Healthy in Vegas: Is It Possible? I say YES!

Healthy In Vegas

At 21 years old I would venture to Vegas almost every weekend to explore the magic of VEGAS nightlife and of course PARTAY! Now that I am a bit older I am seeing all the beauty that surrounds the glamorous strip. Going to Vegas has its perks, you have the finest chefs, the best clubs/nightlife and you can totally indulge in all that makes the strip a fabulous place to be!

And let’s be honest here, there is NOTHING wrong with letting loose and dancing all night long but if you are like me and want to lead a life of balance then you should add some fun activities onto your itinerary even if it means showing up hungover! has the best deals in Las Vegas for all sorts of fun activities to suit anyone’s needs.

Healthy In Vegas

4 Tips to a Healthy Trip to Vegas:

  • Workout Daily: I am ALL about balance in life, whenever I travel I make sure I stay at a hotel that has a gym and that entry to the gym is included in my hotel price. Some hotels tack on an extra fee so call and ask before booking. I make quick, effective workouts for my travels so that no matter what I have a plan in my phone to follow. These workouts are less than 20 minutes because who wants to spend their vacation working out all day plus I know if I will only be going for 20 minutes I go all out! If you want some quick, effective workouts that travel well check out my creations in Operation Bootycamp!
  • Here is a list of my favorite hotel gyms:
    • The Cosmopolitan: State of the art, boxing ring and hot yoga, this hotel has a dream gym with basically EVERYTHING!
    • Venetian/Palazzo: Fitness classes available, although there is a fee this is rated one of the top gyms on the strip! Learn more here.
    • Caesars: Perfect size for a quick circuit workout and a beautiful spa to indulge in post workout.
    • Feel free to check out the hotels page on Vegas.Com for deals and rates!

Healthy In Vegas

  • Hike and Explore: One thing I personally loved about the hiking trails was that there were several levels of trails you could try out. I suggest taking the intermediate routes unless you bring your kids along, then the beginner route might be better suited. I loved how cool and breezy this area was which made it nice even during the summer time
    • Valley of Fire Tour: Explore Nevada’s oldest state park by foot and experience this adventure around 2 PM to take photos at the golden hour and see the beautiful sunset. Connecting with mother nature is one of my favorite things to do and having access to the Valley of Fire is one thing I will never forget! Grab information here!
    • Mt Charleston: Blow your mind and experience mother nature FIRST hand. One thing I personally loved about the hiking trails was that there were several levels of trails you could try out. I suggest taking the intermediate routes unless you bring your kids along, then the beginner route might be better suited. I loved how cool and breezy this area was which made it nice even during the summer time!
  • Explore Healthy Eateries: If you can believe there are raw juice bars on the strip! One of my favorite hangover remedies is a fresh cold pressed organic juice. I love to get nutrients straight into my system especially after a long night at a Vegas nightclub!
    • JuiceFarm: Located inside the Venetian this little cafe is the perfect nutrient boost you will need before that pool party! They even have booster shots to keep you going all night long! I love that the juices here are all cold pressed and you can literally just walk up grab what you need and head off to the pool!
    • Pressed Juicery: Deep inside the Aria is a Pressed Juicery which caters to cleanses which are a MUST indulge post Vegas. Grab a one day cleanse before you head home and feel detoxed and ready to take tons of selfies! Your skin will literally glow post cleanse!
    • Squeeze Bar: This is not your typical juice bar but perfect if you are with friends who think juicing is gross, yes those friends do exist! You can get your friends to try a green juice with an vodka shot while you get a boost from a delicious smoothie without the shot! I love this place and the drinks are not only delicious but creative! I have tried a few creations from the menu at home and LOVE them!

Healthy In Vegas

  • Complete Your Wellness with a Spa Experience: My favorite thing to do on the last day of vacationing and partying is take on a full day spa treatment. Rejuvenation is always in order after a crazy fun filled Vegas weekend! Call in sick on Monday and spend the day getting pampered! If you can believe it I have yet to spa in Vegas but I have asked around and found that these are the top three MUST go to SPAs on the strip:
    • Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace:
    • The Spa at Aria
    • Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay

PHOTOS By: Leon Cruz :: Instagram: @archivalgrams

SO I wanna know..

  • Have you been to Vegas before?
  • Do you workout when you travel?
  • Have you ever spa’d in Vegas, I need a SPA day stat and would love more recommendations!

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  • Love going to vegas, but definitely give up working out when I’m there. I need to take a page out of your book and keep up with work outs while I’m there. I’ve always wanted to go to the valley to fire, the photos look amazing!!

    ❤️, Mindy N.

