10 Minute Fall Arms Workout

Fall Arm Workout

Can you guys believe we are in October? I am still in utter shock, I feel like I just moved here to Las Vegas last month! It is around 70-75 degrees everyday so it has been PERFECT, so perfect I have been working outdoors all comfy with my fat burning coffee daily. I am working on a SUPER fun new project and have been working day in and day out to bring my boss babes The Fit and Fabulous Club which now comes with an app so you guys can access the app anywhere! Building this dream of mine and making it a reality has taken a lot out of me, but I am so excited to be able to share all of my workouts, recipes and create a community of girls who are sweating together and building their businesses! With all that excitement I have also been brainstorming next year and getting excited for all that is to come in the new year!

To get you ready for Halloween since its AROUND THE CORNER, I made this arm shaper workout which you can do using soup cans, water bottles or grab a free pair of dumbbells, learn how here. I love working out my arms, no matter what time of year it is your arms will most likely show and I swear people come up to me all the time and say OMG your arms they are so TONED..well this is how I do it!

Arm Workout Courtney Bentley

Arm Shaping Tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to LIFT HEAVY, ladies I PROMISE we do not have enough testosterone to get a BULKY look. The only way you will get super bulky is if you don’t watch your diet and eat, eat, eat which will put fat around the muscle which will give you a bulky look..
  • I love, LOVE, love drop setting! One thing I do when I want to put on muscle is drop set, drop setting is taking a super heavy weight doing as many reps as you can, dropping the weight down, doing as many reps as you can and repeating until your arms completely zonk out. This is how I grew my back, I finished the last set with a drop set and the results speak for themselves. You can drop set the last round of this workout if you have the equipment available to you!
  • Arms get flabby from lack of weight lifting, many women do not do pushups or work their arms hard enough which leads to fat storing and creating bat wings. Avoid the flab and lift!

Courtney Bentley Arm Workout

Equipment I Used:

-Exercise Ball

-7 lb. dumbbells


  • Tricep Extension: You can do this movement with or without the exercise ball. I love using an exercise ball to work on my core and stability but if you do not have access to one feel free to do this standing. Keep your elbows locked next to your head and move the dumbbell down by bending your elbows. Bonus points if you squeeze your tricep muscle at the bottom before bringing the bell back to the top.
  • Single Front Raise: This movement shapes your shoulders. Bring one dumbbell up to your eyebrow and slowly resist it back down to the starting position. Repeat with the other arm.
  • Tricep Kickback: Keep your elbows locked to your side as you kick the dumbbell back with your arms. Do not swing and keep the movement consistent! The higher you raise in the back the deeper the resistance is in your tricep muscle!
  • Single Arm Press: You can do this on the exercise ball or standing. Alternate throughout, do not lock your elbow. This movement shapes your shoulders.
  • Tricep Pulse: Flip your palms upwards towards the sky and pulse your arms a bit higher each rep to get nice tight and toned arms!

Do each movement for 1 round of 15 reps, rest for 1 minute and repeat 2 more times. If you decide to do a drop set, start with one exercise and do it 15 reps, the last round of three drop set until your arms fail.


10 Minute Bat Wing Workout

This workout is a great combination of shoulders and triceps.

Toned, Fierce and Fabulous

So I FINALLY did it, I spent MONTHS and MONTHS and long nights creating a space for you guys to get your sweat on with me! I am SO excited to soft launch The Fit and Fabulous Club and have already gotten some AMAZING feedback from my beta testers! Basically, its a new workout program delivered straight to your smartphone every month with a meal plan that goes along with it, a community of boss babes who cheer one another on and I even created a business section where I share my BIG tips on how to grow your business using the online space! The even cooler part is every month you get NEW workouts, recipes and tutorials and all of it is available at a special price for soft launch! Because I am soft launching I can only take on so many girls so if you are interested please learn more here by clicking here and I hope to see you in the club community area!

I wanna know..

  • What are you going to be for Halloween?
  • Do you enjoy working out your arms?


  • Diana

    You are #armgoals!!! Omg I hate working out my arms so so much!! And I do have batwings hahaha for as long as I can remember, I think mine are genetic. No matter how much I work them they never go away. Totally pinned this post though so I can refer to it when I workout!

    • Hey Diana! Yay thank you for pinning, start with the 7 lbs and work your way up that is the true secret to toned hot arms!! I have a few other workouts on my site you might enjoy just search workouts in the top right hand corner!! Lots of love C

  • Meredith

    I needed this, thanks. My arms have gotten a lot nicer since having to lift my daughter up and down, but i need the extra weight training!!

    • Truth! Make sure to lift her up on different sides that makes all the difference for even toned arms 🙂 thanks for coming by Meredith!

  • I always seem to neglect my arms when it comes to working out. I need to get better about it!

  • Victoria G

    I AM 100% trying these out! I need toned arms for my Halloween costume at the end of this month 😉

    great tips!!




  • Jennifer Nordine

    This is fantastic! Can’t wait to do this workout! Thank you for sharing!

    Jen Nordine

  • I definitely need to put these tips into good use! Can’t wait to give them a try!


  • Needed this! I love how you say to lift heavy because I feel like that has been such a game changer for me – to really feel each rep!!

    you da best! xoxo

    • Big time game changer when I first started I never passed the 10 lb bell but now that’s my warm up and I’m stronger than ever!

  • simplygailg

    This are awesome tips Courtney! I’ve been working with a personal trainer recently and he has me lifting heavy. I didn’t know I could do it but apparently I can. You look amazing by the way. Great post! Xx

  • these are great tips and arm exercises i can do at home! i haven’t been working out much since becoming pregnant but i will definitely try to incorporate these arm exercises !


  • Amanda Mercado

    I’ve always been told that the arms are the easiest part of a woman’s body to tone and I know it’s true! Love these tips and moves.
    xo, Amanda

    • Yes they can be, some women respond in other ways but with an increase in weight training all is possible! Try these out Amanda I know you’ll love them

  • thank you Leah! Let me know what you think of this workout <3