How to Fit Working Out into Your Boss Babe Lifestyle

I get asked all the the F do you run a business locally in Las Vegas, blog, keep up with social media and still have a life..? do you actually find time to WORKOUT?

Well,the answer is simple and in this post I want to inspire you to start making movement a daily habit for yourself not just to lose weight or to get a booty but for the RIGHT of doing GOOD by you. I literally spend 8% of my day moving..nuts right..the rest I either spend training other people, creating workouts for The Fit and Fabulous Club, eating or sleeping. Most of my workouts last 20-45 minutes depending on what day it is, my leg days are longer because legs take a lot of different exercises while a HIIT cardio takes no longer than 20-25 minutes with warm up and cool down. When I am super busy, I work out at home using my 3 pieces of gym equipment or my own body weight. I made the commitment to myself to MOVE, it not only makes me FEEL good, my creativity is ALWAYS on fire and the confidence I have to wear whatever I want doesn’t hurt either.

How to Fit Working Out Into Your Boss Babe Lifestyle:

    • Decide to DO it: Once you made the decision to start your business you did it right? You sat through all those God awful tutorials, you burned your eyes out trying to figure out how to make a website, you spent hours on social media trying to figure out the puzzle and through it all you said this is what I need to do…so why are you not taking self-care into your own hands? You can and YOU will make the me when I say the FLOW of my MOJO comes post workout. My mind just SPARKS and I ignite into my creative self, that sweat just makes me FLOW and I want the same for you!

“It’s easier to run a business when you run your body”

  • Pick a Time and Set That Appointment: You have the rest of your business setup like clock work why is your workout not put into this agenda? Look at your calendar, do you have to be dressed up and fresh to go somewhere? Maybe you should hit the gym right when you wake up. Do you tend to sit all day in your home office and want to find a way to get out of the house? Take a 1 hour lunch break, 20-30 minutes to workout and use your post workout time as your lunch. I tend to break my day up this way and head to the gym around 12 or 2 PM everyday. It breaks up my day and when I am wanting to throw my computer out the window I know in just a few hours, I will be focused in the gym sweating it all out. I usually end up coming back with a clearer head ready to spend a few more hours working away. It doesn’t matter WHEN you do your workout, pick a time and make it part of your routine. No Skype calls, no interviews NOT A THING scheduled during this time, block it off!
  • Find Ways to MOVE at Home: Make that SPACE for yourself, commit to it and buy some cute equipment to make it your own. Commit to this time no matter what! Trust me, I get it, when I am working on a HUGE project the last thing I want to do is waste time driving to and from the gym so I created a space in my office where I can get my MOVE on. If you watch me on Facebook live you have seen this space, it isn’t large, there is one kettlebell and a yoga mat, simple and easy! I like to keep my area there because when I get frustrated or down on myself I turn on a fun dance song and swing my kettlebell. As Dizzy Drake says..

“Problems hit the gym, they all work out” – Drake

Boss Babe Workout

  • Make Your Workouts Efficient: Being busy and living that lifestyle leaves little time to screw around on Instagram or scroll through the latest gossip. Set that appointment with yourself and power through that workout. Not only will you burn more calories, you won’t leave room for interruption by checking your phone every 5 seconds. Occasionally when I work out I turn on my Do Not Disturb button on my Iphone which is located in the settings area. Just flip the switch, turn on your tunes and focus!
  • Track Your Activity Levels: If you are more of an analytical type you may enjoy the organization of tracking your workouts. For myself, I write down how much weight I lifted that day to see if I can beat it the following week and set mini goals for myself this way. It gives me those small wins that keep me pushing myself a little bit further at the gym and keep me motivated to beat that last score. I also use the calendar in my Fit and Fabulous app to track my workouts so at the end of the week I can congratulate myself for all the hard work I put in!

Boss Babe Workout
Commit to taking the time to take care of you. If you are just starting your business I can promise you that excitement wears off when all you do is focus on serving others and not yourself. The hustle and grind will wear you down if you don’t take the 20-30 minutes a day to sweat and make healthy choices.

If you are reading this and ready to take your fitness to the next level, I want to invite you to join The Fit and Fabulous Club! It’s a smartphone app dedicated to providing you with quick, efficient workouts you can do at home! To learn more click here.

SO I wanna know..

  • What time do you workout?
  • Are you a planning kind of girl or do you like to just do your own thing?