagram and start unfollowing people who make you feel negative about yourself. Time for a root cleaning!

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Body Image

Now that you took a moment to quickly remove that negative self-talk, I would love to hear what you think about these types of posts. Feel free to comment below and let me know, this is my coaching style and I would love to know if you took anything away to improve your life by using some of these techniques.

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