Quick Booty Workout

I am currently on my way to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to unwind from the year and celebrate my birthday! I am not one to do a huge celebration because growing up my birthday was so close to the holidays that I never really had that HUGE birthday party which is fine by me. My ideal birthday is a delicious organic dinner at a fine dining organic restaurant and being in nature with a massage at sunset on the beach which I hope to do in Miami!

I posted a little kettlebell workout on my instagram the other day and got a lot of feedback, many of you want to invest in a kettlebell but are not sure really what to do with it. For one thing, kettlebells are the BEST investment to make because you can do SO much with them and they take barely any space. I keep one in my office in the corner next to my trampoline so I can have a quick little workout when I don’t have time to run to the gym for myself or if I just feel like I’ve been sitting a bit too long working on the blog.

Ladies, seriously there is 0 excuses that you can make not to work out. For those of you who sit and work on your blog and have an online business invest in a jump rope, a kettlebell and a set of dumbbells and you have yourself enough to get an incredible fat burning workout!

I just created a new program I am launching in January called Body Werk HIIT which emphasizes all things quick, effective and will shape you up in just 20 minutes a day! If you are interested please check out The Fit and Fabulous Club! 


  • Kettlebell: The best piece of equipment you can invest in for full body workouts and perfect for any home gym. I bought mine at TJ Maxx many moons ago, feel free to check out my post on how I set up my home gym here.

Quick Booty Workout:

For this workout do each movement 10-15 reps resting 30 seconds in between a set. I like to do each exercise 4 times especially during the holiday season to get those extra calories burned and those muscles built up!

Quick Booty Workout

Quick Booty Workout


  • Curtsey Lunge Lift: When it comes to building the booty you want to make sure you hit that muscle at all angles including the sides. A curtsey lunge does just that and really lifts that side upwards and defies gravity! I like to add the lift to really engage that glute, be sure to squeeze and keep your core engaged for stability.
  • Single Leg Deadlift: I love this exercise and credit it for shaping up my mid section as well as my backside. If this exercise is a bit crazy for you, keep both legs on the floor and do a traditional kettlebell deadlift and work your way to the single leg which requires a lot of stability but so worth it. Be sure to sit back in your seat as you drop the kettlebell down, do not bend your back and squeeze your glute as you come back to the top of the movement.
  • Lunge Press: I love adding some shoulders in with my leg days just because I don’t have to rest and can keep my heart rate up without using my leg muscles. This movement combines both shoulders and quads. When you lunge the most important thing to do is push through your heel and go all the way down into the lunge. Switch legs for this movement and really press up into the shoulder press.
  • X Jump: Keep your legs nice and wide and squat down before jumping up into the air. I like to touch the ground to make sure I am really going down into that squat and keeping my heart rate up to burn some fat!
  • Sumo Half Lift: I love ending with this exercise because if you do it correctly you will be sore tomorrow! Sit your legs apart with your toes facing forward, as you come up squeeze your glutes and turn your toes out keeping your knees bent. This really activates the glute muscles and forces them in two different directions. I like to do this movement nice and slow to really engage the muscles and keep those legs bent throughout to really feel the burn!

Quick Booty Workout

I hope you enjoyed this workout and please if you don’t already own a kettlebell be sure to add it to your holiday wish list! I promise you it is one of the best investments I made for my home gym as I use it ALL the time! Sometimes I get mad at my computer for acting up and I swing it to music for 10 minutes to release all that anger and I feel 100 times better!

SO I wanna know..

  • What are you looking forward to most this holiday season?
  • Did you put any holiday workout gear on your wish list this season? (If you need ideas you should check out my post on 4 Things Every Fit Chick Should Own)