Linda Bello

This may sound a little 2010 to you all but I love love love FACEBOOK! Yes, I said it, I am not a big instagrammer or snap chatter as you guys know although I love Insta Stories..I am a HUGE Facebook lover! I love Facebook for three reasons to be exact, The Private Community Groups, Facebook Live and the ability to catch up on all my old friends. You guys know how much I love the groups and I luckily one day posted something in the Screw the Nine to Five group and Linda came and gave me sound advice. She definitely was not the “hire me for this tid bit” or “here is a piece of info and for the rest I want $5,000.00” kinda girl which immediately made me love her! The advice Linda gave me was sound and thought out and has helped me make leaps and bounds!

I most recently tuned into her telecast phone call and was amazed by her story and passion for helping other girls get there businesses off the ground! I love this because as much as I love teaching women how to MOVE and groove, I love MOTIVATING people and coaching them through rough times! You guys will love Linda!

♥ Tell us a little about you – a current project or goal you are tackling? 

I’m Linda Bello, Success Coach for aspiring online entrepreneurs.  I help aspiring online entrepreneurs gain clarity and confidence in their online business’ so they could leave their 9-5s!
Right now I’m working on something AMAZING with 4 of my other biz-besties.  We’re all coming together for one group program that will help aspiring online entrepreneurs bring their online business idea to life!  Together we’ve been able to create so much success in our business’ because of the relationships we’ve formed and we want to continue passing along that biz-bestie sisterhood in our group program!

Linda Bello

♥ What got you inspired to start your coaching business? Also, please explain why your coaching service is different and how it serves others.

I’ve always been obsessed with creating freedom in my life but I honestly never thought it was something I could achieve. From a young age I saw my Mom working her entire life at a 9-5 just to barely pay the rent each month.  By the time she got home, she was so exhausted from the work day that we didn’t really get time together.  I knew I wanted to stop that trend in my family and in order to do that I had to do something big to stop the cycle of just getting by.  So I got help, invested in a high level coach and was able to DOUBLE my 9-5 monthly salary within two months of launching my business and this month I’ll be celebrating my first 5 figure month (4 months after launching)!
And not only that, my clients are getting out of their 9-5’s as well ☺
What makes me different in the coaching world is that people come to me when they’re feel like they have so many ideas, or know they have to offer something amazing in this world but are not sure what it is yet.  What I do is help them create a service that feels 100% in alignment with them and have them sell it in the online world.  I’m also super sensitive to people’s energy – so my clients and I connect on a deeper level.  I want them to know I’m here for them when it comes to business but it’s also important that we form an amazing bond where they reach out to me for anything else!


♥ How do you define “wellness”? What does it mean to “be well” to you?

I define wellness as knowing that you are in the right place spirituality, physically, and mentally while looking to continuously grow in each area.

To “be well” is to feel confident in your relationships, how you speak to yourself, and fueling yourself with positive energy, food, and people.

Linda Bello

♥ What is your day to day life like?

Hit the snooze button a few times, realize I live this amazing life, get to work and help people take action on what inspires them. In a nutshell haha!

♥ What has been your biggest lesson with starting your business? Any fears starting your business? Successes?

My biggest lesson when starting my business was that I had no idea what I was capable of until I stepped fully into my power. I made a goal to leave my 9-5 by September.  It happened in July. I knew deep down that I would be successful but I honestly didn’t think it could happen this fast!

My only fear was regret.  If I failed – so what – I went for my dreams. I think as I continue to grow – that fear of success may pop up but as for now I feel confident knowing I’m exactly where I need to be.

♥ Tell us about your perfect day- start to finish. What would you do and who would you spend your time with?

A perfect day would be to wake up next to the man I love – do 30 minutes of mediation and set my intensions for the day – followed by affirmations and some journaling.
Followed by eating a delicious healthy breakfast that fuels my brain for the day.
Getting on calls with amazing clients who are ready to work their business.
Taking my afternoons off to spend eating a healthy lunch at a restaurant or at the park with my dog.  Maybe fit in a hike!
Then back to work – feeling recharged and ready to crush my business goals.
And snuggling on the couch with my man as the day comes to an end.


Linda Bello

♥ What are your favorite books, quotes and/or productivity apps?

Books: You Are a Badass (to develop a badass mindset towards going for your dreams), and The Science of Getting Rich (to develop a bad ass mindset towards your relationship with money and to crush your monthly goals) 


Productivity apps: I am a pen and paper kind of gal!  I use this amazing planner called the “Purposeful Planner”.  Each day has a category for :
1. The top three tasks you need to complete
2. Your schedule (I actually use Google Calendar and leave this area blank)
3. Health – make sure I get that workout in!
4. Water – When I saw this I was sold! I’m SO bad at getting my water in
5. Prayer and Praise
6. 15 Assignment – Today’s was “Declutter your nightstands”
7. Brain Dump – to write down your awesome ideas
8. Retail therapy – I try and skip this one on a daily basis 😉
9. Menu – What will I eat that day
C’mon how perfect right?!

♥ Share with my readers 3 tips on how you keep on top of your day to day business tasks and still make time for a workout, eating well and slaying your business.

First of all – knowing that if I don’t get my workout in I won’t be as productive and my “work day” will end up having me work from sunrise to sunset.  We become entrepreneurs for the freedom aspect not to work every second our eyes are open right? <—Side NOTE: YES I say this EVERYDAY <—
The days I don’t get my workout in are the days I don’t feel creative, I spend double the amount of time on a task, and self-doubt presents itself.
Google calendar!!!  If you don’t set time in your day to get your workout in then it just won’t happen.  That goes for business building activities and meal planning as well.
Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Going back to my Purposeful Planner – as each month starts there’s a section for what meals you would like to eat within the month, on each Sunday I look over the menu for the month and schedule them in throughout the week.
There’s also a section for outlining business goals.  Here I take the time to get super specific so I know exactly how many clients I need to work with and help change their lives to help me reach my goals.

Linda Bello

♥ What is the one thing that helped slingshot your business to the top?

Investing in my business / investing in a mentor hands down.  I found a mentor who was exactly where I wanted to be in my life and in my business.  She was making consistent 5 figure months, out of her 9-5 and helping change the lives of so many women. I knew that working with her I’d be able to create the same success.
This month – I actually re-invested in working with her because she just hit a 6 figure month!  Which is crazy and amazinggggg!!!

♥ Any advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Just go for it – plain and simple.  It’s never going to feel less scary, it’s never going to feel comfortable investing in yourself and your business.  It’s hard work but if you’re completely aligned with what you are offering the world, there’s no way that you will fail.  And guess what – I bet you’ll get to where you want to be even sooner than you think.

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