Benefits of Pink Salt

As the new year resolutions and do better attitudes happen we tend to look over our habits and see small things we can change. Like, maybe that artificial creamer in our on-the-go coffee has to go, or that sugar packet in our iced tea needs to stay put or how about that touch of salt you add to your omelet in the morning to give it some flavor..these are all small changes that add up in the end but did you know you don’t have to completely give up just need to replace it with a better alternative..
The problem with regular white table salt is it is stripped of all the minerals our bodies need to function properly. Notice how pink salt is ridgy and thick, you need a grinder like this one from Brickhouse Products to grain it up while table salt can fit through the smallest hole. Table salt dehydrates us leaving us craving more fluids and is one reason people lose so much weight after they stop eating out as often. The amount of salt, sodium and other chemicals restaurants add to our food or pre-packaged food to make it taste delicious is astounding. This is why I try to teach people how to make quick and easy recipes, so they eat at home more often!

Pink Sea Salt for Debloating:

Benefits of Pink Salt

The solution to your problems..and it’s pink! The pinker the better meaning that there are more varieties of mineral and iron content. The week I made the switch to pink sea salt, I immediately noticed a change in my arms, they were tighter and I wasn’t as hungry. My body was functioning properly and at the time I was experiencing hypothyroidism, a thyroid imbalance, so the addition of natural iodine, healthy fats and more natural carbs (gluten free) was much needed to balance my body out. I began adding this salt to my everyday routine and soon became addicted, I started sharing it with all my friends and I am thankful to know you can now buy mother nature’s pink magic anywhere and everywhere. I bought the huge tub photographed at Costco.

How to Use It:

Instead of white salt, use pink sea salt. I add it to my omelette in the morning, my chicken for marinating, fish for flavor and rice to bring out the seasonings I use. You can use it in place of normal salt in any recipe!

Benefits of Pink Salt

If you live in a dry area where you feel dehydrated often, I suggest adding a sprinkle to your water. YES salt in your water, just a bit! This little bit will give you the electrolyte balance and hydration your body needs to feel in balance again. When I lived in Thailand, I walked a lot, my iPhone would put me at 13-15,000 steps a day in hot humidity plus a workout most everyday. My personal training job is also quite active so I was basically walking and moving all day long. I would often feel dehydrated and tired without fail. No matter how much water I drank, we are talking like a gallon here, I would just feel so thirsty! It wasn’t until my acupuncturist suggested adding a little Himalayan Pink Salt to my water that I started to feel normal again. Within a few days I was back to my hyper self!

If you feel dehydrated no matter what you do, try adding some pink sea salt to your food throughout the day and a sprinkle to your water at least two times. Your body might be lacking essential minerals that this bit of pink salt will fill in for you!

Benefits of Pink Salt


  • Iodine: Iodine is a hard mineral to get, it isn’t in much except for seaweed, organic eggs and fresh water sea fish. Without it, an imbalance happens and is why many American’s suffer from thyroid problems, iodine is needed for proper hormonal and thyroid function.
  • 80+ Minerals: Those minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium chloride and magnesium that might be lacking in the soil are made up in this salt, add it to everything
  • Balances our Electrolytes: Move over gatorade, pink salt give you hydration and balance without the sugar and chemical dyes.
  • Increase of Hydration: When our bodies are thirsty, our brains send a hunger signal which is why many diet experts suggest drinking water before eating to make sure you aren’t just thirsty. If thirst tends to be an issue you might need some hydration, adding some salt to your water will diminish your water retention which means a flatter stomach!
  • Balances our pH (acid/alkaline): Supermodels all over are following an alkaline based diet for anti-aging purposes. Inflammation is caused by a highly acidic diet as well as environment and stress. When our bodies are in a state of acidity we experience things like acid reflux, digestive issues and bloating. A little pink sea salt will help balance you out, just like in science class. I always add a little pink salt to all my meats as meats are acidic to balance this out, also adding vegetables helps this balance too.
  • Prevents Muscle Cramping and Strengthens Bones: With those extra minerals and hydration you will have less muscle soreness after those Body Werk workouts and help strengthen your bones with that additional calcium!

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