When it gets hot outside you either choose to workout in the early AM before it gets TOO hot or you head into the gym to work up a sweat. Either way, you want to look fabulous and if you are anything like me I love to put together a chic yet looks like I didn’t try workout outfit. Here are my top picks for the summer season.
The Summer Workout Gear LookBook inspiration came to me when I was looking for new clothes to change up my style. I am really trying to get out of the black section at the Lululemon store, it is difficult but I know I feel so much more energetic in brighter clothing (not that I need more energy haha)!

I am currently trying to brighten up my wardrobe a bit. I am running a survey right now to see what type of content and things I can provide you and someone wrote my outfits were too dark for her taste (if you want to help me make my new program feel free to fill out the survey here). I kind of took offence for a hot minute but then realized I do tend to veer towards the dark side when it comes to shopping for clothes. I guess it’s the little punk rock Courtney in me..I am starting to play with colors a bit more and really enjoying shopping for new workout clothes!

Cute Workout Clothes

SASSY: When I walk into my workout room, I walk in with an emotion of I am going to ruin this workout, sweat and feel amazing! Somehow it helps when your outfit matches that emotion and this wrap around tie top is super sexysass. Teeki Feather Green PANTS | Stella McCartney Similar Lorna Jane one here TOP 

FLIRTY: Sometimes you have a bad day and the only way to fix it is to 1. go workout or 2. get all dolled up, at least in my opinion. Combining the two categorizes this outfit and those pants are just SO cute! Evolve Fitwear Pineapple PANTS | Allegro Black TOP 

BOHO: In Thailand I didn’t have much of a fashion style profile, I literally just wore whatever was comfortable in the humid heat, basically I wore workout clothes. Coming to the states I have been obsessed with the “boho chic” look and tie-dye has been my thing. I found this combo while searching the web and fell in love! Nux V Tie Dye PANTS | Lucy Zenergy Sports TOP 

I am trying to venture out into different activewear brands since there are SO many nowadays but somehow I will always be a die hard Lululemon girl.

SO I wanna know…

  • What is your favorite activewear brand?
  • Do you dress up for your workouts?