Quick Arm Workout by Courtney Bentley

This week for me was all about that goal setting, I really got head on, wine sipping real with me and it was the best thing I did! Most years I am burnt out, withered away from working my days away, my eyes burning and my brain fried..December is that type of month for most people and that is totally ok! Taking some time off really set the tone for me to plan for next year and not force plan it but actually sit and think about what I really want out of 2017. If you remember Monday’s post, I talked all about letting go of the things, people, ideas, crowded notebooks and hard drives that were not serving you any longer. Trust me, this stuff comes back when you get rid of it when you need it most. Answering the 5 Questions in that post really helped me rid of the bland feeling I had about 2016 and open my eyes to all that I learned, all the amazing experiences that occurred and all the bad/sad/happy times I had!

Onto the workout, this workout is mostly shoulder focused because I LOVE to work out my shoulders. I use shoulder and arm exercises on those busy crazy days where the gym seems out of reach and my little nook beside my desk is all I have time for. I love how that works and I totally encourage you to do the same for yourself, it is a TOTAL game changer and a NO excuse kind of agreement with yourself. If you came into my office you would find a foam roller, two pairs of dumbbells, a rebounder, a kettlebell and a yoga mat. Pretty simple yet SO effective even if all I have is 10 minutes, I make it happen! If you want to learn how to make a home gym be sure to check out my post!

Toned Arms Workout For Women:

For this workout, focus on your form, form is everything for seeing results. Do each movement 10-15 times, rest for 1 minute and repeat 3 more times for a complete toned arms workout! You can do this workout standing or if you have an exercise ball sit on that for stability training.


  • Set of 5-8 lb dumbbells


Toned Arms Quick Workout by Courtney Bentley


  • L Shape Shoulder: Start with your arms raised in front of you and open the left arm out to the side into an L shape. Repeat holding the arms out in front of you for a front and side shoulder exercise.
  • Around the Worlds: This exercise works the tops of your shoulders, be sure to use a lighter weight when doing them. Start with both arms down, palms facing outwards and bring your arms up and around to the top without bringing your shoulders up towards your ears. Slowly bring them down to starting position and repeat.
  • Lateral Lifts: Begin with your arms down and slowly bring your elbows up into a bent position holding the dumbbells in front of you. This works the top, sides of your shoulders and really helps create that T appearance.
  • Arnie Press: My favorite shoulder exercise, these are half of the actual version! Start with your palms facing towards you and your arms in, slowly bring your arms around into a perfect box then bring them overhead. Bring them down back into the box before going into the starting position.
  • High Lateral: Start with your arms overhead and slowly bring them down into a T position. Keep your wrists straight and your palms facing down in the T position.
  • Gun Show: This movement burns out those biceps! Hold your core tight as you slowly bend your elbow and raise the dumbbell towards you. Keep your bicep engaged as you slowly bring your arms back to the starting position.

Other Arm Workouts:

So I wanna know…

  • What are your goals for 2017..spill..I want details..
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Photos By: Fly With Memories Amanda
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