How to Get Sexy Shoulders in 10 Minutes

Sexy Shoulder Workout
One body part I take honest pride in is my shoulders. They used to be on the TINY side because I am small boned and danced my entire life. I decided enough was enough and went for a full year developing there shape at all angles and love the way they look in clothes and BONUS they make my waist look smaller too!

Remember when you do this workout CONNECT with your muscles, breathe oxygen into them and flow. I often  see women throwing weights around and it drives me crazy, make it a point to really squeeze the muscle you are working whether it be shoulders in this workout or your booty on a leg day. This workout will take you about 10 minutes and can be done at home while Netflix binging!

Sexy Shoulders in 10 Minutes Workout:

Equipment I Used:

  • Pair of 5 lb. Dumbbells

Complete one round of 15 reps for each exercise, rest for 1 minute to give your shoulders a break and repeat 2 more times. After you complete this workout stretch out and pat yourself on the back, you did it!

Sexy Shoulder Workout


  • Half Arnold Press: If you ever wondered how to get a more capped look on your shoulders this is exactly how. Keep your neck down and focus on bringing your arms up into a perfect box and squeezing at the top. Come back down to starting position.
  • Upright Row: This movement can be hard for those of us who have our shoulders up to our ears so before you start bring your shoulders down and back. Start with a slight bend in your knee with palms facing you hold the dumbbells. Bring your elbows up as high as they will go without bringing your shoulders up. Squeeze the tops of your shoulders and bring it back down to starting position.
  • Rear Delt Flye: Have a slight bend in your knee and bend forward at the waist. As you bring your arms up into a hug keep your elbows bent and your abs tight. Squeeze your back muscles in towards your spin and hold the flye position for a count before coming back to the starting position.
  • Squat Push Press: Sit your booty back and bring your dumbbells in front of your legs, as you squeeze your booty tight bring your arms up towards your shoulders. Bend your legs and press to straight arms over your head. Do not lock out your elbows, keep a steady flow!


Outfit: Pants: Lululemon Wunder Under (similar here) || Sports Bra: Side of the Road in Bangkok || Shoes: Zalora Wedges (similar here)

So I wanna know..

  • What is your favorite body part to workout?
  • Are you into at home workouts or are you a full out gym bunny?

Photography By: Jessica Teal Photography
Sexy Shoulder Workout