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Finally, the Bikini Bombshell Workout Program is here!

It took me a lot longer then I thought to create this program because I wanted to really invest time in gaining more knowledge to help my community get fit and fabulous! The one thing I love about The Fit and Fabulous Club is the launches I get to do every month. Every month brings a new workout program which keeps things interesting and fun! I love curating the meal plans and workout programs to fit a busy lifestyle. As much as I am a girl who lives and breathes this lifestyle, I too have a buisness I run full time so I know how essential it is to create effective and quick workouts so that they are possible for even the busiest girl! You can do these workouts in the comfort of your own home as well which makes room for 0 excuses.

The Fit Fierce and Fabulous Podcast

What’s Included?

A brand new program with 8 weeks worth of workouts delivered straight to your phone, a fat cycle meal plan and a gut health detox plan! I specifically created a gut health meal plan because I have learned in the ten years in my industry that weight loss stalls after a certain point no matter how hard you try so you have to look at all the factors stopping this from happening. It can be a hormonal issue or it can simply be your gut is leaky and it needs a little tune up. I am a firm believer in cleansing using clean whole unprocessed foods and keeping things very simple. I am not one to promote a juice cleanse, but more of a clean eating plan that supports your fat loss goals through healing your digestive system and priming it with a tune up on your organs.

The Bikini Bombshell Plan has:

  • 8 Weeks of QUICK, effective workouts
  • A Carb Cycle (fat loss formulated) meal plan
  • A 10 Day Cleanse that will promote your gut health
  • Coaching by Me to be held accountable towards your goals!
  • Community in a PRIVATE Facebook Group

Also included:

√ INCLUDES: Quick, Effective Workouts Plans to Get You Motivated and ON Track with Follow Along Videos, New Plans Added MONTHLY

√ INCLUDES: Access to a Workout Library with HOW TO’s and Tutorials

√ INCLUDES: Private Member Forum to Support You on Your Journey and Hold you ACCOUNTABLE- Make friends, get coaching from me and SUPPORT!

√ INCLUDES: Meal Plans, Recipes Guides and Meal Prep Tips, New Recipes Added MONTHLY

√ INCLUDES: Live Streaming Q+A/Mastermind Every Week, Connect with Other Members and SLAY your business

√ BONUS:  Access to Jumpstart in 10 Day Challenge Meal Plan and Workout Program to Set You Up for SUCCESS

BONUS: Access to any program I create through the time of your membership!

√ BONUS: Access to a Smartphone APP with your Workouts, Check ins and Messenger with ME!

Online Workout Program


Donna Levy

“Working with Courtney over the last three months has been more than I could have ever asked for. She has not only been my trainer physically but my mentor mentally. I was always intimidated by the gym and thought I could NEVER lift weights. When I started with her I couldn’t even do 1 push-up. Well now I can say I’m addicted to working out and eating healthy. She has taught me so much about fitness but also about creating a healthy lifestyle which has helped me in so many ways physically and mentally. From her invigorating workouts to her yummy healthy meal plans I would absolutely recommend working with Courtney!!”-Donna Levy of

Anna Peppered In Style

:Her workouts are specifically designed for the busy woman, so they are quick and effective! Who doesn’t want that? Oh and by the way, her program is affordable so you have no excuse. I do them at home and I actually have fun doing them. My time for working out is very limited, I have between the time my oldest gets on the bus to the time I have to get the little one out of bed and ready for school. That’s about 15-20 minutes max.” – Anna of Peppered in Style

“At the end of this challenge, I weighed 126 lbs. I lost four lbs and it is very noticeable around my hips and waist. I had a 23% body fat and my waist is at 27.5 in. My BMI was 20.1. The real winning situation here is that my legs, abs and back are WAY more defined than they were before starting this challenge. I still had my cheat days where Adam and I stayed in for date night and ordered a pizza (sorry Courtney) but that is ok with me. ” Taylor of Blonde Ambitious Blog

Annie of Style Collective:

Fit and Fabulous Club Testimonial Annie from Courtney Violet Bentley on Vimeo.

Online Workout Program

So I wanna know…

  • Do you have any questions? I would love to answer any type of questions you guys have about the program!