Compression Socks

Compression socks, yes 100% YES..your grandma might wear them but hear me out..

They have been a total game changer for me!

Compression Socks

Quick story, I learned about compression socks from my grandma when she was in therapy after her stroke. I will never forget 21 year old me sitting in her therapy class learning about compression socks thinking to myself hey, these socks seem like they do some amazing things. At 21, I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them anywhere but at home tucked in my room. This was a time in my life where I went to bed with wraps around my thighs and waist and put ice packs all over my stomach, I was totally ahead of the trends. I always knew I loved the wellness and health world because I would sit up all night googling and testing out random tips and tricks, little did I know I would end up in the industry several years later sharing my insight and knowledge. Back to the socks..

Best Compression Socks:

I stopped all that nonsense including the compression socks but now that I am a bit older, my muscles aren’t recovering as quickly. I am starting to notice a lack of blood flow and the instant I realized this was happening I went on amazon and got myself a black long pair of compression socks. I bought the As Seen on TV pair because I am prone to always buying things that say As Seen on TV..long story! My only requirement was that they went all the way up to my knee because I wanted to make sure the flow went up into my quads and hamstrings. The :Miracle Socks” go all the way up just under my knee and let me just say as I am writing this post I have them on and I wear them all around my house. There are many options and brands but I prefer these ones for the length and color. If you ever come over I will probably have my long black socks on with slippers and a blanket.

I would recommend compression socks to anyone who works out a lot, is in a position where they are standing, walking, a flight attendant, pregnant or just want to avoid varicose veins entirely that person needs compression socks. I will explain the benefits below!

How Do They Work:

Compression socks improve circulation of blood flow because of the tight squeeze around your legs which forces the blood to flow. The stocking mimics the pumping action your muscles do when you walk, the muscles contract around and near the veins of your legs helping force the blood upwards. This prevents blood clots, swelling and varicose veins because these things happen when you have poor circulation and areas of the leg aren’t getting the blood.

Compression Socks

Compression Sock Benefits:

  • Increased Blood Flow: This helps your muscles recover faster, experience less fatigue and blood flow, quicker recovery and decreased muscle soreness, and less fatigue. I started to notice a huge difference in my recovery especially after leg day! My legs would be sore for days usually but wearing these socks directly after my shower post workout has made a HUGE difference!
  • Varicose Veins Repeller: No one wants  purple, gross and painful varicose veins so if you can avoid it why not. To avoid getting spider veins and varicose veins, you need to make sure the blood in your legs goes against gravity. The leg muscles squeeze and work to make sure the blood is going up towards the heart but if you cut off that flow you risk blockage and that my friend is how you end up with a vein you don’t want. Wearing compression socks keeps those muscles pumping and fighting gravity. The next time you decide to Netflix and Chill slip on a pair of these..your lover will be pleased..
  • Prevents Swelling: If you work a lot on your feet, airline stewardess, nurse, cocktail waitress or any standing all day type job, I bet your feet and legs are swollen a lot. When I was bartending, I would go home with numb feet and fat calves. I wish I wore these everyday while waitressing back in the day and after knowing this I might turn into Santa and hand them out to everyone I meet.

So I wanna know..

  • Have you ever tried compression socks?
  • Do you enjoy these types of posts?