August Favorites: Kat Von D Makeup, Bathing Rituals and Meditation

August Favorites

This month was filled with ups and downs, a trip to San Diego and on a personal note a month of massive growth for me! My internet bestie Annie came to visit from New Hampshire, I spread my dad and grandma’s ashes in San Diego, I gave my website a makeover with help from James my web guy, I went to several networking events and made some new friends! Not only did I begin to regain control of my life I started to get out in my new town of Las Vegas! It took me a few months to really get in the groove of meeting new people but I made it a promise to myself that I would just close my eyes and jump. I have met some AMAZING people so far, had some unforgettable memories with friends and feel like I am on my path FINALLY. For awhile there I felt like I was kind of closing my eyes and letting the universe guy which of course is exhilarating but at the same time I wanted to know my path and get on it STAT!

I go back and forth with getting personal on here so comment below if you like these types of posts, no bother if you don’t I am happy to keep this information with my new circle of friends!

August Favorites: Kat Von D Makeup, Bathing Rituals and Mediation

  • Getting Glam with Kat Von D: The first time I saw Kat Von D I noticed her cat liner, random I know but I appreciate the skill set of the perfect cat eye. I have been working on perfecting mine since 12 and I am still not “there,” I either rub my eye or get annoyed so one eye is perfect and the other is a bit crazy so I totally appreciate her glam cat eye perfection. I bought her eyeliner and its the only one I will ever use from now on, from the smooth glide to the staying all day power I LOVE IT! I am an influencer on influenster and was sent her staying powder, concealer and brushes which are the softest brushes EVER! I love all of her makeup, its high quality, doesn’t budge and the packaging is perfection!

kat von d makeup

  • Taking long luxurious baths with Natural Earth Cosmetics: I am a beauty junkie, I love face masks, scrubs, candles, hair masks, eye masks, you name it I LOVE IT! My new friend Valerie gave me some gifts the last time I saw her and these little bath bombs and scrubs are AMAZING plus they are all natural which you know I LOVE! The bouquet bath truffles made my skin SO soft I just wanted to stay in my bath all day and sip champagne! They are local here in Vegas but you can order these beautiful products online, check them out here.
  • Meditating at RYK Yoga Center on Tuesday’s and inviting my new friends to join me: I have been meditating at RYK Yoga since I got back from California and it has truly helped my transition from Thailand to Vegas and helped me in my day to day life. I am a total creative, my head is EVERYWHERE at all times and I am ALWAYS ON. As much as this is something I love about who I am it can REALLY get in the way of my growth and completely zonk me out after a sprint of creative bursts. Practicing EFT tapping and mindfulness mediation has helped me clear my head, focus on one task at a time and get rid of my anxiety issues. I have been inviting like minded people I meet to join me for class and that has been a great way to grow new friendships. If you are a local, check them out here.

Natural Earth Cosmetics

  • Meeting my internet bestie Annie in PERSON and having an unforgettable weekend: Annie and I became friends the earlier part of this year and have been internet besties ever since! She is a TOTAL girl boss, she connects brands with bloggers through her site Style Collective (if you are a fashion blogger YOU have to check it out), I adore her because she is a total marketing genius and she is SO much fun to hang out with! We spent the weekend doing photoshoots, eating sushi with more friends, talking all things marketing (did you guys see our Facebook LIVE??) and sipping skinny margaritas.
  • Spreading my grandma and dads ashes in San Diego: This was exactly what I needed and it took me a good week to really let go of all the emotions that came with spreading the ashes. My auntie from Canada came down to San Diego, my mom and I met her there and we spent the whole weekend together. It was SO fun and it took me back to one of my favorite places and near the ocean which is one thing Vegas does not have that I totally miss! As some of you know my grandma recently passed this year and I have been grieving ever since, my dad, her son passed away when I was 6 from cancer and she as well passed on due to cancer. We spent the weekend eating, sipping on margaritas, shopping for crystals and getting our palms read by a man from Haiti who called himself Papa Alex. It was a total girls trip and a much needed celebration of two people’s lives that we loved very much!

