Travel Ab Workout

Oh boy! The holidays are HERE yes! After living abroad for three years my holiday spirit kind of just don’t get into that spirit because you are living amongst another culture where holidays are for mere decoration and shopping purposes with no true family meaning behind it. Not to say I didn’t enjoy living in Thailand for that period of time but being back in the states surrounded by it all gets me pretty excited! My husband Norman and I went to Palm Springs for a three day weekend and had a blast! We hiked Indian Trails, walked around the outlet center for hours and spent time with some dear friends of ours. I really got in that holiday spirit and felt the excitement in the air!

One thing I noticed was I needed a way to workout with no equipment because we were staying at someone’s vacation home without a gym nearby. We did hike which was AWESOME and I highly encourage all of you to find ways to enjoy the outdoors as part of a workout by incorporating hiking, skiing, snowboarding or by simply walking around a new neighborhood! I also added some booty workouts from the Bombshell Angel program as that uses a booty band which is SO easy to carry around! Anyways, without a lot of room and the thought of being upstairs somewhere I wanted to come up with a no equipment workout you could do just about anywhere.


  • Optional 5 lb dumbbells or water bottles (completely optional)

Travel Ab Workout:

  • Do each movement for 10-20 reps depending on how strong your core is, what matters MOST is that you engage your core muscles on EVERY rep! It is actually better to do 10 really strong core crunches then 20 reps that are quick and not engaged! Rest 1 minute and do two more rounds!


Travel Ab Workout

Travel Ab Workout Courtney Bentley


  • Crunchy Roll: Lye on your back and bring your legs in towards your face crunching yourself upwards. The key to this movement is to keep your head neck and shoulders off the ground the entire time. Bring your legs out to 45 degrees and really squeeze your core as you bring your legs back in towards you. You can use your dumbbells for an additional challenge.
  • High Low Bicycle: I love this movement because it takes a traditional bicycle crunch and advances it by directing the legs at different levels. I like to do two right and left at 45 degree landings and move into a 90 degree landing for two before repeating, it really hits the lower and upper abs if you do it right!
  • High Leg Switch: This movement might be tough so if it is a bit hard for you just keep your upper body flat on the ground. You will still feel this movement, trust me! Keep your upper body lifted with your core engaged, drop your legs with one crossed in front of the other, you will switch at every rep and bring your legs back up together and repeat.
  • Super Climbers: Come into plank position and slowly bring one knee in towards your arm and kick it back out squeezing the glute muscle before placing it back into a solid plank. Repeat on the other leg and keep your hips down throughout the movement. This is like a mountain climber but slower and more controlled.
  • Dog Cobra: Start this movement in plank, once you are in a solid plank drop your hips down towards the ground while still on your toes, now hollow out your stomach by inhaling and brining yourself into a downward dog as you exhale. This works really well if you suck it in as you draw yourself up and in!
  • Hip Twist: This movement is ALL about control. Bring yourself into a plank position hands underneath your shoulders and hips aligned. Drop your right hip about halfway down to the floor and use your oblique (side abdominal muscle) to bring yourself back and repeat on the other side. Really control your hips and use your abs to bring yourself back into plank each rep.

Make the commitment to get this workout in! You know you can do it, it is something you can totally get done in less than 15 minutes and you will feel 100 times better and will make healthier choices. I notice on the days I workout I automatically make better choices just because I feel so great and my body is craving healthy foods to fuel it. My rest days are always the hardest, I want everything and I always have to remind myself to save the treats for leg day!

I am SO grateful to be home this year and even more grateful for my readers, you have no idea how grateful I am EVERY single day to be able to do what I LOVE to do and share what I LOVE to teach people about. I honestly pinch myself sometimes for getting to do all of this everyday! Take advantage of my free 10 day workout challenge below as a Thank YOU! Just click the purple box and you are in!

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