Kettle bell Booty Workout Courtney Bentley

With the launch of Bombshell Angel in the Fit and Fabulous Club I have been working day in and day out so I had to squeeze some workouts into my day using my trust worthy piece of equipment, the kettle bell. The one thing I truly love about my kettle bell is that I am able to keep it in the corner of my office, turn on a fun DJ remix or this playlist which I am loving and just go for it! If you set yourself up for these types of moments those workouts add up. Next thing you know you will feel lighter, have more energy and just feel fabulous!

Honestly, working out during the holidays is CRITICAL! I can’t stress that enough! Did you know that an average person gains 5 lbs. from Thanksgiving to the New Year..seriously who wants that (unless its muscle and in the booty right?) I sure as heck would like to LOOK better when I welcome the New Year! The New Year is a special time for me, I really horn in on the welcoming of a new year, I clean out everything my computer, my office and my closet and I leave space for new creative energy, clients and social experiences! Do you guys do this to?

As we welcome the holiday season, it is time to think about our goals and what we want for ourselves. I am a big goal setter and love setting goals for myself to complete by January 1st! That’s right, I literally welcome the New Year with an accomplishment. Have you ever done this? It stops me from saying “Oh I’ll wait until the New Year..” because I am already working towards it throughout November and December!

Kettle bell Workout for Legs

Many people talk about how to curb cravings and how to avoid gaining weight, well I want to encourage you to keep moving even through the holidays! Here are my top tips for surviving the holidays on top of your workouts!

Holiday Workout Tips:

  • Get a New Program: I love setting up a new program for myself and my clients, it gets you excited and engaged! You know that motivation you get from stepping into a new gym or a new group class, why not do that for yourself during this time of year. I love challenging myself to new goals fitness wise, right now I am working on deadlifting 180 lbs which is the most I have ever done, I usually max out at 150! This goal keeps me engaged and focused and in LOVE with my workout again! If you are looking for a program check out here. Grab my latest program here.
  • Bring Workout Equipment With You: I always carry with me a jump rope and a resistance band when I travel. You never know, I have traveled before and thought there was a gym, come to find out there was a small area that smelled like mold (I have traveled all over South East Asia so you can imagine) Jump ropes and resistance bands weigh nothing, you can throw them in your carry on and this will give you an excuse to workout. Instead of making lame excuses, you are covered!
  • Explore New Areas: One of my favorite things to do is walk around a new town, try a new hiking trail and just find reasons to walk around. Sure walking doesn’t burn 1000’s of calories like a killer workout but it gets you moving and grooving. Our bodies crave movement, our bodies need FLOW so find a reason to get out and explore!
  • Hold Your Accountability: I am BIG into having someone that holds you accountable with your goals. A coach, a friend, a co-worker just someone to check in with. Imagine having that on a platform you use all the time anyways! I love my Facebook group because that is exactly what it is and I can tell just checking in with my girls makes all the difference, this is why my girls get results, they have someone that just says HI and makes sure everything is ok! Imagine that!
  • Set a New Year Goal: Like I mentioned above, get a new program and set a new year goal. Welcome the New Year with a completed goal. A few years ago I decided I would compete in my very first fitness competition. I made that my goal so guess what, I kept my cool during the holidays, enjoyed myself but made sure I kept my eye on the prize! You don’t have to make a drastic one like this, but set yourself up for success, maybe be able to do a 5k without stopping or how about being able to do 10 push ups without using your knees. Fun goals that you can kickoff January 1st cheering too!

KettleBell Booty Workout

Equipment I Used:

  • Kettlebell: I am using a 10 lb kettle bell for this demonstration but when I do the workout itself I like to use at least a 18-20 lb kettle bell.


  • Sumo Squat: Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart hold the dumbbell or kettle bell in between. Push your hips back and squat down keeping your chest up and your knees outwards. Squeeze your booty at the top for bonus points!
  • Squat Switch: Stand with feet about shoulder width apart with your feet facing forward. Sit back in your seat pushing your hips back and squat down. Reach your right hand down and grab onto the KB, stand up using your right glute and core to pull you up. Repeat on the left side.
  • Switch Lunge: This movement activates the thighs if you focus on that area. Step into a right lunge keeping everything tight and in a 90 degree angle, do not let your knee touch the floor. Swivel yourself straight on and repeat on the other side.
  • Side Squat Lunge: I love the side squat lunge for its impact on the lifting of the glute area for a perky booty! When you do this movement be mindful of your hip flexibility and do not bend your back. Head on over to the right side and go as deep as you can, staying low come to the center and go to the other side. Staying low is KEY to feel the burn!
  • KB Deadlift: Pop that booty with this deadlift! Place your feet forward and right underneath your shoulders. Drop the kettle bell by sticking your hips back, keep your chest up and your back straight. Squeeze your core and defy gravity! As you come back up press through the hips and the heels, stand up straight and squeeze at the top!
  • KB Swing: This is to get your heart rate up and if done properly can really tighten the booty! Think of yourself like a pendulum and use your hips and lower abs to move your arms and body upwards.



I wanna know..

  • Do you workout at home or in a gym during the holiday season?
  • Are you a kettle bell girl or do you like no equipment body weight workouts?

Photos By: Fly With Memories Photography