5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start 2017 With Positivity

I welcomed 28 walking along a beach, sipping a skinny margarita and eating a chicken taco salads with fresh guac..because how else do you welcome a new age..

As I currently sit on a plane on my way back home after a seven day trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL, I came to some reflection and thought I would interrupt my normal workout to get you on track for 2017!

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start 2017 With PositivityI want you to write these questions down and carve out 20 minutes, grab a new journal with a fresh page, a gelly pen, a glass of champagne and a soothing song that relaxes you before attempting to write these answers out. Trust me when I say, you might need that champagne to cheers your accomplishment of getting REAL with yourself for a hot minute…

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start 2017 With Positivity

  • What were your top 5 WINS of 2016?
    • We often overlook our WINS and brush them off as if they were no big deal, but they totally were and they totally ARE! You know that moment where you are secretly dancing inside because of how AWESOME your win was..listen write it out and re-celebrate that win! Now is a good time to sip some champagne and pat yourself on the back! We all did something cool this year, it might take you a minute to think of it, it took me some time to get number 4 and 5 but rad stuff happened, it is time to celebrate!

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start 2017 With Positivity

  • What beliefs, limitations, thought patterns, friends, hobbies etc. did you let go of this year? What changed in the past 365 days?
    • Maybe you were trying to get on the Youtube train even though it really wasn’t working for you, maybe a girlfriend from high school who you thought was lifting you up was really super jealous of your move from the 9-5 to your own business and put negative thoughts into your head…maybe you were in a toxic relationship or work environment that drained you of your creative spark… hopefully you realized all of this and LET her/him/it/that go!  I spent a good week going through my old beliefs, my old habits that no longer serve me and my big scary goals and let those SHIFTS go! I feel SO light right now and it is because I spent time cleaning out my garage, closet, book shelf and plan to finish off with my hard drive by the end of the year. That is the last thing and a nightmare..but it is my goal to clean that out because those old blog posts that had misspellings, photos that were out of focus and photos of past relationships..they gotta go! You have to make room for new beginnings, trust me when I say, make it a goal before New Years and start the year so FRESH and so CLEAN!
  • Who really was there for you this year..think of that person and send them a thank you note!
    • When shit hits the fan (sorry for the language), you really find out who your real and true friends are. When my grandmother was passing away, I had girls who I hadn’t spoken to since high school ask me how I was and reach out to me..like seriously it really helped me get through a tough time, a simple hello! I am lucky enough to have removed myself from friends who didn’t hold me to my highest standard but let’s be honest here, we all have that one person in our lives that holds that cloud over our heads. Sit down, take a moment and think of that random person you hadn’t spoken to who said happy birthday and that they really enjoy watching you rock your blog/business and say thank you! We all need more of that, as I always say water those seeds around you with love and light and you will all grow together!

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start 2017 With Positivity

  • What are 5 things that rocked this year?
    • Take a trip to another state/country? Watch a friend get married to the love of her life? Meet a new client who is just a rock star? Besides your WINS think of rad things that happened to you this year. For me, it was learning about finances and making some investments, having my internet bestie Annie come stay with me, speaking at Defining Women and having an article in the magazine, walking Wynwood Walls in Miami and seeing graffiti art, stopping into galleries and being in the mecca of the graffiti scene! (the photos shown in this post are from there, I am a total SUCKER for graffiti art)
  • What can you let go before entering 2017?
    • Are you still struggling with limiting beliefs that make you feel like you are not enough or deserving enough…are you still holding onto that dress that will never fit you again..are you still starring at a box of CDs and books you will never look at again or play let alone care about..just get rid of it! Free yourself of this baggage and make room for new clothes, moments and beliefs. Learn to free yourself and stop holding yourself back! I spent a few hours on Poshmark (use code JODGG to get $5 off your first order) selling clothes, Ebay selling random items and Decluttr an app that pays you for your used CDs, DVDs, cell phones, ipads, ipods and books. I also made some extra cash which I invested in marketing materials for my business. You can also donate your clothes to a local woman’s shelter, get rid of those half used beauty products on glambot.com and spend some meditation time clearing those beliefs! Let it go!

When you reflect and really sit down and answer these questions magic happens on that page. I make all of my clients think about goals, write them down and envision them because it works. If you really want to make more money in your business you map a plan to make that logically happen, when you want to gain more Instagram followers you figure out how to do it and you collect those followers one by one, you have to set those goals and figure out what exactly your road blocks are that are stopping you from reaching your goals so you can DO something about them. Do that now, do that before you set those 2017 goals so you have a clear head and an actual game plan to make the magic happen.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Start 2017 With Positivity

Taking a Break..

Spending a week away from work taught me a lot about myself, it gave me some time to reflect on my 27th year of life and it made me realize I went through some big girl things that made me really step up my “adulting” game. But I also had a few set backs, a few marketing mistakes and even spent a large some of money on a guru to help me only to get ripped off…you guys..you have to make mistakes and not be afraid of making them in order to grow.

I spent the last three years retracing my steps, doing the same thing over and over again and with it not working I was driving myself crazy, I took a different route this year with my business and I am growing organically and serving those whom I really want to serve! Life really shifts when you make room for it to!

So I wanna know..

  • How are you going to welcome 2017?
  • What are your goals, scary, small, big? Share below!

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