Drink Without Sabotaging Your Diet

Going out and having a blast is what life is all about! I know that this weekend was not party central for me, but it was probably for you..I wanted to dress up but work kept me at bay which is ok with me! Did you do anything fun for Halloween? Comment below and share!

Meeting up with family, co-workers, friends or that hot new date keeps life exciting. Spending time moping around your place because you are on a diet will lead to a binge as soon as you decide to go out in the real world. Life is all about balance. Get balanced and start having fun no matter what diet or quick fix you are on.

No one said you have to outdrink everyone, in order to have fun. Of course having a few drinks loosens you up and makes you more sociable, but these traits also come with confidence. Building confidence in yourself will help you feel more comfortable with your surroundings and the people who surround you, and ultimately, will help you let loose and rock’ n’ roll.

Enjoy the Party Without Sabotaging Your Results

House Party

Wear something somewhat tight or that you feel good in and it will remind you of your goals. You will rarely see a girl in tight pants eating a bag of chips or a big slice of cake. Feeling sexy, looking hot and glowing with confidence will make it hard for people to question what you are eating or not. Socialize, meet new people, gather new business opportunities, and maybe even meet your new boyfriend. The more you socialize the less time you will have to graze the snack food table and bar. Be the fun! Start a game, have someone teach you something new or just be a social butterfly and the life of the party.

Enjoy the Party Without Sabotaging Your Results

Bar Hopping

Are you always leaving the bar and driving through a fast food joint? Stop that disaster and start bringing raw veggies in your purse so that when those munchies come around you will have a low calorie and healthy snack. Never be afraid to ask the bartender for extra garnishes! Those little fruit slices are also great munchies, low in calories and will help fill you back up with vitamins and minerals you may have lost drinking. Never be afraid to ask a bartender for a glass with soda water with a lime on the rocks. You will never be questioned or asked to purchase a drink when you have nice sipping “vodka” in hand.

Saturday Night Fever

Dance the night away. It is a pain in the ass to be drinking when you are dancing, plus dancing burns calories! What more could you ask for? Dancing is fun cardio and it helps you stand out while avoiding drowning yourself in booze. Show off those dance moves from that Zumba class you have been taking. Dancing in the club is how you can socialize without saying a word. Dancing makes you shine and shows off your confidence and skills.

Enjoy the Party Without Sabotaging Your Results

Girls Wine Night

Wine is great and has wonderful health benefits in moderation. But, when enjoying wine and pizza with girlfriends it is easy to overindulge. Wine may be the better choice of drinks (check out my favorites here), but drinking your own bottle, which could be equivalent to 500 or more calories, is not worth the sabotage. You can switch to drinking an infused vodka, which is an amazing way to get a fun flavored alcohol without the calories. Bring the fun to your friends or offer to host the get together at your place.  You can even mention it takes 5 days to make, which will make you seem like such a dedicated friend!

Infused Alcohol Recipe

Infused alcohol is delicious, and if you use the right alcohol can be very low calorie. The thing I love about infused alcohol is you can make a margarita without all the sugar, just by infusing lime with tequila and some stevia. Delicious, tasty and half the time and no one knows the difference!

Enjoy the Party Without Sabotaging Your Results

Clean a mason jar

  • Chose flavoring agent:
    • Limes (to make margarita taste)
    • Oranges and Mint
    • Strawberries and Mint
    • Apple and Cinnamon
  • Pour alcohol of choice over the flavoring agents
  • Store in a cool dark place for 5 days but no more than 14 days and taste after day 5 to check progress.
  • Pour over ice or blend into ice for a fun blended drink

So I wanna know..

  • What are your Halloween plans?
  • What are your trips for partying without going crazy?