Get Over Cravings Once and For All

I remember when I left sugar in the dust and made that choice for myself, it was hard not only was I experiencing withdrawal symptoms and mood swings, all my food tasted pretty gross. When people make the switch to cleaner eating the lack of a tasty meal can make one miserable. I want to share with you my arsenal of products since we are entering the New Year and who wants to start off day 1 with a goal without a plan.

I will be 100% honest here when I say, making the switch from eating a processed diet to eating a cleaner pure diet can be rough mentally and emotionally. Processed foods mess with our hormones, ever notice when you get emotional you want to reach for a juicy cheeseburger or greasy pizza? Our bodies crave certain nutrients which in that case is healthy fats but our brains and tongue sensors are wired to reach for the processed goodness. When I was making the transformation from candy eating vegan to living a life filled with nature’s goodness I experienced headaches, mood swings and uncertainty that I could actually make healthy living a complete lifestyle for myself.

How to Get Over Your Cravings and Change Your Ways:

  • Decide: Once the decision is made, its made. Remember when you wanted to learn how to setup your email service to automate a freebie to collect a lead how much information you read, the struggle of setting it all up and the research you did to make sure you were using the right system for your needs..well this is the same thing. Sometimes its a pain in the ass, literally and you feel dominated by it but let’s be honest here, you can make a choice to make a difference for yourself and stick to that decision no matter what!
  • Gear Up: When you “crowd out” your diet you leave little room for the junky food. Instead of focusing on what you CAN’T have, focus on what you can and fill your plate with that. Our minds are set to out trick the system kind of like when you tell a 2 year old no they do it anyways, this is how our brains are wired. If you fill your plate with fiberful veggies, lean proteins and healthy fats there will be little room for the candies, pastries and other foods you used to eat. Make a date with yourself to visit the grocery store and stick to it. I love going to the store, I find it peaceful so I go twice a week, if you are that busy stock up at Costco, order your groceries on Amazon or hire a clean eating meal service. Stop making excuses and make the change.
  • Plan for it: When you go to write a blog post you plan it. You sit and decide what the theme is, what photos you need, who you are talking to, how its all going to play out, you sit and plan it out. You have to do the same for your health as well. Plan those workouts, plan that grocery trip, plan that meal prep time, plan that hike with friends, PLAN and you will succeed!
  • Stock Up on the Goodness: I curated a little list of my toolbox for things I use to conquer my cravings and take control of my health, I will explain them a bit and I highly encourage you at least get yourself some pink sea salt, stevia drops and coconut oil.

Healthy Products

1|| Earth Circle Cacao Nibs: Cacao nibs are the perfect source of antioxidants which clear the free radicals in our bodies which come from things like processed foods. If I have a client who is making the switch I always introduce cacao for a number of reasons. One, they have magnesium which is a mineral most of us lack especially if we live stressed out lifestyles, 2 they are delicious on everything and 3. they give you a boost of energy and can even raise your happiness levels a bit. Make sure to buy cold processed raw cacao nibs, I love this brand because they source from Bali, Indonesia which is where most of the cacao is grown. You can easily throw them in a smoothie or on top of some greek yogurt for a sweet treat without the sugar.

2|| Udos Oil: Transformation calls for giving your body exactly what it needs. As you go through the withdrawal of the processed lifestyle you are going to feel a surge of fatigue, mood swings and a shift within yourself. I always suggest loading up on the healthy fats because this macronutrient will give you long sustaining energy and help you feel full. I love Udos oil for this reason, it is the perfect blend of just enough of what you need in case you don’t eat a variety of nuts, seeds, healthy oils and fish.

How to Conquer Cravings

3|| Pink Sea Salt: With our food lacking minerals from the soil in which it grows we need to replace this with another source. Table salt is stripped of all nutrients and confuses our bodies as it tastes the same as a natural sea salt with minerals our body needs. Sodium from table salt bloats you, sodium from pink sea salt helps to de-bloat you. With over 80 trace minerals and a replacement for that salt you love so much this is a MUST have!

4|| Chocolate Stevia Syrup: When I used to compete, this was a total life savor. I recommend this stuff to my friends with kids or those of you who love a little ice cream at night, try some greek yogurt with cinnamon and this instead, trust me when I say it is the! Check out some of greek yogurt parfaits here.

5|| Premium Nutritional Yeast: The switch of eating clean will make you feel FABULOUS literally and as you begin to make your transformation you will begin to have less cravings and feel more satisfied after meals. As you transition one vitamin that will help you through is B12. I am sure you have heard of people getting B12 shots to help with energy levels but if you are like me going to the doctor to get a shot once a week doesn’t quite fit into the schedule. Instead sprinkle some of this onto your salads for a cheese-y taste without the cheese and the benefit of more energy!

How to Conquer Cravinges

6|| Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos: One of my all time favorites and one I use every week for meal prep is Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos. It literally tastes just like soy sauce and tastes amazing on cauliflower stir fry and my new favorite is using broccoli slaw from trader joes, sprouts, shrimp and cashew nuts with this sauce, pink sea salt, a little ginger and juice from 1 lime. It is SO good and you literally just move all the ingredients around on a pan until steamed add the sauce with the rest of the ingredients and you are good to go!

7|| Frontier Natural Mexican Seasoning: I love having an easy seasoning ready to rock n roll because sometimes my meal prep has to be quick and trying to measure things out is not happening. If you are one my girls you know my love for George Foreman and how easy he makes it to cook at home, if you want an even easier time use some natural pre-made seasonings like this and the one I mention below Ms Dash for EASY meals you can make in minutes!

8|| Coconut Oil: Ever notice when you leave a restaurant you feel super satisfied but when you cook at home you feel hungry? Restaurants coat there food in fats, most likely cheap harmful oils like canola oil and soybean oil but fats nonetheless. At home you tend to stay away from dunking your food in a pool full of oil because gross but our hormones and bodies crave healthy fats. Don’t be afraid of a little coconut oil on your sweet potato or cooking your fish with a little coat of coconut oil, I’m not saying go crazy but adding a bit of coconut oil to your food will help you feel full, conquer those after dinner cravings and help your body burn fat!

How to Conquer Cravings

9|| Ms Dash Salt Free Seasoning: We need FLAVOR and as much as I love a little pink sea salt with some lemon juice on all my food sometimes my chicken just needs something else. If you aren’t a cook or feel a bit nervous when it comes to making your food taste flavorful let Ms Dash Salt Free Seasonings come to play and trust me they truly make a difference. I love fresh herbs as well but if you need something quick the original, lemon pepper and fiesta lime are my top three! I still add pink sea salt with this seasoning because minerals are vital to feeling satisfied post meal.

10|| Liquid Stevia: A little side note on stevia, you may become highly addicted, I am and I have no shame! I have bottles of this stuff in all my purses and I am that girl at Starbucks getting her cold brew with her stevia drops taking up the straw and napkin area! If you are highly addicted to sugar do not use this until you get that sweet taste out of your taste buds and use this as a little sweetener in things like coffee instead of sugar. There is a lot of “fake” stevia out there which is why I use the drops plus they mix much better, feel free to learn more about stevia and how you can make your own (yes I used to make my own stevia!)

Now that you have a taste of what is in my kitchen, I want to know what is in your kitchen? What products can you NOT live without?

[This post contains affiliate links, all reviews and products are ones I personally use and recommend. I appreciate the support 🙂 ]