Quick Booty Workout

Growing my booty was one of the major goals I had last year. I studied, read and learned all I could about how the gluteus muscle works and what types of exercises that particular muscle group responds to best. To be honest, squats are hands down THE best but if you don’t hit the booty with different exercises, you will only get so far with your results. The major gluteus muscle works alongside the quads and the hamstrings to do a squat, your medius works as well but doesn’t do much work. Your medius must be isolated using different types of exercises in order for it to grow.  Movements like lateral lunges, curtsey lunges, sumo squats and side leg lifts will hit that muscle without forcing the major to work as hard. When you do these movements be sure you feel the SIDE of your booty, keep your back straight and always suck your stomach inwards while keeping your chest up. The other big tip is to push through your heel when you come back to the starting position. Whenever I did squats or lunges, I never pushed through the heel of my foot, I always pushed through the entire foot, I soon learned this wasn’t the trick and with a change of focus I have been seeing results and am very happy!

Quick Workout for a Toned Booty

I know you ladies don’t have a ton of time, which is why I created this workout with only a few movements that are very effective if done properly. As I mentioned above, be sure to press through your heel and really focus on the body/mind connection as you perform (yes perform) each movement.

Do each exercise for 20 reps, 3 rounds. Try not to rest too long in between each set, keep moving to keep your heart rate up!


Set of 10-20 lb. dumbbells, you might want to have both on hand for the shoulder portion.

Quick Booty Workout
Quick Booty WorkoutMovements:

  • Lateral Pull: Start with your feet underneath you and step off to the side, bend your knee and do not let it go over your toes as you sink down. Drop the weight to the floor and bend as far as you can over, as you press through your heel bring both arms into a high pull before heading over to the other side. Make sure to follow your legs and push through your heels for this one.
  • Lunge Torcher: Step back into a lunge and bring your legs into perfect 90 degree angles. As you stand up try to balance on the right foot as you bring your leg up with your arms for an overhead press. Repeat on the other side and practice your balancing skills.
  • Booty Torch: This is one of my favorite movements because it targets the hamstrings as well as the glutes. Start with your feet right underneath your shoulders with your dumbbells on top of your shoulders as show on the photo. Sit back into your seat as you squat down and really focus on sitting back as far as you can to get that hamstring stretch. As you stand back up straight bring both arms overhead for a shoulder press.
  • Sumo March: Start with your toes facing outwards and your feet a step wider than your hips. Bend your knees outwards and swivel to the right side lifting your right leg upwards. I added a bicep curl because why not! Bend down as you swivel back into the sumo squat and make sure to squat in between!
  • Skaters: This movement really gets your heart rate up and will be an additional booty burner. If you are more advanced, hop from one side to the other, if you are a beginner take a step and really lunge deep. If adding weights is too much, leave the weights to the side and focus on hopping from one side to the other.

Other Booty Workouts:

So I wanna know..

  • Do you enjoy these workouts? Should I continue making them?
  • Are you trying to grow a booty or shrink your waistline?

Photos By: Fly With Memories Amanda