No Equipment Booty Workout

I know what its like to travel during the holidays. It is HARD, time is precious, space is small and the idea of rolling out of bed when it is freezing outside seems unreal. I was just in Palm Springs a few weeks ago and while I was so happy to get out of Las Vegas I felt unmotivated to workout and the thing is this is when you need to be working out the most. Eating out, bites of treats you normally don’t have and just being out of your everyday routine can fail you in terms of reaching your goals. Now, there is nothing wrong with doing all of this during the holidays because it is “that” time of year, but if you are like me, you want to keep your body fit and fabulous all year round.

I created this booty workout just for that reason and season. The only thing is when you do this workout you have to have to engage your core and your booty the entire time. No instagramming while working out with this one. This is a total mind/body connection deal so save the images below to take with you on holiday! I also have a few others you might enjoy like this no equipment ab workout and this no equipment flat tummy workout which is another one I like to do with this one. Sometimes of course time permitting I will add some abs at the end or even play around on my new trampoline I got on Black Friday (did you guys see my new addition on Instagram stories??, I am OBSESSED)!



No Equipment Booty Workout

No Equipment Booty Workout

No Equipment Booty Workout


  • Bridge Hip Drop: I love this movement because you are forced to use your obliques as well. Start flat with your feet flat. Push through your feet and squeeze your booty at the top. You will also feel this on the backs of your thighs. Drop your hip slowly to the right letting your oblique hold you stable. Come back to the top, squeeze your glute and go on to the left side doing the same thing.
  • Froggie: This movement really targets the inner thighs. Start lying flat on the floor and bring your legs in towards you with your knees outwards. Press your heels together and squeeze your inner thigh as you bring your legs out into the diagonal. Bring your legs back to start position by connecting your heels and turning your knees outwards. You will feel your lower abs and your thighs.
  • Booty Crawl: Lye flat on your stomach with your hands on your forehead. Bring your knee in towards your side and slowly kick it out and back. Pretend like you are kicking someone out of your way. Repeat for 20 reps on the same leg before moving onto the other leg.
  • Booty Lift: Stay lying flat on the floor and squeeze your legs together as you lift them off the floor. Really squeeze your glutes together. This one BURNS!
  • Donkey Kick: I love ending or beginning with donkey kicks because it tires out the muscle. For these make sure to pretend your heel is pushing the ceiling. A lot of people do these wrong so make sure you really connect with the glute muscle pressing against the ceiling with your heel. Keep your core tight and pulse 20 reps before going onto the other leg.

Now that you have this workout out of the way and your booty looks super tight in that dress it is time to add more reps! As the workout gets easier don’t be afraid to add in more reps. If you have access to equipment and want to add this in somehow, I recommend doing this at the END of your leg day. It is considered a “finisher” at that point and will really hit the smaller areas that are harder to reach when doing compound movements in the gym.

If you have any questions please comment below, I am always happy to help!

So I wanna know..

  • Where are you traveling to this holiday season?
  • What are your favorite ways to fit your workout in?

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