The Ultimate List of Books Every BOSS BABE Should Read

The Ultimate List of Books Every BOSS BABE Should Read

I love to read, absolutely LOVE it! I personally never wanted to admit this out loud but I never completed my bachelors degree. I went to college, I was BORED out of my mind and decided to complete my Associates degree and joined a Pilates Teacher Training instead. From there, I fell in love with movement and went on to get my personal training certification through NASM and from there I continued to grow receiving many more certifications and trainings. Because I knew I was missing out on an education, I took to books and still to this day continue to read as much as I possibly can. For those of you who have stopped learning you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice because reading can fill in the gaps and teach you the skills you need to succeed.

The Ultimate List of Books Every BOSS BABE Should Read

One of my weakest skills is sales and marketing. I know this so I am always looking for books to fill my brain with the knowledge I need to grow my business. Instead of netflix binging or playing games on my phone, I read. I actually use an app called Scribd which is like netflix for books to do so on the go, its literally the best app ever, well at least in my opinion. Whenever I am waiting for a client I read, whenever I need a mental break from work I read, I love filling my head with knowledge and reading biographies of people who have made some big SHIFTS happen!

The Ultimate List of Books Every Boss Babe Should Read

The Ultimate List of Books Every BOSS BABE Should Read

  • Start With Why by Simon: Because why start a business if there isn’t a reason WHY. This book is great for someone who is STUCK in their business, you have to go back sometimes and think of WHY you started, WHY you are bulging your eyes out having late nights on the computer. This book always gets me out of a rut or helps me start a new project! Defiantly check it out if you are STUCK. The book can be found here.
  • Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vee: This is the ultimate marketing book. I listened to it via audiobook because I was driving a lot during this time. It really shaped the way I do business online. I used to be wary of giving away information, I like to hold value to my education and just giving it all away for free seemed wrong, this book helped me loosen the reigns a bit and is one of the reasons I have my awesome Operation Bootycamp on Facebook! Grab the book here.
  • Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday: My internet BFF Annie, The Lovely Girl, recommended this to me and if you saw the survey I put out awhile back it was because of this book. If you are planning on launching a course, product or a coaching service you have to READ this book. Seriously, before you even start reading this book, it’ll take you a few hours and your entire headspace will change and I bet you will profit instead of launching to crickets! Get this best-selling book using this link.
  • May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein: Starting a business is rough. I am not going to lie, there are days I literally want to shut down my domain and go work for a gym, there are days I want to jump up and down and dance because something amazing happened and there are days where I literally want to lay in bed, watch TV and snuggle with my shihs. This book helped me let go of my past, forgive, and let go of fear. I love Gabby B and love this book if you feel stuck or have a lot of negative thoughts this book will set you free from all that.  Grab this 40 Day workbook here.
  • Girl Boss by Sophie Amoruso: Because DUH! We all need inspiration and I love Sophie because this is exactly how I found out I wanted to be an entrepreneur. When I was 8 my mom and I started an Ebay business where we sold beanie babies (who remembers those?) We literally woke up on Saturday’s and went trading, buying and selling beanie babies, buying McDonalds happy meals at 2 AM so we could get the little toy ones just to sell on Ebay! She also started this way in a sense not with Beanie Babies but with books and clothes so I immediately was SOLD on this book! Check it out!
  • PUSH by Chalene Johnson: A mentor to me (not literally but totally), Charlene Johnson has created a multi-million dollar fitness empire and now helps people build online businesses. I didn’t like this book so much for the fitness aspect but the way she teaches goal setting is unlike anything I had ever read, and I read a lot. Because of this book, I launched my very first product back in 2013 and use this same system for every goal and product I set out to accomplish. I love the idea of having a PUSH goal, one that dominos and lets all the rest happen. If you have a hard time setting goals check this book out. Grab any of Chalane Johnson’s incredible books here.
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: This is a must read, before you start a business you really need to share your mindset and be ready for all of those difficult days. I recently joined MASH here in Vegas which is based off a principle in this book and let me tell you, I love my mastermind! I preferred this book via audiobook just because it can be a LONG read but the information is invaluable and a must
  • The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber: If you have ever sat down with me and told me you wanted to start your own business or run one you know this is the book I always say YOU HAVE TO READ! I read this book and it completely transformed the way I do business now. Before, I had to do EVERYTHING literally EVERYTHING and it took me WAY too long to deliver my client programs because I didn’t have a system. Now, I have systems set up so I could literally (I never will) give someone a manual on how to deliver my clients plans, it also helped me figure out what I could outsource, what I am good at and what I should outsource. I feel way more confident in my business and since I have put systems in place it has grown and I can handle the load.
  • Play It Away by Charlie Hoen: Listen, I know the hustle and grind of running your own business, I know how hard it can be to not be thinking, doing or talking about your business but I also know the beauty of just playing. Literally playing. This book took my creativity to another level. I randomly got an email from AppSumo (if you don’t know about AppSumo get on it) with a free book offer and it happened to be just what I needed. As much as I am a social butterfly and I love meeting people I dig myself in my cave and work away for hours, days and even months sometimes without stepping out except to go to the gym or meet a client. This book taught me to PLAY, literally take some time and joke with friends. Not only did I get SO much more creativity out of playing, I always left with an even better idea or a new way to execute my idea. This book is a quick read, I think I finished it in an hour or two and one I recommend to those of you who have a lot of anxiety about running your own business.

