Quick Jump Rope Tabata

This weekend was tough, I spent it letting go of the better part of this year, letting go of my grandmother and dad in the sea. It was tough to say the least but let me tell you, it was exactly what I needed. Over the weekend I didn’t have a lot of time, I really wanted to focus my energy on doing this and letting myself feel. I don’t know about you, but I tend to drown myself in work and hide how I feel by overproducing and overworking myself, do you do this to?

Anyways, I made my workout quick, easy and effective, I do this anyways but I really wanted to keep things SIMPLE since my head was literally all over the place. I literally bring this thing everywhere with me, it helps me get in my flow, it has be burning a TON of calories and I just love the burst of energy I get after I move it!

Try it out:

Jump Rope Tabata Workout

This is the adorable glam jumprope I used, I had to get a pink one: http://amzn.to/2aEK960 <–


Tips for Jump Roping:

  • Be light on your feet, no hard slamming
  • Jump on the BALLS of your feet, don’t place your entire foot on the ground
  • Don’t worry about jumping high, just aim to MOVE IT
  • Twirl from your wrists
  • Pee before jumping..seriously ladies its the worst
  • Bring it EVERYWHERE with you, it weighs NOTHING and can be used anywhere, jump BUMP up some tunes

So I wanna know..

  • Do you jump rope?
  • Would you like to see posts about playlists I use to get pumped up? Also what are your favorite songs right now?

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