Annie Spano

  • Launch of Operation Bootycamp: Last year I wanted to create a community like I had in Bangkok which I crowned the Bangkok Babes. This community would be girls just like myself, boss babes who want a community to connect with on a health and wellness level. I know what its like to sit on your computer all day, talk via email/social media only and get hoarded with Facebook ads selling you the dream. It can be hard to take it all in, keep up with social media, the business and your clients so taking care of yourself usually falls off to the side. I thought to myself how can I bring my expertise into that type of situation so I created Operation Bootycamp, a workout challenge with workouts that only take 10 minutes or less, a community of women who help lift each other up and me as a motivational coach supporting everyone through the process. So far this month we had a lot of great results and feedback so I will be doing another one next month! If you want to hop in just sign up here: <—

  • Giving my website a FACE lift: YES..FINALLY! I have been dying to do this all year but since we did a big move from Thailand to Las Vegas the thought of spending the time and energy on that was out of the question. The minute I felt I had that bit of energy left I emailed James and got him to give my site a facelift again. He is the BEST, if any of you are looking for a facelift on your site please contact him at: Anyways, what do you guys think! I went with a slightly different pink then my LOUD hot pink, a more organized site with an area for my programs, and even more ways to get in touch with me! I also have a HUGE announcement which some of you know about but I will save that for its own post..!

August was definitely a big month for me, my business and my social life. I am super excited to get September going!

I wanna know..

  • What was your big goal for August and did it happen?
  • Are you a bath kinda girl or a long shower kinda girl?
  • Did you like this post, it was fun to write, if you guys like these I will do them monthly 🙂

  • Skyler Sullivan

    I live in Vegas too! It’s definitely a hard adjustment living here! Cool to see there are other bloggers here! I really enjoyed reading about the Kat Von D makeup, I really need to check that out!

    • HI Skyler! So nice to meet someone who lives here in Vegas, I am new here so feel free to reach out, I love meeting new people <3 xo C

  • April

    It sounds like your month has been packed. Welcome to Vegas. I called that city home for three years and while it took time to get used to it by the end I loved it it.

    April |

    • haha YES! I love it here so far, I joined a mastermind group and a networking group of women and have also met some great people! I have been REALLY happy here!! Where did you move to?

      • I moved to Michigan. I am a midwestern girl at heart so we moved bank home to be closer to family. I do miss the city though and have very fond memories of it.

  • Kait Elizabeth

    Those bath truffles look so good!!! Hugs, Kait

  • Shannon

    Hey Courtney!!! I’ve been thinking about you all month! Your site looks FANTASTIC and just sooooo you. You & Annie are seriously the cutest pair of online besties ever #squadgoals 😉 & MAJOR fan of these posts. I like getting personal and rawwwww. Glad you were able to find peace with the ashes, and just enjoying the time with your family is exactly what she wanted.I am way intrigued by all these finds, especially the Natural Earth one. Looks right up my alley and I am MUCH MORE a bath person than shower for sure. I love the relaxation aspect of it, and I find showers strangely…stressful?! So strange I know. Anyways, have a GREAT week babe!! xx Shannon

    • Hey Shannon! Ah that makes me SO happy, I have been SO busy I haven’t been as active in my email space! haha I will do these more often I had fun sharing some of my favorite things!! I love my baths, I am all about the face mask, bath bomb, wine glass and relaxation!!! Showers are too quick and crazy for me too! one day we will meet too!!! xoxoxo C

  • V.M

    Courtney! I enjoyed reading about the highs and lows of your month. Sometimes it is comforting to hear what others are going thru, and know you aren’t alone. Thank you so much for including Natural Earth, so happy you love the bath truffles! May you find peace with the loss of your dad and grandma. You are something special girl! Keep inspiring all of us because you are so darn good at! Xo

    • Thank you V!! I am so happy you introduced me to Natural Earth, the truffles are SO beautiful and it has been such a treat to use them and really enjoy my weeks! Can’t wait to play catch up with you <3 <3

  • Beverley @ Born to Sweat

    Congrats on the new website! I’m loving it. And agreed – the cat eye liner is a skill that is hard to master

    • Thank you Beverley! It took a long time but I am SO happy with it!!!

  • Stefanie

    you’re so awesome! definitely going to try that inch worm one!! – Stefanie //

  • Clarissa Iraci

    I’ve heard Kat Von D makeup is awesome!! I need to try it.

  • Pear Phongsawad

    Love Kat Von D products and the bath bomb looks really cute!! Definitely want to check out the brand.


  • Krista Williams

    Yay! My two fav ladies and their recap 🙂 So glad you got to hang with Annie!

    Checking out Kat Von D! 🙂

    Have the best Labor Day Weekend!

    • Thanks Krista!! I love Kat Von D Makeup its the BOMB! So I LOVE your podcast I listened to episode 1 it was so RAW and real I LOVE IT !!