Kylie Tavers

Reading this interview had me MOVED, I mean going from the bottom to the top is the theme here and for those of you who find themselves struggling this is A MUST read! I personally used to pride myself on doing it all, this was so recent and was SO hard for me but I finally started to outsource a bit and that was after reading this interview. Sure, I outsourced here and there but I really dug deep and made lists of what I could use some help with and its been a HUGE thing for me. I also have been looking for opportunities to give my time like I did when I lived in Bangkok. These shifts changed my life and after reading this interview I hope some shifts happen for you.

♥ Tell us a little about you – a current project or goal you are tackling? 

I have gone from being a homeless single mother of two because of domestic violence through to a multiple international award-winning CEO. I have a book about turning obstacles into opportunities that is being published later this year, some free courses and actions people can take to overcome trauma, turn obstacles into opportunities, improve their health and create a life they are passionate about. It will all be available at

Having gone from rock bottom to now be living a life better than anything I ever imagined, I am extremely passionate about helping others live the life they want through goals, mindset and practical action. I include 10 steps to success with goals, how to create a vision board, how to do a mission statement, 20 tips to improve confidence, ways to make and save money along with ways to incorporate things you are passionate about in your life such as travel, hobbies or charity work.

Separately, the company I am CEO of – Occasio Enterprises which does social media influencer programs, particularly in the travel and finance niches, along with social media marketing, strategies and training.

♥ What got you inspired to start your coaching business? Also, please explain why your coaching service is different and how it serves others.

The main points of difference from what I do to what others do is that I give away loads of content for free – articles, videos, courses, all of it. Coaching is not my main source of income, in fact I only ever take on a select few clients and don’t promote my coaching services.

I do public speaking, own multiple sites, run a social media company and have other projects on the go. Coaching is a by product of what I do because I am passionate about people turning their life around and achieving more than they thought possible.

I have lived it and come out the other side. I have experienced domestic violence, homelessness, robbery of everything including my underwear, rape, paralysis, a cancer scare, mental health issues and instead of viewing each thing as something that could ruin me, I looked for the lesson and opportunity in each and turned my life around. I personally have gone from rock bottom to CEO, author, speaker and an ambassador for a few charities. I have won 3 Plutus Awards, was a finalist for Young Australian of the Year, runner up for a few other business awards and actively do everything I teach, because I know it works.

♥ How do you define “wellness”? What does it mean to “be well” to you?

Having experienced extreme health issues, wellness is about overall health including mental and physical. It is about taking the time to look after yourself, do what you need to do to avoid getting overwhelmed and also take the steps every day to exercise, eat well, meditate and make self care a priority.

I took my health for granted and ended up paralysed, having surgical procedures and the doctors thought I had the cancer my mum died from, which was separate to the issues with my back.

It took work, exercise, mindset, a change in diet and lifestyle to bring me back to whole.

Having lived through that, wellness to me is about your whole life and ensuring you are living it in a balanced, healthy, positive way.

Kylie Tavers

♥ What is your day to day life like?

It changes depending on what is scheduled in. Most weeks I have events I am speaking at or attending, meetings with clients for the company, I write articles and produce content for my social media platforms and websites, I do interviews for podcasts, radio, TV, websites etc, other days I am travelling. No two days are exactly alike.

I try to keep a routine in the mornings by getting up at the same time with my family and walking my daughters to school. Most days I also pick them up from school and we play at the park, cook or do crafts. I created my life in a way that meant I have the flexibility to spend time with my family and work around them instead of working a 9 – 5 and putting my kids into care.

♥ What has been your biggest lesson with starting your business? Any fears starting your business? Successes?

I didn’t outsource soon enough and as a result stunted my own growth for a while, created a bottleneck in my business with too much coming in and not enough time to train new staff. I got overwhelmed and incredibly sick.

As for successes, I mentioned the awards previously, getting two book contracts during this time and the international speaking have been great successes for me.

♥ What are your favorite books, quotes and/or productivity apps?


  • One of my favourite books is The Richest Man In Babylon. I read it when I was 13 and it set the tone for my finances which in turn helped other areas of my life. It’s an easy read and because I had a religious upbringing, the biblical style fitted in with my lifestyle.
  • The Four Hour Body was a game changer for me in terms of weight, health and my body.

My three favourite quotes are:

  • “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” ~ Carl Jung. I repeated this to myself like a mantra when I was homeless and my whole world seemed to be falling apart.
  • “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” and “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity” are two others. Occasio, the name of my company is Latin for opportunity.


  • As for apps, I use a variety of social media apps on my phone to manage everything, along with Asana for my team and projects, Way Of Life to track my goals and Outlook for email, calendar etc.

Kylie Tavers

♥ Share with my readers 3 tips on how you keep on top of your day to day business tasks and still make time for a workout, eating well and slaying your business.

1.) Schedule everything in. Make time for working out and plan it into your day otherwise you won’t do it. Plan your meals – when and what you will eat then shop and cook accordingly. Schedule in all aspects of your business at allocated times.

“A failure to plan is a plan to fail.” ~ Benjamin Franklin.

2.) Plan from the night before. I have my days, weeks and months planned out, however each night I review where I am up to and plan my three most important tasks for the next day that must get done, no matter what. This helps me cut through the ‘busyness’ of life and work on what matters. It also enables me to recognise what needs to be outsourced in my life, pain points and eliminates decision making in the morning, freeing up my mind for more important tasks. I also get my clothes and everything else ready.

3.) Be accountable. Have an accountability partner you check in with to ensure you are slaying your goals, doing what you need to do to have a healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. That might be a coach or multiple coaches for different areas of your life, it could be a mastermind group or your partner. Whatever works for you. Doing it all on your own is not as successful as being accountable and having a team behind you.

♥ What is the one thing that helped slingshot your business to the top?

Charity work. It was unintentional, I sought out opportunities to volunteer because of what I had overcome, I wanted to help others do the same. This led to a lot of exposure as the not for profits I volunteered with focused on homelessness and domestic violence, I had a personal story that aligned and became an ambassador, spokesperson and the face of many campaigns as that was the most beneficial way for them to use me and my skills. This put my business and my personal story in front of numerous national and international CEO’s, gave me amazing networking opportunities, media coverage and awards.

It wasn’t the reason I volunteered or did what I could to raise funds and awareness of these issues. It was a by product and one I feel truly blessed to have been involved in. The more my business grew, the more I was able to help these charities which resulted in more opportunities.

♥ Any advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

Find what works for you, something you are passionate about and go for it. You don’t have to change the entire world, you don’t have to work 90 hours a week. If you want to be a lifestyle entrepreneur, someone who has a business that gives them the lifestyle they want instead of being a multi-billionaire entrepreneur that is totally fine. It is your life and your business. Do what works for you and have the confidence to rock it!

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So I wanna know..

  • Do you outsource? If so, share below I could use someone on my team!
  • Do you volunteer? I urge you to do so, it was a total game changer for me in Bangkok and now that I am more settled I feel like I can add that into my life!