October Favorites

October has come to past and let’s just say I am happy to write off that month. Some months I look at as HUGE wins, almost like I want to relive that month again and again, others I want to just let go and pretend never happened. Let’s just say October I am glad its OVER! Anyways, enough of the negative Nancy attack. Time to get into what I loved about this month despite all the negative flow I did find some great products that I have brought back to life like Spotify and others I have discovered like Suja’s Charcoal Water!

In saying that, I did complete a new project I had been inspired to create through Annie founder of The Style Collective who also happens to be one of my closest friends! I am SUPER excited to launch this because

  • I READ a lot: I love to read. When I was a little girl you would find me in my ballet outfit with a book to my nose during rehearsals and my poor mom could never keep enough books in the house because I am a speed reader and still am to this day. I can read a book in a day or two usually and that’s because I won’t take my eyes off of it and get super into it. This month I read Scott Weiland from STP’s biography and also his ex-wives because I just had to read them both and did so in the matter of two days. I love the 90’s, I joke with my friends that I still live in 1994 because I still rock out to that era of music non-stop. Yes, you will find me listening to Lithium on Sirius XM most days, odd I know. Thank goodness I have a Scribd subscription to keep up with my book reading habits! You can learn more about my favorite books that will actually teach you something here.

Charcoal Water

  • Got my goth vibe on: This month I drank charcoal water like it was my job, I started mixing it with everything including red wine, I am not sure what got into me but I just became OBSESSED with everything Charcoal! The new line of water from SUJA is AMAZING, it literally tastes AMAZING! I can say this in comparison to the stuff I used to drink in Thailand after a fun night out because that stuff was..gross..I don’t know how they did it but this one tastes like dark rich berries and I couldn’t get enough of it! I hope they continue this line, I know it was a limited edition thing but if you get your hands on one enjoy 🙂


  • Protected my Cell Phone: I have come pretty close to losing, dropping my cell phone in water and the toilet :0 and knocking it around the gym doesn’t help either. IntelliARMOR sent me this amazing guard screen protecter to test out for free which protects your phone from the scratches and dropping of your phone. I have dropped my phone a few times in the gym without a scratch on my screen! All of my phones from now on will have this screen protector because I am one clumsy girl! (You can grab one here and be sure to use discount code:INTELLI20_ to get 20% off!)
  • Became a germ-a-phob: I launched my personal training business her in Las Vegas so I spend a lot more time in a public gym helping my clients reach their goals. Unfortunately, this means coming into contact with tons of germs, kid viruses and lord knows what else. I am so grateful I have these little wipes to keep in my work bag so I can wipe down the equipment and my hands to keep my client and myself clean and protected from those nasty bugs. The best part is these little wipes don’t have any nasty chemicals in them so they are safe! you can learn more about them here.

Favorite Things Softy Courtney Bentley

  • Self Care Sunday happened: I had forgotten what it was like to take care of me for a minute. After my grandma passed I just lost myself a bit, I lost who I was and the only way I was getting her out was when I went live on Facebook live. It’s weird but for me talking on video or with people really shifts things for me because my purpose is to inspire so when I am able to go full throttle and know that my message will inspire someone to do more for themselves I literally OPEN up. As a member of Influenster, I received some hair care products and masks so I went full throttle and dubbed Sunday as my self care day. I fill up my tub, throw a bath bomb in, put a face and hair mask on and just relax. My favorite is Dr Teal’s Epsom Salt bath, my Briogeo Conditioner Mask and my Aztec Clay Detox Mask with some tea to sip on of course. This 1 hour of me time totally shifts my week, I use this time to do some manifestation and just spend time with me! I encourage you to try it out, it really makes a difference!

October Favorites

  • Made tons of Playlists: A long time ago, we are talking 2007-2008 I wanted to be a DJ. Yup, a full out blinged out DJ, I did the training, practiced day in and day out and even came up with the use of my nickname COURTSTAR..yup..the things we do when we are young. My love for music has taken me through my teen years where I played a pink guitar and dreamed of fronting a punk rock band to a girl who thought she would DJ her way to the top of the charts. My obsession with music has yet to leave me and let me just say I am SO grateful that music is so accessible nowadays, I don’t know what I would have done without my earbuds and the freedom to listen to whatever I felt like that day. Music gets me through a workout and even excited about a set of exercises I wanted to skip. I believe that music sets the mood for events, can make or break your spin class and can instantly change a crappy day around. Like the new Bruno Mars song 24 k..yah that’s so my jam right now. #soplaya..If you guys like these comment below, I love making new playlists to work out to!

Let me just say I am SUPER excited for next year, are you? Was this year a drag for you or a total win?

SO I wanna know..

  • What is your favorite workout song?
  • Do you use spotify still or are you an Apple music kinda girl?

Top Photo By: Amanda of Fly With Memories Photography