The Ultimate List of Books Every BOSS BABE Should Read

My Favorite Way to Read Books:

Imagine having every book you could ever want at your finger tips, audiobooks, business books, documents, research you name it! I have been using SCRIBD for over two years now and I LOVE IT! I love that I can read a book someone recommended to me and the app will recommend similar books for me to read, I love that I can read on my iPad and iPhone and never lose my page, I love that if I don’t like a book I can immediately close it and pretend I never started and I just LOVE this app!

Basically Scribd is Netflix for books and like I said if I don’t like a book I don’t feel guilty reading it because I spent $15.00 on it. I just close it and move onto another book. I love that I can read several books simultaneously as well, like sometimes I like to do research in my world of health and wellness but then I also want to have a book to read for entertainment (I am a sucker for biographies). Basically its the best APP ever at least in my world!

I want to invite you to join me with Scribd and the best part you get TWO free months just for signing up with my link here <– The service is $8.99 monthly after that which is less than 1 book! I read about 3-4 a month plus an audiobook in the car so I get my monies worth and then some!

So I wanna know..

  • Do you read books?
  • What is your favorite book right now?

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  • Love this! #GIRLBOSSes for life!

    • Thank you Kelsey!! I love these books, have you read any of them?

  • allie
  • I too am a HUGE reader. Haven’t read any of these-but will definitely add them to the list!

    • Thanks ladies! These are some GREAT books you have to dive in and read!!

  • Such a useful list!

    • Thank you Debbie! Let me know which ones you end up reading xo

  • Dez

    #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso should be every aspiring boss’s go to 🙂
    Well picked list, very inspiring, thank you!

    • Thank you Dez! Let me know if you try any of the other books <3

  • I have never heard of SCRIBD, but will have to check it out. I’m an avid reader and spend way more on books than I should. This will definitely save me money. Thanks for the book list. I only have 1 of them, but will definitely add the rest to my list.

    • Yes it saves me TONS of money trust me and I also love that if I don’t like a book I can just pick another and I am not stuck reading it or feeling guilty from my purchase!

  • Courtney this post could not have come at a better time! I was just thinking about how I would love to read some business books to help get me on track so I’m PUMPED to see this list! I’ll be saving it and starting right away 😀

    • YAY! So happy you enjoyed my list, let me know your thoughts on all of these books, I love chatting about them so connect with me! xo C

  • Definitely going to check all of these out! I have been wanting to read Girl Boss!
    xo Jessica

  • Such a great list of inspiring books! I’ve only read Girlboss but it inspired me to do better in my career 🙂 I want to read all of those, they sound life-changing!

    • Yes me too! These books will move you in BIG directions, check them out and let me know which ones you enjoy! xoC

  • This was very helpful. I’m really interested in Start with Why. I gotta get it asap!

    • Ow I am actually re-reading that one because it really gets me going when I feel stuck!! Thanks for coming by Ivanna!

  • I really need to get back into reading more! I used to go through entire books on a day off, but now I feel like I have so many other things I should be doing instead. Must change that! Thanks for the inspiring post babe!

    Meaghan xx

    • You got it! This app really helps me get through books and learn all the time!

  • I am bookmarking this for future reference! I need this list!!

    • Thanks Denise! Let me know which one you start with, I LOVE talking about books xo C

  • Such an informative and helpful post!Love it!! Girl Boss is such an inspiring read…loved that one! I need to look into May Cause Miracles! Sounds like something I might really benefit from! Thanks for these recommendations and keep up the great work!!

    • You would LOVE May Cause Miracles, after reading your blog I think it’ll be amazing for you! Lots of love CC

  • I LOVE reading, but can never get into nonfiction! I so desperately want to read books like this, but I can’t get past a few pages. Some of these sound good enough to tempt me, though!

    • Try some out Emily, I would defiantly try an audiobook version of these books it helps get through them without the pain of reading but still inform you and get you going on some of the lessons! xo C

  • I’m a HUGE reader as well and these look great. I LOVE #GirlBoss! Hugs, Kait

  • Love reading! One of my favorite down time activities… Just finished What Alice Forgot. Highly recommend!

    • OW! I am on that! I love reading thanks for the recommendation! xo C

  • I LOVE to read & feel the same way I’m terrible with SEO and marketing so reading & learning more is the only way I’m going to get better. LOVE this post!
    xx, LO {}

    • That’s exactly me! I always chat with Annie and read that is the only way I am able to grow and not get overwhelmed by all the noise online! xo C

  • Larry

    great list. i have just 2 of them but i’ll read them all. thanks for an useful post !

    • Courtney Bentley

      Try them out Larry! They are SO amazing!

  • Michael

    That’s a great list, Courtney! I love Play It Away. It’s so amazing! I will read the other ones when finishing this. Thanks for sharing!