Marie Lexa

I met Marie from a facebook group awhile back and was instantly sparked by her message. I love that she combines wellness with helping others find what sparks them in life and in business. This year I have really focused on growing my reach and brand, it takes a lot of work to make blog posts, come up with content and photos but the majority of my work takes place on the marketing aspect which is not a thing I light up over. I really have a passion for helping others get fit and fabulous but with that I had to up my marketing game to actually reach the people I can serve. After reading this interview I have been searching for ways to automate my marketing more, if any of you have tips or software you just love please comment below! I would love to learn more about automation and seeing how well Marie does it I am BLOWN away!

♥ Tell us a little about you – a current project or goal you are tackling? 

I’m Marie, founder of Women’s Wellth ( I’m a business strategist and coach who empowers women worldwide to create successful and impactful businesses that allow them to live a lifestyle defined entirely on their own terms, and find passion, purpose, and balance in their lives. I get my energy from helping driven women define their business idea, turn their vision into reality, and grow it into a profitable empire with various revenue streams. I offer free initial consultations for anyone that needs tips and is thinking of launching an online business or needs help boosting it. For more information, see I also have an entirely free mini course, on defining and growing your audience. It’s jam packed with quickly implementable strategies, worksheets, checklists, an email template, and a bonus video with my top mindset productivity tips! Check it out at

♥ What got you inspired to start your coaching business? Also, please explain why your coaching service is different and how it serves others.

My background is in strategy consulting (after business school), where I helped corporate firms solve their most complex problems and grow. I loved the nature of the job, but not the rigidity of the corporate world, and wanted to have a lifestyle that enables me to balance all my passions whilst also leveraging my business model and truly making an impact. I find I actually have a lot more impact with aspiring entrepreneurs, who are able to turn their life around completely and live a lifestyle entirely on their own terms whilst turning their passion into a profitable business; than on large corporations. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing another woman make her dream come true.

My coaching service is different because I completely tailor sessions to the individual and over areas from defining an idea, niche, and business model, to branding, website launch, marketing, sales funnels, social media, systems and structures, but also make sure these strategies are implemented in the right order and at the right time, to essentially focus on result driven actions and cut out all the rest and unnecessary work. This enables my clients to create a streamlined business and passive revenue streams so they can then really focus on what matters most to them and find time for their hobbies, families, friends, and balance in their lives whilst still running a profitable business.

I am passionate about the concept of wellth, which is an abundance of health and happiness. It redefines what really matters in life with a focus on wellbeing, passion, health, and a flexible lifestyle rather than one-dimensional measures such as wealth (which by the way is definitely not something we are against – on the contrary, when achieved as a result of hard work and real calling, is very rewarding. But is not linked to a fulfilling life on its own). I also work with my clients on elements of wellth to incorporate it into their lives, dig deep into their “why” and find what works for them to align their business model to their dream lifestyle.

Marie Lexa

How do you define “wellness”? What does it mean to “be well” to you?

Wellness for me ties back strongly to the concept of “wellth” which I just explained, so is really interwoven into my business and life. The key pillars that form the basis of wellth are health (more particularly nutrition and fitness), work (or finding your flow and passion to design your ideal lifestyle and blur the lines between life and career), as well as personal growth, mind-body connection, your environment and home, passion and calling, relationships and support systems, grounding and connection to the earth, gratitude and spirituality. All of these elements tie together to form a fulfilling life. I’m a firm advocate of healthy living, but mindset comes first. When you have strong mindset you can do just about anything. On the contrary, there is no point forcing yourself to eat or exercise a certain way if it’s not adding positive value to your life and if your mind is not right.

♥ What is your day to day life like?

It varies tremendously but always incorporates client work and other elements of business (writing new content such as blog posts, developing my marketing). I also try to dedicate part of my day to personal development and learning, whether that is taking a new online course, listening to a podcast, reading from the experts in my industry. Finally, I make sure to make time for the gym or an exercise class a few days a week, for meditation, and for self care or “me” time (a nice bath, beauty treatment, reading a book).

♥ What has been your biggest lesson with starting your business? Any fears starting your business? Successes?

My biggest lesson was how quickly everything starts coming together and happening once you fully commit tot it. At the beginning I dabbled with it, not really knowing where it going, not really ready to invest, and I saw very slow results and progress. Once I decided I was going for it and giving my all, everything started working together because I was ready to put in the resources and time needed to succeed. My other lesson would be learning to let go of the feeling of impostor syndrome and fear of visibility. I hid it for a while or did not want to speak about it openly because I was not sure what I was doing, but once I got past that confidence barrier and started being clear and sure of my vision and work, success after success started building up.

Marie Lexa

♥ What are your favorite books, quotes and/or productivity apps?

  • Books: My current favourite books are The Power of Now by Eckhard Tolle, Wellth by Jason Wachob, Girlboss by Sophie Amoruso, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.
  • Quotes: I have so many favourite quotes! A few I love are “Change your thoughts, change your life”, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”, “Only those who fail to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly” and “There are no mistakes, only opportunities”

“Change your thoughts, change your life”

♥ Share with my readers 3 tips on how you keep on top of your day to day business tasks and still make time for a workout, eating well and slaying your business.

  • Automate your marketing (batch social media content creation and schedule it in advance, have all your sales funnels/ email sequences automated)
  • Plan your day with your to do list, then set yourself time limits for each task and stick to them
  • Stop giving into the “shiny object syndrome” and reading endless blogs, pdfs, listening to endless webinars and podcasts, hanging out for too long in Facebook groups that are pulling you in every direction but the one you should be focusing on. <—AMEN!

♥ What is the one thing that helped slingshot your business to the top?

Definitely hiring a coach. I was a bit all over the place with my business when starting out, without knowing exactly where it was going and without committing to it fully. I could have figured it all out on my own, but having a coach exponentially helped me set up the exact strategies I needed to and grow a lot faster. I got crystal clear on my audience, niche, and voice which then left me with a laser focus and I just had to implement and get the results I wanted.

Go for it, don’t be afraid to start,

♥ Any advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?

  • Go for it, don’t be afraid to start, even if you start small. Done is better than perfect, and your ideas/business model will change and grow with your audience anyways. Nothing is set and stone and changing course is absolutely possible with an online business; so focus on getting going and building an audience. You will regret not starting earlier, in particular because things can happen quite quickly with an online business. -If you are struggling with what your true passion is or what your business should be about, begin by thinking about the lifestyle you want. What is your dream day? For example, if you are obsessed with travel or working from anywhere – perhaps a physical based business will not be the best option for you even if you feel you would be selling your dream products or serving your dream clients then. It’s such an important layer and can be a great starting point if you’re unsure what kind of business model can best be moulded to your interests.
  • Beyond the lifestyle element,  your life is a series of powerful experiences and lessons and you know a lot more than you think. It just takes a little time, thinking outside the box, and self reflection to reconnect to your skill set and what makes you happy.
  • Don’t hesitate to try new things, reach out and build connections with people that think differently.
  • Surround yourself with like minded girls that inspire you, as you really are the sum of the people you spend the most time. If you need some support to get clear on that idea or actually turn it into a business launch – get in touch (, I will be more than happy to share my tips and perspective.


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