Self Love Tips for the Month of Love

Self Love Tips with expert Courtney Bentley

I had a lot going on last week with the launch of Bootycamp 2.0, an appearance on the news and a bootycamp I hosted at Lorna Jane! Because of that, I didn’t have a ton of time to sit and just write. When I write I need a moment of clarity and uninterrupted time so I can put my heart into each post. I wanted to talk about self love as this is a time of year where we are either seeking love from others and not from our inner selves. If you are on my love letter list you know I had experienced quite a low in the beginning of the year. It took self reflection, acceptance of what was not working and being open to change for things to shift in my life. I felt the need to write this post even though Valentines Day has passed because we all could use a little boost in our self love flow.

This wonderful time of month is a great time to become more mindful about just how great you are, because we are all very special creations filled with the divine essence of purity and goodness. Just remember that you are also very special and deserve to devote plenty of time to making yourself feel more beautiful so that your garden of inner beauty will continue to grow. I wanted to share a self love tip and two recipes you can make for yourself and a loved one!

Self Love Tips

Courtney Bentley Self Love Expert

Self Love to Me

Self love to me is something I am constantly working on. In a world filled of social media snaps, filters and airbrush I try to be as authentic and true to me as I possibly can. Sure I hide my zits on social media, I might even wipe out an under eye wrinkle on the occasion but for the most part I stand by who I am. This took me a long time to be confident with that, I won’t lie and say I have never airbrushed the lines off my stomach or picked the filter that made my butt look a bit larger and my waist smaller, but as of recent I am really trying to be as authentic as I can be because that is what I stand for. You should do the same, how you put yourself out in the world is how others will perceive you. Being authentic will make you more confident and will help you to shine your light on others.

Creating Affirmations

It is always important to realize that your body is beautiful. Do not ever shame your body because it is a precious gift that should never be taken for granted. The body is something that should be celebrated and not criticized. Instead of worrying about the things that make you upset, emphasize the areas that bring you joy and happiness. I always teach this to women who come to be bashing themselves..its like LISTEN this is where you are starting, love who you are TODAY and focus on how you want to feel after your coaching is done.

Self Love Expert Courtney Bentley

Creating daily affirmations that focus on your strengths and what you find beautiful about yourself is the first step. For instance, do not say, “I have thunder thighs and I cannot stand them.” This sort of thinking impairs your ability to experience your life to its fullest. You do not have to live up to some standard set up by someone else in order to be happy. All you need to do is please yourself.

An affirmation is a positive statement that you can repeat throughout the day to create harmony within yourself. For example you should say things like, “I love my womanly figure,” or “My body is beautiful and I choose to nourish it with a healthy lifestyle.” What matters is what is in the heart. This is why the heart is the symbol of Valentine’s Day, and this is why you should love yourself for everything that you are, because you are truly beautiful both inside and out.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Having your health is a valuable asset and without it, you cannot be there for anyone else. Make your health a priority! What this means is that obligating your life to improving your health is something that is of utmost importance. It should be your top priority, and you need to take all of the necessary steps in order to create a lifestyle that is focused on this important goal. However, always remember that living a healthy lifestyle is not about merely losing weight; it is all about you being a more complete individual who lives life to its fullest. If you watched my latest Facebook LIVE, I talked about Committing to Your Fitness. I know how hard it can be to commit to something that may not bring you the most joy in the world but we both know that working out and eating healthy makes you feel good, it promotes your health and brings your confidence to another level. Commit to your goals, commit to that workout and commit to making healthy choices always! If you are struggling to find a program or a map or just have a hard time getting started I suggest hiring a coach or signing up for a community type program. I have slots open for coaching and would love to coach you along your journey, you can apply here if you are interested in committing to you!

Courtney Self Love Expert

Self Care Sunday

If you are apart of The Fit and Fabulous Club you know all about Self Care Sunday! We share out favorite masks, candles and books every Sunday because that is our claimed day to do something nice for ourselves. I love filling a tub, lighting a candle and putting on my favorite Korean face mask. I feel so refreshed and ready for my week and just doing this small act and spending 20 minutes of ME time really sets the tone for a stress free week. Set a time and schedule this moment for yourself every week. I love doing it on Sunday’s as that is my slow day and I feel like its a wonderful way to reflect and reenergize for the Monday morning grind!

So I wanna know..

  • How do you practice self love?
  • Do you enjoy a self care day?

Images By: Leon Cruz