December Favorites and Giveaway

December just flew by, I spent half of it in Fort Lauderdale, Florida exploring South Beach, the other half master planning the first quarter of 2017 and the rest with family lighting the menorah and watching my little niece grow..December is just that SLOW down time so this year I really made it a point to work myself 3 days a week and the rest dabble with work and just relax. It can be really difficult for me to do that since I didn’t hit my goal for December but I had to let that go and see it as a sign from the universe to take a few steps back. Yes, I don’t hit EVERY goal I set, that is ok with me I really set heavy hitter goals!

Be sure to scroll all the way down for a giveaway! Like I mentioned on SnapChat (@cvbentleyfit) I wanted to feel like Oprah and giveaway all of my favorite things..

December Favorites: Skinny Cocktails, Miami Travels and Sisterhood

+Drank lots of Skinny Cocktails: I received these Zero Calorie cocktail mixers from RSVP Skinnies and let’s just say I got to explore a bit out of the vodka soda and lime drink and try a gimlet, a cosmopolitan, and took them for margaritas and let’s just say these little pouches are addicting! I talk a lot about enjoying a few drinks a week because listen, we all need to live a little on the edge sometimes and having a cocktail or four won’t derail your goals. What takes you away from your goals is having a sugary cocktail that is 500+ calories loaded with sugar..what won’t is a glass or two of wine, some champagne or a liquor with some water and an RSVP Skinnie stick. You can grab a 0 calorie cocktail mix here and be sure to hide some in your purse just in case you end up out and hitting the town!

Skinny Cosmo Recipe with RSVP Skinnies from Courtney Violet Bentley on Vimeo.

+Explored Wynwood Walls in Miami and sipped wine on the beach: Wine, champagne, and beach life were what I was about the second week of December! I truly dived into the art, food and waves while visiting South Beach for a week. The vibe there is so Miami Vice, from the culture and the lifestyle, I hope to visit again soon! Next time I go I would love to see the Art Basel festival as I heard from friends and locals that is THE time to be there. The art really spoke to me and gave my creative vibe a next level vibration. You have to explore Wynwood if you ever go to South Beach, it truly is unique!

+Met up with my Style Collective Sisters at Beauty and the Feast in South Beach: Like I mentioned..I am ALL about the sisterhood and am SO grateful for SC because it really made my lonely days OVER! I used to spend so much time second guessing myself, learning and educating myself and never had anyone to bounce ideas off of or learn from except for distant teachers and books I read..this completely changed this year when I joined SC and because of that I got to meet up with Donna of The DL Lifestyle and Amanda of A Glam Lifestyle both South Beach based bloggers who were so much fun to meet up with! Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who get you is so essential for success. I learned some new tips from these ladies all of which will be implemented in the upcoming year so watch out!

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start 2017 With Positivity

+Got this amazing luxurious water bottle from my Style Collective Sister Jessica from the Petite Style Script: Style Collective is a MUST join if you are a blogger/influencer or IG blogger! One of the best things I did for myself was join a supportive community of women who lift one another up. Not only have I made life long friends, I have learned something new every month since I have been a member. When I went to South Beach, I reached out to my SC sisters and was able to plan a last minute dinner to meet them and talk all things blogging, when summer came I met several SC sisters and again talked all things blogging with them..its not just a sisterhood either, there are new courses being launched all the time and a monthly webinar which makes your heart and head sing! For Secret Santa, my SC sister Jessica sent me the PERFECT gift, a Swell Waterbottle which I have had my eye on for like ages! I love it so much, I feel like a luxury super star with it! If you want to join a community of women who lift one another up, learn new things to help your blog/business grow then you need to join Style Collective, not just saying it but actually doing it!


December Favorites and Giveaway+Played lots of Music: When I saw I played music, I mean I lived with music pumping in my ear buds..yes! I am actually giving away these amazing wrap bracelet head phones which are perfect for the girl on the go. I have been all about deep house lately and find its laid back beats get my working Grab your Wraps Wristband Headphones here, they have all sorts of designs to go with any lifestyle, I am eyeing the beaded ones for some fashion forward beats!

+Celebrated 28: A week off from life is SO hard for me to do, disconnecting is a problem (thank GOD for meditation), so to literally take a week off was more of a task/stress then an enjoyment. I did however dive into exploration mode and walked Wynwood two times, met up with other SC sisters to talk all things blogging and really took some time to map out 2017! 28 is that age where you realize you aren’t a kid anymore..but you aren’t 30..its kind of a weird age..I remember my first time back in the states looking at Forever 21 with the realization that walking around with a crop top that says F*CK on it is not really cool anymore..I mean it could be..but for me..I am a little old for

Now on to feeling like Oprah..


I am giving away:

+Wraps Headphones in Black Classic

+Softy Anti-bacterial wipes

+A GAIAM Yoga Mat that folds into a square

+BETCHES Popsicle molds (perfect for making boozy popsicles, can you the RSVP Skinny Cosmo mix with vodka for a boozy treat)

+Shea Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

+Floatable Drink Holder (perfect for shots)

+RSVP Skinny Mixes in all four flavors

+Month Long Subscription to Fit and Fabulous Club ($14.95)

+A 1 on 1 consultation with ME (worth $149.00)

So go on ahead and ENTER, winner will be announced 1/4/2017 on this post and the winner will be emailed so be sure to check back 1/4/2017 and enter away!

Some of the prizes..

December Favorites and Giveaway

December Favorites and Giveaway

December Favorites and Giveaway

To celebrate my readers I wanted to host a giveaway of all of my favorite things from this year including Softy wipes, RSVP Skinny Cocktail Mixers, Wraps Headphones, a month in Fit and Fabulous,
a Rafflecopter giveaway

So I wanna know..

What is your big goal for 2017?

What are you doing for NYE?

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