How to Avoid Burn Out

While there is nothing WRONG with getting fired up and racing towards 2018 with your goals held high, you need to ask yourself “Can I Keep this Pace in 3 plus months?”

I am an AVID goal setter, I love it, from the dream of the goal, to the process of figuring out how I am going to make it happen, to the asking and talking to people about how they did it..the whole thing is my thing to do. I can’t sleep when I am in this phase of a goal, it literally excites me to that point. You can easily work yourself up and just as easily get disappointed when things don’t go your way. I have learned from the past and am still learning to this day..burn out happens..

Goal Setting 2017


Well, when it hits time to have my quarterly goal, , I sit and map it out from phase 1 to 5. Within a few weeks I will have completed it, probably half assed. The completion of that goal would make me so exhausted that I would burn out, feel depressed about it and have to run back to the drawing board again!

I would BURN out, literally burn out so bad I would want to quit and give up. All that hard work to sit, cry and complain. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost clicked delete on my blog and how many times I have laid on the couch and just cried. I get real over on the blog, don’t I?

I see it with fitness goals as well. Around January everyone gets the bug, which by the way I think is awesome, but many end up doing a fix it quick program, lose the weight, burn out and go back to old habits. Burn out habits due to going from never working out to working out 7 days a week, eating fast food to going all out vegan with a juice cleanse, sure this all the meantime..but then your blog disappears or someone writes a rude comment on your Instagram and you are back to the fast food and skimping on the workouts.

Are you sprinting to the finish line or are you jogging the marathon?

I used to pick a goal and let go of anything, everything and anyone that didn’t serve that goal, I was motivated, I was driven and I was sick..

I was exhausted, I had no friends, I would do this for three weeks and start of week 4 be in the hospital with exhaustion, run down and out of energy, my body let me down..I was alone and without support I was lost..again burn out. You have to play, you have to enjoy life and add some hustle in there too. Focus on your life as a whole, so you don’t burn out.

Goal Setting 2017

It wasn’t until I learned how to fit a workout in, fix up quick and easy meals and reach out in communities that I started to experience the success I desired, it wasn’t until I focused on moving everyday that the ideas that were worth acting on came, and it wasn’t until I started nourishing my body with real food not supplements and protein bars that my body started to flow and GLOW from the inside out. I started to play more, go out with a friend and drink some wine, it won’t ruin your business unless of course you have somewhere to be and you are skipping something important. Life is about those moments.

Goal Setting 2017

So what do you do when your goal seems impossible..or what if you aren’t sure that is WHAT you really want..

  • Read a book, one that inspires you or makes you think outside the box. (I love this list of entrepreneur books)
  • Read blogs, don’t focus and go down the comparison trap, read ones that inspire you. My favorite is from my internet bestie Annie Spano, she talks all about goal setting and how to rock it!
  • Connect outdoors (ground yourself). I just finished reading “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris and many of the experts he interviewed talked about sitting outside starring at the stars, hiking or just simply sitting outside and breathing. This truly grounds us as humans who spend so much time on and around electronics, get outside, breathe some fresh air and ground your soul.
  • Go shopping, put on makeup, and/or get your nails done. For me, putting on a spray tan, painting my nails and washing my hair puts me in a whole different mood.
  • Stop drop and laugh. Play, ask a girlfriend out for wine and talk about everything and anything else BUT your business. I get my best ideas chatting with friends when I am not focused on what’s wrong in my life, I focus on anything that isn’t my business.

Goal Setting 2017

You need to get out of your head. To be honest with you all I was writing this post and this all happened to me again, I by no means am an expert in mindset, I choose to open my mind and try tactics that work for others but I still and I may always experience burn out. I have learned from past mistakes and leaned on friends to help guide me and get me through, but ladies it happens!

So I ask you..

Are you goal sprinting or are you jogging a marathon?

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