Flat Tummy Workout

After the weekend like I had I like to add on and end workouts to my day. I am not crazy impulsive and working out all day, it is more of a at night I might work my abs a bit more or do some squats and lunges while I am cooking dinner, nothing crazy just simple little movements that all add up during the day.

I love doing ab workouts at home, and I rarely ever use equipment. The thing is a lot of girls grab that huge 45 plate and do side bends..that is the worst thing you can do for a smaller waist. I am not against building muscle AT ALL especially if you want a solid six pack you need to shape the abs so they stick out more but your obliques? You don’t want those popping out more, that means a thicker waist line. I prefer to do bodyweight oblique exercises like side planks, bicycles and tik toks.

Courtney Bentley Ab Workout

Flat Tummy Tips:

  • Love Your Stomach: The gut is so IMPORTANT for proper brain function, proper digestion and all of the above. I have been doing a ton of research on gut health this year and let me just say all that sugar you consume messes with your tummy. Read how to get rid of your sugar cravings here. I take a probiotic every morning, I am still finding the one but make sure whatever on you try contains billions of strains and is found in the refrigerator section. I also eat lots of probiotic rich foods like kefir, yogurt, kimchi, and fermented veggies. “Good” bacterias aid in your digestion and can boost your immune system. Make sure to eat a variety of these foods as different species of bacteria flourish in different fermented foods.
  • Deep Breathing: When you breathe into the lower abdominals and do a deep belly breathe you release stress and anxiety which could be why you are holding excess fat in this region. I would love to say 1000 sit ups a day got you abs but this is not the case. Sleep, stress and reducing your sugar are three HUGE things you can do to get a flatter tummy.
  • Trade your White Salt for Pink Salt: Salt causes BLOATING and water retention especially when you are using WHITE table salt. If they made a fat gainer pill it would have A LOT of salt in it! Go out and invest in Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, I carry mine with me even because it is the ultimate FAT shedder! It adds minerals that are lost through sweating and moving around back into your body and helps your body HYDRATE, YES HYDRATE! It is just as flavorful and I love the PINK color, can you believe there is such a thing! It’s so yummy and pretty!

Courtney Bentley

  • Cook with Coconut Oil: Instead of using inflammation causing oils like soy bean and canola use coconut oil which is alkaline based and healthy for our bodies. Coconut oil contains the healthy fats our bodies need to balance hormones, feel full and just function in general. It can also handle HEAT unlike the other oils!
  • Follow the RULE of 5: Never eat complicated sauces or complex meals, instead keep your meals simple, a piece of fish, some leafy greens, capers, lemon and some pink salt. Keep things simple and your body can sort through and digest each nutrient efficiently. Think of someone speaking to you in 20 different languages and trying to translate it all, this is how your body feels when you throw too many ingredients at it.


  • No Equipment

Flat Tummy Workout:

This workout is meant to BURN, remember burn is change. If you want to see a change in your ab area you need to commit to it. I always say when you feel the burn, take a deep breathe and push through.

Start with Open Table with 20 reps, then the frog 20 reps. Go back to open table and frog again 2 more times, this is a superset. You can do this with the other two below or you can see how you feel. Either way, do these exercises with me in this PDF!

To get results in your abs complete this series 2-3 times a week in between heavy lifting compound movement sessions for total results!

Courtney Bentley


  • Open Table: Start with your legs in table top, raise your head. Squeeze your middle core tight and slowly open your legs with your knees facing outwards. Stick your hands through and exhale for a slight crunch and return back into table top with a deep inhale.
  • Frog: Place your legs in butterfly and lift them off the floor. Lift your head, neck and shoulders while maintaining a strong core. With your feet flexed and turned out pretend like you are pushing someone away from you and exhale. Return back with a deep inhale and see if you can keep your upper body off the floor the entire time.
  • Side Shaper (Right and Left): If you have strong hip bones you will want to double up your mat for this one. Start on the right side and lift your upper body off the ground with your arms. Bring your legs into a butterfly with your toes pointed. Now slowly bring your legs out to the side trying to keep your bottom leg off the ground and exhale. Bring the legs back for a deep inhale. DO 20 reps then go onto the left side.
  • Figure 4 (Right and Left): This exercise targets the lower abdominals. Start with your body flat on the floor and your toes pointed towards the ceiling. Drop the legs to the diagonal while bringing your right knee out so your legs make a 4 shape. Exhale as you do this. Now return and do the same on the left. Move quickly and keep your belly breathes going with pointed toes.

Flat Ab Workout

I am getting ready for a photoshoot soon so abs, abs, and more abs! I love working them because I see the results! I tend to skip them when I don’t have a goal to work on them because I do so much compound training in my routine, think deadlifts and squats which work the entire body!

So I wanna know..

  • Are you an at home workout kinda girl or do you prefer to leave?
  • What are you going to be for halloween?