I love a booty workout that does not require squats because sometimes my knees hurt and the idea of loading a barbell on my back to put that much pressure on my knees sounds like a terrible idea. Granted I credit the changes and growth I have been making to squatting because it works especially if you go deep deep deep! As a smaller framed girl it takes a LOT for me to build muscle, I have to overeat my calories, I can’t do too much cardio and its a FINE balance of carb cycling and lifting heavy that gives me results. Everybody bodies are different so knowing which body type you have and how to workout and eat for that body type is essential! I go through this in my 3 Day Course and dedicate an entire video to it so check that out if you are interested in learning more. You can sign up here.

My Booty Building Tips:

  • Dedicate two days to your lower body, this is where your muscles are the largest and like I mentioned in a previous post for every 1lb of muscle you gain you burn an extra 50 calories a day!
  • For 0 weighted exercises aim to do as many reps as you can, YES you will feel the burn, push through that burn! Burn is CHANGE!
  • Concentrate on the glute muscle, this is all about the mind/body connection and SUPER important if you want to make progress with your exercises.
  • Hold the top of the movement for a count before bringing it back down, this really makes sure you are WORKING your glutes!
  • If you follow a carb cycle enjoy your high carb day on a booty building day! Your booty needs #allthecarbs <—


Booty Workout in 10 Minutes

Booty Workout

Equipment I Used:

Yoga Mat

Can wear ankle weights for advanced

Do each movement for the right leg for at least 20 reps then go on to the left leg, repeat 1-2 more times!


  • Windshield Wiper: My favorite booty movement, the most important thing is you keep your toe facing down and you lift the leg as high as you can. Each half circle counts as 1 rep so make sure to get HIGH!
  • Kick Back: When you do this movement make sure to activate using your glute muscle before lifting the leg. I like to squeeze at the top for bonus points!
  • Hip Shaper: Keep this movement flowing and don’t stop, this one activates the outer thighs and tightens them up!
  • Angled Back Lift: Again the higher you lift the better!

Outfit: Sports Bra: Similar Lorna Jane | Capris: Booty Support Tight Lorna Jane | Shoes: Zalora  | Sunglasses: Gucci

Booty Workout

Remember BURN is change, make sure you really connect with your booty to make those SHIFTS happen in your body!

Building Booty Workout

I wanna know..

  • Do you like these style of workouts or are you more of an equipment girl?