    • thanks Mindy!! Yes check it out Vegas is the best and you can totally BALANCE your trip out 😉

  • Yesssssss.
    Everyone laughs at me because I love love love Las Vegas.
    I don’t drink and I don’t really gamble. I do adore the people watching, the total experience, and the shows. I’m also with you there are so many healthy options there – – I don’t belong to a fancy gym in Austin so that’s always a decadent indulgence in Vegas – – people just don’t stop to realize whata available!

    • Hey Carla! OMG Yes I love people watching, you see the most interesting people!

  • Great and timely post! I am headed there Labor Day weekend and the first thing I did was confirm that there was a gym in my hotel. But now, I want to check out the Valley of File tour!

    • You would love the hiking trails out here we have a BUNCH!! It won’t be too hot either i hope! Enjoy your time here!

  • I’ve been to Vegas a few times but I mostly hang out at the pool and shop! Next time I definitely need to stop by a juice bar and work out, great to know about those hotel gyms!

    xoxo, CiCi

    • Yes the hotel gyms here are AMAZING!! You have to come out again and get in a workout!!

  • This is a great resource! I visited Vegas once about 4 years ago and it was such a fun place! But I have to admit, healthy eating and fitness definitely took a backseat. These are great ideas!

    • Next time you come Lisa you have this awesome list to come back to! Try the juice bars out here post party they are the BEST! xo C

  • Lindsey of The Nomis Niche

    I’m totally down for that last tip (spa experience!) I still can’t believe I’ve been here 5 years and still haven’t gone up to Mt. Charleston. I definitely need to do that this fall/witner. Great tips Courtney!

    Love, Lindse

    • Courtney Bentley

      YES We should spa it up STAT!!! In the next few months I have heard Mt Charleston is BEAUTIFUL! We have to check it out! xo C

  • Christina

    I love pressed juicery! Such great tips & tricks to stay fit in Vegas.

    xo, Christina

  • Steph K

    So good to know! I will be visiting Vegas next year! 🙂

    xO – Steph

  • January

    Love these tips for a Vegas trip!! I always feel better, especially after all of the food indulging in a new place, to get in some workout time while I am on vacation. I usually try to hit up a little bit of cardio, but stick mostly with strength training. I find that gives me the best results. I thought it was so crazy a couple of years ago when I was training for a marathon that I could not lose a pound to save my life. After the marathon was over, I started focusing on strength training and doing some higher intensity/shorter cardio sessions with it. That’s when I finally started to notice some more positive changes!
    Ok, that was a marathon post in itself! Ha! Sorry! Great post!


  • The only thing I think about when I think of VEGAS is the all you can eat buffets! LOL!! I wanna gooooooo just for the sushi! LMFAO!

  • As a former local in Vegas, I have to agree with everything you said! Living there was what inspired me to start eating healthier and making my food from scratch. There are so many places to explore and so much to do too that there is no reason at all not to become the best person you can be while living there!

    April |

    • I love it here in Vegas! I love that what people consider SIN CITY became a healthy lifestyle for you! I cannot wait for it to cool down so I can go hike in the mountains! <3

    • I wish you were still here April! It would have been SO nice to meet you!! xo

      • I do come back every couple of years (there is always a reason to travel to Vegas, it seems) so maybe one day we will meet!

  • tayloraube

    I have NEVER been to Vegas but I’m dying to go. I generally don’t work out when I travel but that’s because I can never fit workout gear in my suitcase. When I finally go to Vegas I’ll definitely re-read this post 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying it there!

    • yay! You have to come Taylor there are so many fun blogger walls and LOTS and LOTS of shopping xo

  • Weronika Ciok

    I never make it to the gym when traveling, but going outside hiking or other fun activities are great too. Thank you for sharing about the Vegas, maybe useful in the future! 🙂

    • I love hiking, there are some great trails here in Vegas, next time you come you have to check them out <3

  • What a great post with all resourceful information. I was at Las Vegas a couple years ago. It was such a fun place to let loose and do fun things. I believe there are healthy places to have healthy food around there, but it’s too much tempting with heavy Italian restaurants in a hotels. Anyway, I’ll definitely use your tips for next trip!

    xo, Anita

  • Rachel Vogt (Rachel Vogt Trend

    Awww great resource when i’m in vegas. Thanks for sharing.
    xoxo, Rachel

  • Nicole

    Girl you look great! These are great tips, I would never think Vegas and healthy mix but you made it happen. Love it!

    Xo, Nicole

    • thanks Nicole! YES I love living here there are so many fun things to do here and lots of healthy spots <3

  • Great tips for my next time in Vegas. Thanks!