Fit and Fabulous Club Bootycamp Program

The new program is here and I couldn’t be MORE excited to launch this one. As always, I create these programs by passion and through what I know I want to share with the club. When I start to create a new program I always survey the girls and for this one they asked to have more full body with focus on abs and booty so that is exactly what I created when I went to work.

After I hear what they want, I head to the gym for about four days and mark through movements and make sure it all flows easily and is fun. This time I curated old Gwen Stefani songs to get my creative energy peaked and to bring this program to life! I love this part of creation because it is truly my favorite part, I love putting it all together and thinking of how all the girls will feel post workout.

Online Workout Program

After I flow through the workout program, I go into the guide. The guides are always different and contain new meal plans, recipes and tips. I love teaching as well so being able to share new cleanses, recipes and wellness tips to help everyone stay on track is essential and I believe the reason everyone stays with it throughout the duration. I also go live every Thursday and showcase movement tutorials, mindset tips and recipes! I even bring in a guest sometimes, this time I will be bringing in a crystals expert! As you may or may not know from my Snapchat, I am OBSESSED with crystals and have collected them throughout my travels, through the good times and bad. I even put crystals in my bra depending on the occasion so I am so excited to have her live for all the girls to ask questions!

Online Workout Program

Bootycamp was created in Thailand when I started teaching classes, it literally came to me in a dream and I knew that the energy flow within a workout was necessary for all women to feel empowered and confident. That is one thing I truly love about creating exercise programs, because I personally know how much movement has changed my life and how I feel throughout my day. No matter what happens, I know I got my workout in and that to me always feels like an accomplished day!

SO What is the Fit and Fabulous Club?

The Fit and Fabulous Club was created out of my passion for helping boss babes who need quick and effective workouts in order to create balance in there lives. I was tried of hearing the “I have no time excuse” so I craft new workout plans monthly to keep things exciting, keep my girls motivated and make sure movement happens. It can be tough to balance it all and I teach you how with courses, quick meal plans and fun workouts. This is all delivered via the Fit and Fabulous APP and you get a Facebook LIVE every week from me to hold you accountable. Pretty cool right?

The Fit and Fabulous Club Includes:

INCLUDES: Quick, Effective Workouts Plans to Get You Motivated and ON Track with Follow Along Videos, New Plans Added MONTHLY

INCLUDES: Access to a Workout Library with HOW TO’s and Tutorials

INCLUDES: Private Member Forum to Support You on Your Journey and Hold you ACCOUNTABLE- Make friends, get coaching from me and SUPPORT!

INCLUDES: Meal Plans, Recipes Guides and Meal Prep Tips, New Recipes Added MONTHLY

INCLUDES: Live Streaming Q+A/Mastermind Every Week, Connect with Other Members and SLAY your business

√ BONUS:  Access to Jumpstart in 10 Day Challenge Meal Plan and Workout Program to Set You Up for SUCCESS

√ BONUS: Access to any program I create through the time of your membership!

√ BONUS: Access to a Smartphone APP with your Workouts, Check ins and Messenger with ME!

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Online Workout Program

Basically, if you are looking for a fun way to workout and connect with me The Fit and Fabulous Club is your answer!
Online Workout Program

Ready to join the club? Just click here or the button below and you will be on your way to a fit and fabulous you!

Online Workout Program